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  1. Good points all around, Randy. Santiago is essentially surplus baggage at this point.
  2. So - according to this story -- Rick Porcello could be Tigers' odd man out in postseason. Not a huge deal to me. Sanchez has been golden of late. What IS a huge deal is down the list - Phil Coke over Darin Downs? Me? I would take Downs. He's been nasty against lefties, and you already have Smyly (in this scenario) as your long man. Also - Kelly? Really? And what is Boesch going to do, other than ride the bench. I'm for keeping 12 pitchers. Leyland looks like he will only take 11. Thoughts?
  3. Can't wait to see this guy. Someone warn the all-you-can-eat buffets throughout Metro Detroit -- Get your "CLOSED" signs ready and primed!
  4. This again - and I hate Inge. I expect him to try and win the full-time job. All players should have this attitude. Now, if it comes August and he's hitting .117 and complaining about getting ABs, well . . .
  5. Look for Leyland and Valverde back next year. Thank God Toronto Maple Leaf fans don't run our ballclub. Those poor, crazy kids. That's all I got, fellas. G'night.
  6. I noticed the same thing, but a lefty-lefty catching combo?? I don't think that works. Besides, we'd have to trade for him, no?
  7. None of the above, thanks. A true ace is harder to develop than a positional player. Further, the pitchers you site, would come with the HOPE that they would one day develop into the exact type of pitcher Verlander has become -- so why make the trade in the first place?!?
  8. Attributing the success of teams like the Red Sox and Yankees to sabermetrics (and not the 200 million dollar payrolls) is a huge stretch - if not an outright lie. Do they have staffers that employ this philosophy? Yep. Funny, on how all that stuff goes out the window, though, when these two teams simply snap up all the best free agents. To clarify, I'm not denying the impact this neo-analyltical theory has had within the game, I'm debating it's actual worth i.e. whether linking a few traditional stats together to come up with some new stat is any more impressive or, in the end, important, when building a winning ballclub. Obviously, believers would say yes. I say baseball already had enough stats that offer plenty of ways to accurately measure a player's worth.
  9. And incidentally, given that stats like OPS and the like are frequently thrown around when talking about Young, what the heck has the cult of Moneyball actually produced besides a coming feature film?? How many World Championship teams were built upon this neo-statistical analysis?
  10. Disagree. Strongly. Are you serious??? In half the time, Young has almost matched Dirks HR and RBI. All the Young haters make me laugh. The guy can flat-out hit, and the team has excelled since his arrival in the three-hole. Good thing you haters aren't running the team. We'd be saddled with a lineup chock full of guys like Dirks and Scott Sizemore and others of that ilk, guys that are what they are - reserves, at best. Delmon Young is a great, young hitter that we were lucky to have fall into our laps. Thank you, Minnesota.
  11. I hear ya. I wasn't criticizing your answer - just the logic behind it.
  12. At least Leyland is saying he'll platoon him (at best, and I'm sure that's only if he's contributing). Call me cautiously optimistic that this will work.
  13. Yeah, what a luxury. I bet every team wishes they had a .230 hitter that can play ANYWHERE!! Sorry, I just have no time for Kelly anymore. Not with Betemit here.
  14. Or we could just wank about his .177 from earlier this year. Fair enough.
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