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  1. So, who do you think the Tiger's All-Star rep should be this year? Personally, I think it's pretty much got to be Weaver. Here's a quick snap shot of some of his stats: IP: Weaver is tied (with Royals Byrd) for 2nd most innings pitched of any AL pitcher. ERA: Of those pitchers with more than 50 IP, Weaver ranks 8th with a 3.00 ERA. CG: Weaver has 2 complete games, including two shutout CGs. Only the Indians Colon has more complete games. HR: Of pitchers who've started more than 5 games, only two have not yet given up a HR: Weaver and Boston's Lowe. Weaver's pitched more inninge (78 vs 72 1/3). Of course, whoever goes for the Tigers will have a question mark placed over his name. Sure, you might be able to make a case that Weaver deserves an All-Star apperance, but looking at his record (4-6) and one might just as easily say that Weaver only made it to the All-Star game because the Tigers needed a representative. And that's my beef with the requirement that all teams need one representative. It cheepens the event. Those who've earned the event, especially those from bad teams, will be confused with those who've been given the event because the team NEEDS to send one guy. Weaver's a perfect example of this. He's a good pitcher who is seems is starting to get some respect outside of Michigan. But for every good stat up there, it's pretty easy to find stats that aren't so good. For example, Weaver's 44 K's don't even get him into the top 15 in the AL. So, if Weaver does go, did he earn it or was he given it? Being the best on a bad team does not equal All-Star. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it's done: it (supposedly) generates more fan interest in the game if you get a chance to see your guy there. But I, for one, feel that it cheapens the efforts of those who earned their spot, and I don't feel that it generates that much more interest. I think the casual baseball fan isn't going to watch simply to see their guy play one three outs in the 8th inning. He or she isn't going to watch the whole thing just to see their pitcher throw to a couple of guys before he's lifted. He or she MAY watch if their player is STARTING the game, but then if that player is starting, he most likely would've earned the All-Star apperance without the requirement of one player per team. Those who are hard core fans will watch reguardless of a representative from their team or not. Their not interested in seeing mediocre players from bad teams. They want to see the best players in the game reguardless of team. Only a very few psuedo-fans will watch for their play. People like my wife who really isn't a sports fan, but knows her Tigers because I've always got the TV on. She might watch the All-Star game for a short time if I call her in and let her know when the Tiger represntative is player, but then only if I'm already watching. She would never turn the game on herself. Well, there's my lengthy beef...what's your opinion?
  2. Agreed 100%! The "authors" seem to have a convuluted way of determining rank based on past performance, future predictions, and current highlights film from SportsCenter. They seem to rank some teams higher because they expect them to do better, while other teams are ranked lower because they have yet to play "hard teams".
  3. We need to be careful thinking things like this. The idea that stats don't matter, just look at what he's done lately is the idea that gave us: Halter as starting SS Paquette as starting 3B Macias as starting CF All project that have failed. And, as I pointed out above, Jackson's only hitting .244, less than Easley's worst season in Detroit. Having said all that, I am comfortable getting rid of Easley for two reasons: 1st: Declining range/offense: For the last four or five years, Easley's offense has dropped, and this year it looked like his defense was off a bit too. Perhaps I'm wrong on that count, but he is getting older, and will only decrease in my opinion. 2nd: Assuming that Jackson fails at 2B, we do have Infante in the minors as a replacement.
  4. I agree, and disagree... He shouldn't be taking up a major league spot, but let's try and sign him to a minor league job. Tell him that the injuries have them concerned and they want to see if he's capable of playing for a full year in the minors. If so, then we'll promote him to the majors with a chance at the starting job (or a trade at that point!).
  5. Nothing really... Weaver did pitch a pretty good game in all honesty. Finley just pitched better. Or perhaps it's better to say that the Cleveland hitters had a better night than the Tiger hitters. Fryman got a few good hits, but as he was quoted as saying: "If I get a hit against Weaver, I consider it lucky." They just got enough to win where as the Tigers were swinging at everything but the good pitches it seemed.
  6. Has anyone heard anything more on this? I know that the Tigers are interested in hosting the All Star game in 2005. Supposedly the announcement is usually make around mid-June. That's when the 2004 host was announced last year. I've been unable to find much info about whether the Tigers have a shot at getting it or not. Personally, I think it would be great for Detroit to have the All-Star game in 2005. Granted, any time would be nice, but in particular 2005 would be nice. If it _did_ happen, Detroit would host the All-Star game in July of 2005 and then six months later, in January of 2006, Detroit would host the Super Bowl. It would be quite an Sports eventful time.
