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  1. I think he does. The ball definitely wobbled around, but it never touches the ground and he never went out of the EZ (side or back) before he clearly had it controlled. There's no question it was a catch. I supposed you could argue that he didn't have control UNTIL he was in the EZ, and therefore he couldn't be considered down as he wasn't a "runner" yet. You can't be tackled until you complete the catch after all... and honestly, this wouldn't surprise me one bit if this was the reasoning. That sounds very much like the NFL.
  2. Yeah, I dunno why it's not working. New link in my post. Coleman was all over him. LOTS of contact.
  3. He was definitely touched. EDIT: For some reason the direct link isn't working. Go here: https://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2019101400/2019/REG6/lions@packers?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2019101400 Scroll down to the highlight "Rodgers tosses first fourth-quarter...."
  4. This is one of those "bad calls" that I don't think would have had a serious impact on the outcome. With three chances to push it in... with the Lions defense generally not stopping short yardage situations last night... it would have probably just delayed the score by a few plays. But again, this is an obvious call that was wrong. Even on replay (all scoring plays need to be reviewed) they got the call wrong. If this was the only bad call I wouldn't complain... well, I might still but only so far as saying: "Stupid Refs." I wouldn't say that this call "robbed" the Lions.
  5. Ya know... looking at it again, it's pretty clear that in the original picture what looks like the goal line is really just glare from that bank of lights at the top of the picture. I apologize for posting that.
  6. TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!! For the record... the Pack probably would have scored on the next play, but it's just one more example of how bad the refs were last night.
  7. https://www.profootballweekly.com/2019/10/15/another-nfl-officiating-controversy-mars-green-bay-packers-win-vs-lions-on-monday-night-football/amzk6hq/
  8. I dunno what the cure is. What I think would be the cure would be to have reply change the call on the field when it's obvious that the call was made wrong. But I don't think all fans would agree with me. I do think at the very least replay should be decided centrally and it should be decided consistently. Right now PI replays seems to need to find a mugging to be overturned. I would change that at the very least.
  9. But I'm not a coach or a player... I'm a fan, so honestly focusing on any part of the game doesn't make sense because I can't change any of it. Yet I'm still a fan and I'm going to comment on many parts of the game. Did the Lions settle for FG too often? Yes, absolutely, definitely 100%. Part of that is the Packers just also being a good team. Part of that is the Lions not executing well. 100% yes. An Elite team punches in at least one more TD if not two or three. The Lions are not elite yet. Did the Lions make mistakes? Yes, absolutely, definitely 100% yes. I thought there were way too many runs up the gut that went for nothing at all. There were dropped passes. There were missed assignments, and yes, there were 12 men on the field (of course, for the record, the Packers once at 13 men on the field, in formation, but were allowed to call a TO and therefore did not get flagged for it). Now, did the refs lose the game for the Lions? Probably, yes. Obviously we can't know for sure, but I think the first phantom hands to the face was a gut punch. Instead of a 4th and forever punt situation the Packers got new life late in the game. Yes, the Lions still needed to execute and get a stop, but remember, the Packers are also a good team and weren't going to just roll over. The Lions did what they needed to do and it could have had a HUGE impact on the outcome. The no-PI call could have put the Lions in FG position at least. The second phantom hands call robbed the Lions of time to make come back. Does complaining about the refs do a thing to change the outcome? You are 100% right there.. NO. But neither does complaining about the Lions not executing or questionable play calling either. What do I want the Lions to focus on? EVERYTHING! For Patricia and company to focus the players on executing better, to do more film work, to devise better plays and figure out better play calling. Yes to all of that. That's 100% where they should focus. But doing this doesn't mean that the Front Office and/or Ownership can't raise a bloody stink about this as well. Will it change the outcome of the last game? No... but neither will executing better on the field in the future. The hope is that the Lions get better and get to the point where horrible blown calls don't sink them on the field. That would be ideal. But along side that I hope that enough ruckus is raised that the NFL improves the reffing on the field so that if we end up in another game were we do just enough to probably win that it isn't pulled away from the team.
  10. Aren't the challenges decided centrally though? I could perhaps see the local umps doing a makeup, IF they thought they screwed up and I don't know that they thought they did. But I don't believe a central location would have done a makeup call.
  11. I agree. I think overturning a non-PI call is going to have to be a case where the receiver was all but mugged by the defender. I don't fault Patricia for not challenging that. He wasn't going to win and it would just be a lost TO.
  12. That's kinda my point... The Lions did enough (probably) to win if the calls are made correctly. Yeah, it's entirely possible that if the Pack was forced to punt the Lions go three and out and the Pack scores a TD on next possession and still has enough time for a FG to win it. It's possible... but it's certainly less likely than if they are gifted a fresh set of downs by the refs. Remove the bad calls and I think the Lions would have done enough to win. I would have felt better if they had scored another TD or two rather than settling for FGs, but they still should have (probably) gotten the win even with settling for 5 FGs.
  13. I'm guessing the refs are just bitter about what's been happening in Africa for the past thousands and thousands of years.
  14. Very true, but that doesn't change the fact that the FGs would (probably) have been enough to win without the bad calls.
  15. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2019/10/15/20915261/detroit-lions-green-bay-packers-referee-explanation-hands-to-face-trey-flowers So the Lions need to just let the defender's helmet hit there's whenever there is a pass thrown and should automatically get a penalty right? It's the defenders job to know where the offensive player is, and avoid him always, all the time. Any helmet to helmet contact is the defender's fault. Now I know that this isn't the official NFL statement... this is just the post game with the officials, but man... not even a: "We may have got that one wrong."
  16. Ya know... it used to be that the Lions lost on obscure rules that no one seemed to know about. Apparently the refs have reached the bottom of the rule book and couldn't find any more rules to hose the Lions on, so now they're just making up penalties that didn't happen.
  17. Also I'm pretty sure on the Flowers second phantom hands to the face call the defender actually had his hand on Flowers' facemask.
  18. Let's also not forget the Hockenson almost TD way at the beginning where the defender had his hand right on Hock's facemask, but that wasn't called. Or the potential PI late in the game. Or the catch was that secured and only fumbled as the receiver was moving it down but was ruled an incomplete pass.
  19. Without even reading anything so far in this thread, I'm just gonna say it: T&P is right. Whatever he said, he's right tonight.
  20. Okay, did y'all know that there is a Tre Flowers in the NFL? I happened to be listing to the Seahawks/Browns game for a while yesterday and they mentioned that "Tre Flowers" was involved in a tackle. Wait... did the Lions make a trade that I wasn't aware of?!? So yeah, looked it up and obviously our guy is Trey while their guy is Tre. But it was confusing me for a moment there.
  21. Anyone heard anything more on Hockenson? Only news I can find is from Sept. 30th saying he had a concussion but that the Lions are NOT putting them on IR.
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