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  1. I'm honestly surprised that there hasn't been a bigger attempt as a handful of major schools or a couple of the big conferences just dropping out of NCAA.
  2. If it was done this way, then I would agree that Title IX is out of the picture. As long as the school isn't paying directly and as long as the schools aren't doing anything the facilitate, organize, or establish anything for the major sports that they aren't also doing for all sports, then Title IX shouldn't come into play. Of course that doesn't mean that someone won't complain about it, but then it's up to the courts to decide.
  3. The problem with this will be Title IX. I'm sure the TV deals are with the schools (or conferences) and therefore it would be the schools pays the students. That means the money would have to be shared equally among male and female students, even though the Football and men's Basketball are where the vast majority of the money is coming in for. The endorsement path means the money is coming from outside of the school, which means it won't be a Title IX issue.
  4. The Video Game is actually one area where this could fairly be done if you just gave the same percentage to each player. Another thought I had was to pool the money received and divide it among the players. The difficulty here would be that it wouldn't make sense to simply have every player who makes a team get the same cut... players would have to be ranked in some manner... 10-1. A level 10 player (ie, a super star) would get 10 shares of endorsement money while a level 1 player (the depth guy who probably doesn't make the team us he's the nephew of the WR's coaches childhood friend) gets 1 share. Of course, this means players have to be some how ranked and what if a player ends up a 3 when he thinks he's a 1? Is there some way to appeal the process? And what is an unknown player ends up a diamond in the rough and rockets to stardom? Can he get his rank re-evaluated half-way through the year? And what about players who just make zero effort to get endorsement deals? Is it fair to allow them to collect if they do zero work? Or do we require that players have an endorsement deal so that they're contributing to the pot before they're allowed to take from the pot? And suddenly things have gotten more complicated than the US Tax code...
  5. No, 6Hop only follow the Lions for what he terms "comic relief." Unfortunately it can be a little annoying at times. But in this case it would have been really dumb for the Lions to have traded for anyone of consequence. They have a number of holes in the team which a key pickup might fill, but they also have an OL that can't run block worth crap, questions in the secondary due to a previous trade and Slay's injury, a DL which is underperforming, and truthfully questions at HC. All of this says that it seems unlikely that the Lions will make a serious push for a long playoff run this year. Given this, why in the world would they mortgage their future to push this year? Just to get to the playoffs? *Maybe* win one playoff game? (And yeah, I know that's something they haven't in decades, but the point is I don't want to give away future assets *just* for one playoff win.) This was a time to stand pat. If the right trade came along, sure... try it. But don't sell out for a piece or two that *might* help win 10 games instead of 9.
  6. If the goal it to make it so that a school can't "pay to win" then this defeats this process. Whether good or bad, whether it's happening under the table or not, allowing this would allow booster to pack their schools and would hurt smaller schools I think. I'm not opposed, at all, to finding a way to pay college athletes, but this process, in my humble opinion, is not a good idea. I supposed one can argue that the "Hundred Dollar Handshake" already exists and this just makes it legitimate, but don't like this idea. In theory, Joe Millionaire gets together with his 9 other buddies and they setup up sponsorship deal so that anyone who makes University of State's Football deal gets to be a spokes person for company X, and gets paid $10,000. (Btw, Company X just happens to be the supplier to the team of item Z that the team needs and buys in large quantities.) If you're a 2nd-tier guy... someone who's a depth guy at University of State, but who would be a starter at Northsouthern State University, what would you do? Would you try to start at NSU, be a starter for a so-so middle of the road team or collect $10K per team at UofS? Now Jane Billionaire, who happened to go to State University decides she wants her team to do better, so gets together with her friends and pony up $12K per year per student. Isn't a player more likely to chose SU vs. UofS? Well, until Joe and friends bump their's up to $13K... Now, if you're okay with that, then no problem. It isn't really that different from how pro-sports work (minus the salary cap in the leagues that have it), but it destroys any semblance of an even playing field and, like I said, I think it'll hurt the smaller schools who don't have the millionaire backers.
  7. If we trade for Rodgers do we also have the pick up the refs contacts as well?
  8. If they do win a SB here in Detroit, they desire lifetime contracts.
  9. That thought hit me too... but I thought it would be more likely if one of the teams was the Patroits.
  10. As much as I hate to say it, I think OL is once again a need.
  11. I know... it was just a passive aggressive shot at people who don't think the refs robbed the Lions in the Packers game. And yes, I'm a very petty individual.
  12. The Bronco's just needed to play better. Can't leave it in the hands of the refs.
  13. I think that's a very fair statement to make. If the Lions don't want them to think that way, beat 'em. This was the first SOL game of the year for me. The rest I could always seem a glimmer of hope or a bright spot or something to look at and say: Yeah, this is a good team. This one felt like the Vikings just went out there and coached and played better than them top to bottom.
  14. I'm hesitant to call out people for not expressing emotion the way I want them too. Everyone expresses themselves differently and just because I would react a certain way in a certain situation doesn't mean they would as well. Having said that, I honestly felt like there was just a lack of intensity in the game. It didn't feel like they played hard and were just beat... it just felt like there wasn't that much heart in the game. And when there doesn't feel like there's any heart in the post game pressers either, I can't fault someone too much for being upset with that.