  7. As much as I'd like to see Easley trade off, I really don't think it will happen. Really, what does Easley bring to the table that would make a playoff contender go after him? He has a weakening bat, and a reducing range. Granted, he is (right now) probably an above average defensive fielder, and that's about it. Baring a major injury on a real contender who is looking for an above average defensive 2nd baseman, no one is going to want to trade for him. My prediction is that he'll end up being cut at the end of the year. Someone somewhere will pick him up and give him a year tryout and probably cut him. Then another team or two will trying and he'll slowly fad to nothing. Similar to Clark's situation...
  8. Not only nasty, but wrong. Higginson is married, and had a daughter. Not likely that he's gay.
  9. I'm in naysayers group here I guess. I don't consider Meluskey a proven hitter by any stretch of the imagination. He's had one year in the Majors, and hit .300 then. Granted, he had a good year in Triple A, but that doesn't necessarily translate to the majors. Could Meluskey become a great hitter? Yes, possibly. But considering his health track record, he's a risky bet to stay healthy. Furthermore, we need to take a look at his defense when judging him: In Meluskey's year in the majors (2000), he had a .982 fielding percentage, with 12 errors. I couldn't find stats on passed balls, so I'm not sure if those are included in the errors or not, but Meluskey isn't known as a defensive catcher, and his stats seem to back it up. We just don't know enough about Meluskey: * He appears to be an above average hitter, especially for a catcher. This is however, based on ONE year in the majors and a few years in the minors. * He appears to have trouble with his shoulder and back. Perhaps the second shoulder surgery fixed this, perhaps not. Perhaps time off helped his back, perhaps not. * He appaers to be a poor defensive catcher. Again, this is based on ONE year in the majors and a few in the minors. All this goes to say that in my opinion, the Tigers should NOT be handing the job to Meluskey when/if he returns from the DL. Let him rehab in the minors. If he hits well, progress him up to triple A. If he continues to hit well, try him out again the majors. This is certainly a year to do it. But don't hand him the job over Inge, Walbeck, or even Rivera until he's shown that he can earn it.
  10. I think the rule about the injury not making a player lose their job makes sense. And I don't think it's a rule as much as it is common sense. No, Easley isn't a great hitter, but he is a proven commodity. Jackson is too much of an unknown at the plate right now. As bad as Easley may be, he's still better than what we've seen from Jackson so far. Jackson is batting .244 with a .330 OBP. Compare this with Easley's .286 and .381 OBP from the first eight games this year. Additionally, even in Easley's worst year as a Tiger, he hit .250, which is still better than Jackson. I do believe that Easley's in his declining years, and I do agree that as the year progresses Easley will "wiff" his way out of a job. But, I've been wrong on more than a few occasions about players. Heck, I thought Inge would never be more than a backup after last years sub-.200 average. Easley may be worse than Jackson eventually, but right now his numbers are better. He deserves his job back until he losses it.
  11. I pretty much expected that this would happen (as I'm sure most people did...). I think it's the right move as well. Up until the injury, Inge was hitting very well (granted, in only 9 games). As long as he continued to hit as well as he was, and plays catcher as well as he can, he'll easily be the starting catcher. Inge should still listen to Walbeck and learn as much as possible from him as he can. The Tiger pitchers seem to really like Walbeck, so he's doing something right.
  12. Does anyone know why Pujols continues to start Halter over Jackson at Second Base? I mean we replaced Halter at SS cause he kept making errors, why would we start him at second then? Jackson was doing a very good job there I felt, better than Easley even. I don't recall reading anywhere that Jackson is injuried, so I'm just wondering why he's not starting...
  13. Howdy all... Just a bit of shameless self promotion... If you have a PocketPC, I'd strongly recommend you visit Mazingo.net and install their product. It's quite similar to Avantgo, but they have different content of course, and just about anyone can get listed as "official" channels without spending big bucks. Anyway, I've put together a handful of Sports Schedules which you can load to your PocketPC through Mazingo. Included of course are my beloved Tigers. Just load the software, then head back to Mazingo to choose your channels. Look under the "Schedules" subdirectory of "Sports". BTW, it's all free...free download, and free to subscribe to my Schedules. And, just so you don't this total spam, I don't get one penny from any of this... It's just done for the fun of it. I made it primarily for my own use and thought other fans with PocketPCs might get some use out of it as well. P.S. For you PALMers, Mazingo supposedly have a Palm version in the works but I don't know when it's supposed to be released.
