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  1. I'm pretty sure that you are incorrect about that. Pujols came before DD I believe. I remember feeling at the time that Garner/Smith was trying to seperate the Tigers as much as possible from the 80s team. I got the feeling that they were quite insecure about themselves that they didn't want reminders of the Tiger glory days when they had such a pitiful team. I recall directing those feelings specifically at Smith and Garner. And I'm sure I would've directed those at DD as well if it had happen after his arrival.
  2. Howdy all... I kind of dabble a VERY limited bit in graphics work, and I'm looking for some old logos of the Tigers. Does anyone know of a good website that has some of these? I've found a GREAT site for current graphics, not only for the Tigers for almost any major, and quite a few minor, sports teams. That site is: WWW.THESLE.COM. Unforutnately, they have bandwidth limits each month, so around this time each month they shut down until the first of the next month. Anyway, like I said, they have great current graphics, but nothing older. So, any ideas?
  3. Not only is Bernero older, but he has Major League experience. Granted it was a while ago, but it will help with the 'transition'. There won't be quite that same feeling of "Now I'm with the Big Boys and I'm not as good as they are" feeling that seems to have really hampered Cornejo's ability. Speaking of Cornejo, I understand he's unhappy about the demotion. Anyone would be. But if he gets the right attitude about it, he'll do well and come back with a fury. Look at what it did for Inge? I think a little triple-A ball will be good for Cornejo. Let him get his confidence back when he's not under the bright lights.
  4. Thanks for your help... Yes I did figure it out... I guess I should've played a little more before posting the message, but the message is there in case anyone else if having problems!
  5. Howdy all... I'm thinking of creating a nice avatar, but I'm wondering how to use it. I know where you can setup one of the standard avatars to use, but how to you setup a custom one?
  6. It might not be a bad idea AFTER the Tigers finish playing. I seriously doubt that they'd show anything during the game, and I have a feeling the Lions might be less than thrilled with the idea myself, but who knows? As for the weird scheduling, I almost wonder if the two road games aren't at the request of the Lions... a little extra time for some last minute work to get done?
  7. Exactly my point. Given the choice between two players who have equal skills and player A is fater than player B, of course you'd pick player A. But what if player A, while faster, isn't as skilled in catching? Or tends to fall the first time he gets hit rather than breaking the first tackle? Then the issue become muddier. My point is that I'm a little concerned that M&M are SO enamoured with speed that they would always choose player A over player B, just because player A is faster. Sometimes a players others skills out weigh his lack of speed. Take Boyd for instance...never the fastest guy on the field, but he was a very intelligent player. It was his injuries that finally did him in, not his lack of speed. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not harping on M&M... they have more football experience that I could hope to have in my life, but I see a trend which concerns me, and wondered if others saw it as well.
  8. I'm a little concerned with some of the moves that M&M have been making this off season... It seems that they value speed above all else. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting the speedy guy. And lord knows the Lions have had a severe lack of speed of speed over the last few years. But to take Player A over Player B simply because Player A is faster can be REALLY risky, and this is what M&M seem to have been doing. They've traded out decent players for other, unproven player who are faster. I hope that they know what they are doing, and seeing as they are getting paid the big bucks while I'm not, I'm assuming that they do, I'm just a little concerned.
  9. I seem to remember reading somewhere that he's a 2B man by trade. I wonder if the Tigers might bring him up as a SS seeing as Infate's out for a while, and not doing so hot anyway. It ain't like we're going anywhere this year, so why not try out some of the prospects and see how they do in the majors?
  10. I think that both catchers have a future in the majors, and I also think that both have promising enough of a future that it makes sense to move one of them. We need help in other areas so it makes sense to move one to fill other needs if we can. The question of course, is who? Rivera had a hot spring and was tearing this up in early April, but as shortly after becoming the "regular" guy, he cooled off considerable. Add to this a less than stellar minor league career and the fact that he's only so-so defensively. Off hand, he seem like the reasonable one to drop. But remember that he did have a lot of pop in his bat of the SeaWolves last year (30+ homers I think) and while he may never become a superb defensive catcher, he can work on foot placement and ball blocking skills to improve to a higher level in this reguard. Inge on the other hand had a horrible spring. Combined with his dismall sub-.200 average last year and it looked like Inge could quickly become a career backup catcher. A catcher used in late innings to defend a one or two run lead. He's great behind the plate, but if he can't contribute to the offense he wasn't going anywhere. I'd already written him off during Rivera's great playing. But suddenly Inge comes back to the Tig's after Meluskey's injuried again. And he comes back ripped. Heck, Inge looks like a whole new player. True, his swing still is ugly, but who can argue with the results? He's hitting .375 with 2 dingers in very limited action. But, before we sign, seal, and deliver the full time job to Inge, bear in mind his track record: He's dislocated his shoulder 4 times in the last year! Not a comforting thought... Is he just one big hit away from gone for the year? He's said he'll under go surgery to tighten his shoulder during the off season, but how will that effect his swing? And speaking of swinging, he's batting extremely well so far this year, but he hasn't appeared in more than 10 games so far this year. Who's to say he'll continue on this trend? Who's to say that the next 10 games doesn't show uis the sub-.200 Inge? So, if you had to pick now, who would it be? Inge or Rivera? Well, thankfully we DON'T have to pick right now. I think Dombrowski/Pujols best move would be to alternate them regularly as they did Meluskey/Rivera during the beginning of the year. See who pans out as the better catcher, and show case the other for potential trades later in the year. Still, if I had to pick now... I guess I'd go with Inge. Here's why: First, Inge is younger than Rivera (who dispite being a rookie is 25 years old). Second, Inge is a gamer, more so than I originally thought. He argued with the staff to let him back in...heck he tried to pop his shoulder back in fast enough that no one would notice. He truely wants to play. Third, he's shown the ability to adapt. Granted, we've seen very little of him so far, but he's altered his swing, he's hit the weight room, he's come back ready to play ball. Well, if you're still with me, who would you pick and why?
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