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  1. This shorter season might make for some interesting things like this... Would Verlander, in a 182 game season, sit out longer to fully heal his arm?  Will he rush back in a 60 game season because he knows he'll only have to pitch < 15 more times so not as much strain?

  2. 1 hour ago, Oblong said:

    The books I've read are adamant that there were no suicide pills.

    Honestly, I would have felt better if they were included.  I mean, maybe in the 60s that would be frowned upon, but consider what options did they have if they got stranded and didn't have suicide pills?  

    I haven't really read anything but I'd guess that oxygen would run out before they starved or died from dehydration.  They could of course killed themselves any number of other ways, but all would be various forms of ugly.  To me a suicide pill would be the most humane way.

  3. On 7/22/2020 at 11:54 AM, Oblong said:


    After that point in the video it's fake.  Chilling.


    Chilling is exactly the right word for it.

    I wonder, had that happened, what would future missions do re: the men left there?  Would they attempt to recover the bodies?  Would they just leave them there as is?  Would them attempt to entomb them somewhat on the moon?

    I wonder also what I would do if I was one of them who was stuck with no hope of recovery?  I believe I read/heard that they were given suicide pills in the event they were stranded.  Would I, in that situation, absolutely knowing that no rescue was even remotely possible... would I just say screw it and end it right away?  Would I linger on as long as I could, no matter how much I suffered?

  4. On 7/17/2020 at 4:23 PM, Buddha said:

    if it werent for covid, agnew was likely to get cut.

    Hmm... are you saying that in a normal year Agnew would have already been cut and it's just because things are shuttered that the Lions haven't gotten around to it yet?

    Or are you saying that because of Covid and the expected increased number of people who will be out for periods of time that there will be a higher importance of people who can step into multiple positions that Agnew might have more value?

  5. 1 hour ago, Shelton said:

    That is like giving someone credit for not ****ting their pants.

    Well, kinda... but at least they didn't **** their pants.

    I mean, they could have denied that it was a problem... they could have said that the women were over reacting... they could have said that token fall guys x, y, and z where the problem, and their gone now, so everything is a-ok.  But they seem to be acknowledging that there was/is a problem, they that they need to take action now as well as work longer term to root out the issue.

    It may be a small thing, but it is a thing.  It's a start.

    This, of course, assumes that the law firm's investigation is a real investigation and it will have real consequences rather than just lipstick on a pig.

  6. On 7/14/2020 at 9:10 PM, Hongbit said:
    Rumors of a story breaking in the next few days that will be more damaging to the team than the name controversy.    


    The Washington Post reported Thursday that 15 female former employees of the city’s NFL franchise said they were sexually harassed during their time with the team.

    To their credit the team has apparently parted ways with some of the indicated offenders:

    Director of player personnel Alex Santos, assistant Richard Mann II and longtime broadcaster and senior vice president Larry Michael are no longer with the team. Michael announced Wednesday he was retiring after 16 years.

    Santos, Mann, Michael and former business executives Dennis Greene and Mitch Gershman were mentioned in the Post story.

    The team has also hired a law firm to audit the team and determine what the culture really is.  Now, this may nor may not be a "real" investigation, but it's at least a good start.

  7. I honestly do not like the idea of Agnew as a receiver.  I just don't think he has that sure of hands.  And I'm not sure he's that good of a returner anymore either.

    I suppose the advantage he brings is that with one roster spot you can have a depth receiver, a depth CB, and a depth return man, but I don't know if just being an okay depth guy at three positions is enough to keep him if there's another player the team wants to keep.

  8. Do you have an made up words or phrases that you use that you'd like to see added to the English Language?

    For example:

    • Pastard¬†- noun: A person who deliberately doesn't do something knowing that it will inconvenience him or herself in the future.¬† Example:¬†I was such a pastard... I didn't put more beer in the 'fridge when I took the last one out and now all I got is warm beer.
    • Road Tourist - noun: Those rubber necking idiots who slow to a crawl on the highway to get a good look at any accident, however minor, as they drive by, causing a huge traffic jam. Example:¬†Sorry I'm late, there was a stalled car on the shoulder and of course a bunch of road tourist had to see what was going on.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

    That article was wrong. He has spent around $20K total.


    Ah, okay... I thought $20K per filing seemed REALLY high, but I have no knowledge on these things.  Still hope that the Washington team picks a name that he doesn't own.  I hate to see some win by essentially squatting on something like this.

