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  1. We don't have room for Edwin Jackson. We already signed a player who will probably be worse than him for 2/$16. Sorry for the negativity.....but I still can't understand that signing. Pelfrey's numbers the past 5 years......1.48, 1.99, 1.55, 1.42, 1.47.....now you guess the category? One hint.....that wasn't his ERA.
  2. The funny thing is.....it should be "Devon Travis says hi"......or "Eugenio Suarez says hi"......or "Robbie Ray says hi"......or possibly even "Hernan Perez says hi"
  3. By the way.....is there a posting "primer" for etiquette on this board. Does anyone admit to actually having read that long post? Once I saw the length....I didn't even start.
  4. A better question is...... What will happen if pigs fly?
  5. Michigan's status hasn't changed one bit. The previous classes were good to very good. 2015 was shaping up to be the best in the history of Michigan. According to Scout.....we had commitments from: #23 Chris Clark #34 George Campbell #55 Damien Harris #69 Mike Weber #75 Brian Cole #116 Shawn Crawford #124 Darian Roseboro #150 Tyree Kinnel #185 Alex Malzone The problem with all of these losses is they are not traditional Michigan strongholds like the State of Michigan, or Northern Ohio. So when the record went bad and the questions on Hoke arose.....these guys bailed. I don't think there should be any concern going forward. So we missed out on some big names. How many big names did Wisconsin, Michigan State, or Penn State miss out on? Not many because they weren't in on them.
  6. I am guessing he heard he likely wasn't going before the 5th or 6th round from some friends and decided even if he doesn't play a down in 2015 for OSU....he will still get the practice time and the same opportunity to impress scouts at the combine before the 2016 draft. He could turn into Matt Cassel. But he is going to need 3 years from today.
  7. I wouldn't label him a head-case at this point. Not with the issues Vince Young, RGIII, Jamarcus Russell, Johnny Manziel, and Ryan Leaf. That being said....he may still them....but I haven't seen them.
  8. I don't think he would go before the 6th round. He needs games. The #1 risk on college QB's is them leaving after 3 years....they don't have enough experience. Jones would be like leaving as a freshman....since he only had 3 starts in his career. His talent level really doesn't matter.
  9. Grew up in Michigan.....I just never liked the Lions. It just seems like listening to Cubs fans right now. Unbearable. I just think the whining about a phantom call has reached epic proportions in this case. A ticky-tack call where minimal contact was made is now being played by Pettigrew that Hitches ran thru him. Really? I am sure the ref picked up his flag because he heard the other ref state that there was more than enough contact going back and forth all the way down the field and minimual pass interference. Even the Suh holding call they have released the video on I would have never considered throwing the flag on. If that is a holding.....then the 120 plus plays of the game should have more than 200 holding flags thrown. I just don't get it.
  10. Honestly.....this is a joke. Why else would the NFL pick out a single play and suggest it was called to the benefit of the Lions? The NFL doesn't make a habit of calling out its 20 mistakes each game.
  11. Stafford's floor was in 2012 when he was worse than Cutler. Stafford in 2013 and 2014 was a very average quarterback. If you fail to note that Stafford's peak was 2011 and 3 full healthy seasons has gone by since his peak.....then by all means continue to be confused.
  12. I am similar to you. I get so frustrated that it is really hard to enjoy the NFL anymore. I can understand the Lions fans with regards to the Calvin TD take-away from 3 years ago. I think Pererra lost all credibility then when he supported the refs then.....But I thought the pick-up of the flag was more justice than anything else. I can't believe they don't stick 5 referees on the TV to call the game.....since the TV gives a much better view of the whole field. But yet we are told that we need the on field referee approach just like we need the home plate umpire calling balls and strikes even though there is a much better way.
  13. 9) I did forget the Bruce Carter holding / pass interference that wasn't called when he slingshotted himself around the receiver.
  14. Or I was following it a little more impartially than you. So what calls above do you disagree with other than the pass interference at the end?
  15. Just to summarize the questionable/incorrect calls during the game: 1) Suh reinstated for game.....name how many appeals of suspensions have been overturned in the past few years especially for one with the history of Suh? 2) Terrance Williams blown up into the DB and is call offensive Pass Interference negating a long Cowboys gain and 1st down on 3rd and 2. 3) Dez Bryant blown up 7-8 yards down the middle of the field (lost his shoe even), and results in 3 points instead of automatic 1st down 4) Dallas called for running into kicker on a leg tap and subsequent good acting the Detroit kicker - 1st down rather than Dallas 1st and 10 on Detroit 45 5) Detroit not called for similar running into kicker on a leg tap - not good enough acting by Dallas kicker 6) Witten called for holding from the side when he was exactly between the defender and the runner on a TD run by Murray....taking 7 points off the board. 7) Detroit not flagged for bumping the Punt Returner twice.....because the refs used their discretion to not impact the game. 8) Detroit not called for 15 yard face mask on key play, Dallas not called for holding on key play.....but Pass interference picked up I would argue that Detroit went essentially unpenalized the entire game. 4-5 delay of games/false starts, a 15-yard obvious hit to the head, a 5-yard obvious tackle of the RB/receiver coming out of the backfield......and not much else. Hmmm....officials were definitely against Detroit. And the officials cost Detroit the game. Hmmm....I think the officials gave Detroit all the help they needed and it wasn't enough.
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