  14. Yes, they did win 2 of 3 against the Red Sox, but during that three game series, they scored 10 runs total, eight coming in one game. In the four games prior to that they scored 1, 10, 4, and 0 runs. They have the occasional big game, but those have been less of the norm in the last three weeks. Compare this with the 12 game time period between the first game agains the Tigers this year and the last up until today. The Sox scored: 8, 7, 5, 4, 4, 13, 10, 7, 7, 2, 12, and 11. Looking at those 12 games vs. the latest 12 games and the Sox were scoring over 3 runs more per game then than they are now. A lot of it may be attributed to who they are playing now rather than then, but still, they are not hitting as good now as they were then.
  15. Chicago hasn't been hitting the ball as well as they were the last time we met them, so we might do better than last time. Of course, facing Tiger pitching might be just what they need to get their bats back on track. I'd be exceedingly happy with a 2 win series, but realistically I think the best we can hope for is 1 win.
  16. Speaking of Exhibition outing... I wonder why they didn't have Anderson do a rehab start in the minors. They've done it with a number of other guys to see if they were ready (like Patterson), why throw Anderson into the fire where it really counts and he's going to feel he needs to overthrow?
  17. Thanks! That's a start... Depends on how much spare time I have, and how ambitious I feel during that spare time! I probably start with a few Animated Avatars. Those are pretty easy and the small size means I don't need to start with prefect graphics. I _might_ try my hand at a few vectored graphics, but I don't know how well that might go. I'm also thinking of doing some backgrounds possibly. A lot of it will depend on my desires at the point when I have an extra hour or two to spare though, that's why I'm looking for the base graphics to work with now, that way I'm ready to work when the mood strikes.
  18. I'm pretty sure that you are incorrect about that. Pujols came before DD I believe. I remember feeling at the time that Garner/Smith was trying to seperate the Tigers as much as possible from the 80s team. I got the feeling that they were quite insecure about themselves that they didn't want reminders of the Tiger glory days when they had such a pitiful team. I recall directing those feelings specifically at Smith and Garner. And I'm sure I would've directed those at DD as well if it had happen after his arrival.
  19. Howdy all... I kind of dabble a VERY limited bit in graphics work, and I'm looking for some old logos of the Tigers. Does anyone know of a good website that has some of these? I've found a GREAT site for current graphics, not only for the Tigers for almost any major, and quite a few minor, sports teams. That site is: WWW.THESLE.COM. Unforutnately, they have bandwidth limits each month, so around this time each month they shut down until the first of the next month. Anyway, like I said, they have great current graphics, but nothing older. So, any ideas?
  20. Not only is Bernero older, but he has Major League experience. Granted it was a while ago, but it will help with the 'transition'. There won't be quite that same feeling of "Now I'm with the Big Boys and I'm not as good as they are" feeling that seems to have really hampered Cornejo's ability. Speaking of Cornejo, I understand he's unhappy about the demotion. Anyone would be. But if he gets the right attitude about it, he'll do well and come back with a fury. Look at what it did for Inge? I think a little triple-A ball will be good for Cornejo. Let him get his confidence back when he's not under the bright lights.
  21. Thanks for your help... Yes I did figure it out... I guess I should've played a little more before posting the message, but the message is there in case anyone else if having problems!
  22. Howdy all... I'm thinking of creating a nice avatar, but I'm wondering how to use it. I know where you can setup one of the standard avatars to use, but how to you setup a custom one?
  23. It might not be a bad idea AFTER the Tigers finish playing. I seriously doubt that they'd show anything during the game, and I have a feeling the Lions might be less than thrilled with the idea myself, but who knows? As for the weird scheduling, I almost wonder if the two road games aren't at the request of the Lions... a little extra time for some last minute work to get done?
  24. Exactly my point. Given the choice between two players who have equal skills and player A is fater than player B, of course you'd pick player A. But what if player A, while faster, isn't as skilled in catching? Or tends to fall the first time he gets hit rather than breaking the first tackle? Then the issue become muddier. My point is that I'm a little concerned that M&M are SO enamoured with speed that they would always choose player A over player B, just because player A is faster. Sometimes a players others skills out weigh his lack of speed. Take Boyd for instance...never the fastest guy on the field, but he was a very intelligent player. It was his injuries that finally did him in, not his lack of speed. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not harping on M&M... they have more football experience that I could hope to have in my life, but I see a trend which concerns me, and wondered if others saw it as well.
  25. I'm a little concerned with some of the moves that M&M have been making this off season... It seems that they value speed above all else. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting the speedy guy. And lord knows the Lions have had a severe lack of speed of speed over the last few years. But to take Player A over Player B simply because Player A is faster can be REALLY risky, and this is what M&M seem to have been doing. They've traded out decent players for other, unproven player who are faster. I hope that they know what they are doing, and seeing as they are getting paid the big bucks while I'm not, I'm assuming that they do, I'm just a little concerned.
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