  15. I think that the NFL is an attractive product that many advertisers would be interested in joining in on. I think that they would probably be able to find replacements without too much difficulty. It may not be super easy, but I also won't think it would be impossible. Another thing to consider is this: Who is the NFL? Ultimately who are the people to have control and final say in the NFL? It's the owner, right? So, if you were one of 32 people who was ultimately in charge, how would you feel if 1 of the 32 was trying to manipulate the other 31 by risking pulling funds? "You have to do what I say, or I'm gonna risk costing y'all money if you don't!" If it was a situation where they really would lose money (like 20-30 years ago before the NFL was the dominate sport in the nation) then yeah, they might fold. But these days I gotta think that if 1 owner make a threat like that a good number of the other 31 would be pretty pissed and more than willing to call the bluff. (This assumes that the other 31 disagree with the 1.)
  16. How long as it been since some obscure, odd rule has been discovered by the Lions? I'm thinking something like as time is winding down Detroit commits some penalty with the Vikings needing to go 70 yards, but then: "...by rule, the Vikings are allowed to accept the penalty or they can attempt a 50 yard FG, which they have elected to do."
  17. Responding to a number of things here: Why don't the Lions complain? I wish they would more, but I can't fault the players too much. A complaining player is just going to lose money, potentially be labeled a whiner and not see any real change. Maybe if I higher profile player complained, but do we have any "high profile" players right now? Stafford? -- What it needs is a consistent, lock step vocal complaint from the coach, the front office, and the owner. But even then there are more than enough people who will label the Lions and just complainers... "Get over it... you lost... if you just scored one or two more TDs instead of FGs isn't a non-issue... just get over it, play better." They should threaten to pull advertising! I think it would certainly be a tactic that could be used. I wonder how effective it would be now (more on that later) but it's something that can be done. Yes, the Lions and FoMoCo are different entities, but they share connections and one could certainly be leveraged to help the other if it makes sense. I mean, it's not a coincidence that the stadium sponsor is Ford, or that Stafford does Ford Truck commercials. There are connections between the two. Would pulling advertising work? To quote Motown Bombers: This isn't 1990 anymore. I do think the NFL would bat an eye, but probably not a whole lot more. I certainly think that the NFL wouldn't want to lose Ford, nor would they want the public image issue of an owner pulling ads because of unhappiness. But, at the same time it certainly wouldn't cause major issues with finances, and in part they could stand on principle: "We regret that Martha Ford feels this way, but we simply can't bend to the wishes of every owner after a loss. And we certainly can't be blackmailed into favoring one franchise over another with threats of lost financial transactions. To go down that road opens the NFL up to questions of favoritism based on money." Add to all of this that the Lions just aren't a premium franchise. Very, very few people are coming to the NFL because of the Lions (unless they live in Michigan). They just don't have as much weight to throw around. Perhaps the best path to take would be to "partner" with other NFL franchises that are complaining about calls. Get three or four of you working together might make enough noise. Make an effort to call out really poor calls in all games... not just the ones involving your team. Especially call out poor calls in which your team was the beneficiary, for example the one where the Lion (forget the player) basically ripped off the kick receivers head by the facemask and no flag was thrown. That's just my two cents.
  18. This guy's a Michigan native... so it's sorta on topic here.
  19. Thank you for posting that. I remember seeing that and though it looked like a face mask at the time, but never saw a good shot or replay of it. Looking at that picture and it's pretty clear that he's got Hock's facemask clearly in his grip. So I think this is pretty clearly a missed penalty. So you have: No call on facemask against Hock (potentially costing 4 points) Bad personal foul call on Walker (costing ??? too hard to know for sure) Reception/Fumble changed to incomplete pass (possibly costing 4 points) Phantom Hands to face on Flowers (leading to 7 pts for GB) No call on clear PI (costing at least 3 pts, possibly 7) Phantom Hands to Face on Flowers and no-facemask call on GB player (costing Detroit slight chance at a come bad drive) I think you can EASILY say there was a 5-10 point swing in the game due to bad officiating. For the record, I hate to blame the refs... I really don't like it. It's a cop out in many situations and I know there are bad calls or non-call all game long. But these are 5 pretty clear (I consider the Reception/Fumble as borderline) bad calls that went against the Lions, 2 of which you can directly assign points to, one more you can probably assign pts to, and one that you might be able to assign pts to. There's no way a person CAN'T feel that the refs stole this one from the Lions.
  20. Thanks... I gathered it wasn't a recent move by some of the wording, but I assumed it was a year or two ago at the most. Looking it up, the move happened in 2010.
  21. https://www.milb.com/connecticut/forms/connecticut-team-name-vote The Connecticut Tigers have moved to Norwich and are getting a new name. Follow the link above to vote for one of five options: Norwich Golden Roses Norwich Mill Mules Norwich Narwhals Norwich Salty Dogs Norwich Sea Unicorns To make sure I don't sway your vote, I'm not going to tell you what I picked. That would be wrong. On a completely different topic, look at this funny video:
  22. Maybe we need a few standing category to go with wins, loses, and ties: Loses to refs. So the Lions would be: W L T LtR 2 1 1 1
  23. Just read this story... sums up my feelings quite well: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/10/15/bad-nfl-officiating-week-controversial-packers-lions-calls-monday-night-clete-blakeman/
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