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  1. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    No, the point isn't irrelevant. I was responding to the claim that Lombardi and Cooter have had to 'dumb down' the play book for Stafford. The only evidence provided was RIGHT AFTER Lombardi was fired and Cooter stepped in as OC. My whole response was based on saying that IF Rappaport's sources where all correct, then here's why it might be the case... I've seen no comments from any sources in the last couple of years that Cooter has had to dumb down the playbook, so I wasn't talking about STafford having been in Cooter's system for a while now.
  2. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    Well, assuming that Rappaport's sources are legit, he did say that Lombardi felt Stafford couldn't handle the complex play book AND that JBC had to simply things for Stafford. BUT..... This was also info right after Lombardi left, so even if Rappaport's sources are correct and he's not adding to the sources comments, it still might be more Lombardi and less Stafford. If Lombardi was drawing up an overtly complex play book that neither Stafford, nor any reasonable QB, could handle, then it makes all the sense in the world that JBC's first task would be to streamline and simplify the playbook when he took over for Lombardi mid-season. JBC isn't going to be able to put in his own scheme in the week between games so he's going to have to largely use what the offense already has, just simplifying it. On a completely side note... It seems to me that Stafford is usually most successful when they are kinda "winging it..." when they aren't playing a really conservative game, when Stafford's in crunch time and has to whip it around the field. This would seem to contradict the idea that Stafford isn't capable or willing to take on a large roll or to run the offense.
  3. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    Last couple of games I totally agree. But Stafford had some bad games prior to the loss of Tate, Jones, and Johnson, so it's not fair to say all his struggle this year has been due to that. But, on a side note, I get so sick of the narrative during games that the Lions are really struggling because of trading Tate. No question that's a part of it, but as you correctly point out, they also lost Johnson and Jones, which really, really hurts an offense.
  4. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    A couple of responses: First, Stafford of this year has not been as good as previous years and I'm not 100% sure why. If we were just talking about this year I'd be more inclined to agree... at least a little more. But the post I was replying to sited a long period of time. Second, His pay was/is the going rate for a front line (not necessarily elite, but good) QB. If the Lions balked at the pay, he would have walked and the Lions would have the aforementioned hole in their roster. Did they over pay for him? This year it certainly seems like it yes. But last year I wouldn't have said that, and I'm not sure that I would say it in the future either... we'll have to see. Third, do we have any evidence that the playbook is being dumbed down for Stafford?
  5. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    Disagree. Look, even if you only consider Stafford "above average" and not a good or great QB, I think it's silly to part ways with someone who is better than average and thereby create more holes in our team. The Lions have typically had more than their fair share of positions that need to be improved. If you've got a guy who's actually better than average, let's worry about the spots that that below average or worse before we look to replace a QB who's (at the very least) NOT dragging the team down.
  6. That field was in horrible, horrible shape. I'm not saying that the field made it an awful game, but it did move it from a awful game to watch to an absolute train wreck of a game to watch.
  7. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    Stafford is easily the best QB the Lions have had since Layne.
  8. RedRamage

    What exactly does this team need?

    I would agree with that. I think he waits until the off season and gets HC offers. And honestly, would he really want to come to the Lions as OC? I mean, let's assume he gets a handful of HC offers. What would make the Lions job more appealing than others? You have a still pretty rookie GM and a pretty rookie HC in charge of a team that has zero history of sustained success. You're working with a QB who's now getting long in the tooth. There are some highlights... Johnson, for one, looks promising and the OL has some decent talent. But if I'm McCarthy and I didn't get any head job offers, I'm taking an OC job in the hopes of getting back to the top of the heap soon. And I don't see the Lions as a place that will showcase my skills as a coach.
  9. RedRamage

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    Useless fact of the day, the nickname "windy city" came from Chicago's history of long winded politicians, not because of actual wind.
  10. RedRamage

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    I think that the goal posts are motorized and they just shift a bit after the kick.
  11. RedRamage

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    Golden Tate sighting!
  12. RedRamage

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    And it looks like they lost a CB. Can we trade them Tabor for a 3rd rounder?
  13. RedRamage

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    Lions play bad: Patricia is an idiot. Lions play good: Patricia is an idiot.
  14. RedRamage

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Well, I'm going to say that I was pretty much wrong on this thought. We did pay a high(ish) price for Johnson, but we definitely got higher value than the price from what we've seen so far.
  15. RedRamage

    Alternatives to cable.............

    Do you know for sure if those 4 suicides are confirmed? The wiki page on the "game" says that there have been claims of kids committed suicide world wide but nothing has been confirmed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Whale_(game) Snopes also says lots of rumors and urban legends about the "game" but few solid facts: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/blue-whale-game-suicides-russia/