  10. 12 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

    Since their o line used to be called The Hogs and there is a section of their fanbase that go by that why not just use that?  Or maybe even Red Hogs?  Yes I have no idea what a red hog is but I don't know what a blue devil is either and that's a nick name.  

    Well, there is such a thing as a Red River Hog.


    That face is distinctive enough that it could be used for a cool logo I think.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Shelton said:

    I thought it was interesting that the press release yesterday included the word ‚Äúredskins‚ÄĚ seven times as well as the logo.

    I recall back when the nationals were becoming a thing there was a lot of discussion trying to find a DC related team name and there weren’t a lot of great options.

    They could switch the name to ‚ÄúArrows‚ÄĚ and maintain a portion of their logo. ¬†

    I noticed that too.  I mean, I guess you can't do a press release from the Washington ___________.  But still man... it just looks really weird.

    Also, I got nine references when you include the Twitter name and Twitter handle that this was posted from.

    As for the new name... I don't think you need to make it related to DC necessarily.  I mean the current nickname isn't DC related.  I think most Pro-sports teams aren't named something related to the city directly.  (That brings up an interesting project though... maybe some time when I'm board I'll look that up.)

  12. Part of me wonders if the team should reach out to Native Americans and try to find a respectful want to honor the people. 

    The pros would be that it would make the transition easier... the new team identity would be similar enough to the old that "old school people" would have less of an issue with it.  It could also make the team appealing to Native Americans in general and increase your fan base perhaps.

    That said, the downside is finding something that nearly all Native Americans would find respectful might be very hard to do.  It's a very large and very diverse group of people so it would be a huge challenge.  Additionally, whatever is chosen today might end up being less than kosher 20 or 30 years from now and the team might find themselves in the same boat again.

    The press release said nothing about team colors... I tend to think they'll keep the colors as it'll make transition easier.

  13. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-retires-nickname-logo-new-nickname-tbd

    Washington has officially dropped 'Redskins' as their team name as well as the logo.  New name/logo/mascot/whatever to be announced at a later date.

    This thread is for discussion about this topic of course, as well as speculation on what they might go for moving forward.  What this thread is NOT for it political debate on whether this was a good or bad move.  I'll be deleting political comments here.


  14. 2 minutes ago, Jason_R said:

    I always assumed -- and still do -- that the NFL will go defunct before the Lions win a Super Bowl. 

    I honestly fear that as well.  Especially with concussions becoming such a big thing that everyone worries about...

  15. 46 minutes ago, RandyMarsh said:

    If they raise them and take care of them and give them the best life they can I'm totally against only for the reason that if people come to places like this and see the majestic beasts up close and learn about them it could potentially help the ones out in the wild.  But I totally understand if people don't buy that reasoning though.  

    I guess the question is if they are giving them the best life that they can.  Again, Joe Exotic is a terrible example, but I suspect that the vast majority of the so called "road side zoos" don't do that much better of a job of giving them the best live possible... or a good life within reason.

    I mean we treat a lot of animals with less than 5-star treatment... cows, pigs, chickens, etc.  If we're willing to keep "food stock" animals against their will and breed them for the purposes of selling the animals for the farmer can make a profit, why would we be against someone breeding a tiger and selling the babies for a profit?  What's the difference?

    I guess I wouldn't have a problem if a "zoo" was breeding for profit if:

    1. They took reasonably good care of their animals
    2. They didn't sell "contact" experiences with the zoo (There's a study somewhere that this experiences tend to: a.) Increase the number of people who want to have exotic animals as pets and b.) Decreases the desire to donate to real conservation efforts)
    3. Made a reasonable effort to only sell to reputable buyers.

    There's a BUNCH of grey area in there of course. 

  16. Anyone else watching this?  I know this is a hot show right now... as a long time Big Cat enthusiast I find this show very fascinating.   For the record, I come down very much of the side of Carole Baskin and BCR.  It's pretty easy to few Joe as a crackpot... which he is... but that shouldn't necessarily dismiss any points come from the other side. 

    I'd be really interested to hear anyone else's opinion on the show and on the idea of private ownership of Big Cat and/or breeding them.  Now, there will be a slight political aspect to this discussion, but the political side is really just a question of *IF* the gov't should or shouldn't regulate/ban anything.  This should NOT devolve into a rants about any specific political person/party and if it does I will delete those posts.

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