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  1. Yeah, I hope the Mudhens get their bats out of the mud tonight. I don't like to see the team I'm rooting for get no-hit. Sends me into nightmares about Roger Clemens striking out 20 Tigers and such.
  2. Looks like we are in for some rain here in Charlotte...I guess I need to buy a rain slicker... Go Mud Hens!
  3. You can call him 4-run Freddie now. Was at Knights Stadium in Charlotte tonight. Really enjoyed watching Wilkin Ramirez crowd the plate and get something like 15 pitches in an at bat before smacking a 3 run home run. Then coming back later in the game and hitting another one. Looks like he has great plate discipline (at least he did tonight). I thought his insurance run would allow the 8-5 lead hold up for Toledo. Instead Freddie was shelled....and after giving up 3 runs with no outs and having a guy standing on third...he just about got out of it...but with 2 outs the Knights tried a suicide squeeze with success. It was an exciting ending...and great for Charlotte fans, but not a happy ending for me...and our pitching gave up 17 hits or so. Not so good there. I'm here for the next two games...hope we pull the next two out at least.
  4. Thanks all...wish we could have gotten some Tiger wins out of it. Oh well.
  5. But they do supply the money, pick the coaches, and fill the front office...
  6. It's the snarl on the Cardinal or the Dolphin. Glad they didn't change the colors and only modernized the look a bit. The helmet doesn't remind me of a dusty old beer can now. But with the Ford's still owning the team...they are still doomed.
  7. You can also set the DVR for April 25th (Saturday) at 5:30 pm for the 1984 Tigers and Padres "World Series Highlights." Prior to that I'll be watching the 1983 series (Balt and Philly) and Sun 19th at 10:30 pm...Royals and Phillies. Check it out, they are running just about every series from 1961 to 1997 on MLB Network... I've been watching the old reels of 1940 through 1960 over the last couple of months. Believe me, if you don't like the Yankees though, this is a painful set of reels to watch.
  8. If you get MLB Network, I bet they'll show it again...I hope so for all younger Tiger fans sake.
  9. Wow, hit me like a hammer. Kell, Kalas, The Bird...not a happy month for ol' MotownPhilly Just saw my first full game of Fidrych as he pitched against the Yankees in a game they replayed on MLB Network. A true character...too sad to have a short career and then the double whammy of a short life.
  10. 1210 WCAU...Harry Kalas made me a Phillies Phan. I used to jump back and forth between Tigers games on WJR and Phillies games on WCAU. Many don't realize how much Harry was involved in commercials, football and baseball. Many calls you hear in classic NFL films...Chunky Soup commercials and Eagles and Phillies games. He also was Westwood One's broadcaster for Sunday afternoon games. Harry ranks second to only Ernie Harwell to me...with Vin Scully a close third...Jack Buck and Harry Carey rounding out the great 5 of my lifetime. Its a sad year for the broadcast community.
  11. Bought this hat years ago, but it ended up being too small. It has been collecting dust (as black hats will) in my Tiger Shrine. A 1903 Image from Baseball Reference is the oldest I could find and they aren't sporting hats... A young "Wahoo" Sam.
  12. Since Biden was the guy I was hoping to get the nomination, this about solidifies my interest in the Obama/Biden ticket. Only if maverick John McCain pulls a better name out, different from the ones I've heard kicked around...will I go back to indecisiveness. Very interesting, I probably was 52-48 leaning Obama, but Biden's pick makes it about 65-35...I like what he brings to the table...and it trumps some of McCain's experience on foreign issues.
  13. Favorite songs by Seger: Her Strut Even Now Sunburst Mainstreet Let It Rock (Nine Tonight full version) Sorry I missed Alice...one of my favorites...here is my list for him/them: I Love America (from DaDa) Devil's Food (Welcome to My Nightmare) Wind Up Toy (from Hey Stoopid) Halo of Flies (Killers) Roses on White Lace (Raise Your Fist & Yell)
  14. John McCain takes Joe Liebermann and Barack Obama takes Chuck Hagel. Funny thing is, it could happen. What a wild and wonderful political year it is for us who claim to be moderates. I hope they both do it.
  15. Who said he career is over? The worst part about this is just timing...a couple weeks before the convention and Obama's naming of a VP. Other than that, I don't see this having a long lasting effect. As for John McCain's affair...it will be hard to compare the two. Did he blatantly tell the press and his followers he didn't have it just before running for office? And, can you really judge these things on the same playing field? John McCain had a whole lot less press to deal with back then...and they were less likely to tear down a politician then (pre-Watergate). There are too many variables here.
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