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  1. Anyone heard anything more on Hockenson? Only news I can find is from Sept. 30th saying he had a concussion but that the Lions are NOT putting them on IR.
  2. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2019/09/29/detroit-lions-lose-quandre-diggs-injury-t-j-hockenson-exits/3813671002/ "Lions coach Matt Patricia said he got a chance to catch up with Hockenson after the game, acknowledging the injury didn't require further evaluation at a local medical facility. " This would seem to indicate that he did not have a concussion?
  3. I think you're right on all accounts.
  4. I agree on this. You play until you KNOW the play is dead. That was huge mental mistake by Kerryon and the whole team.
  5. I agree. And I think yesterday this would very much with the idea of containing Mahomes. I think they were very more interested in making sure he didn't break off big runs on broken plays than they were about sacking him... and for the most part it worked.
  6. When I said PI is PI that was directly in response to your comment that PI outside of the EZ on a Hail Mary should be flagged. For the record, I don't think the NFL's "unwritten rule" is good, but if that's the way it's done and done consistently, then that's what it is. But that is not what I was arguing with you about. I was responding specifically to your comments that PI on a Hail Mary thrown outside of the EZ should never be flagged.
  7. If you argued this, then I would grudgingly agree... (though I would argue that the NFL's acceptance that PI in a Hail Mary is different is kinda dumb.) However, this isn't what you argued. You said: You are saying that if the ball makes it to the EZ than PI rules should be enforced -- perhaps more loosely than in non-Hail Mary situations, but should be enforced to some level. But if the ball doesn't make the EZ in a Hail Mary than no PI should be called: "...they should never throw a flag in that situation." That's what I don't agree with. The NFL is saying: "We allow more contact in a Hail Mary situation vs. non Hail Mary situations." But you're saying: "In a Hail Mary where the ball makes the EZ we call PI one way, but if the ball doesn't make the EZ, we don't call PI at all."
  8. In the "Giving Credit where Credit is Due" Department: that was a sick play... well done on that one.
  9. What if a team needs 20 yards for a first down and the PI happens at 18 yards? Should the refs bail out a team on a long pass that falls short?
  10. If it's a legitimate penalty, yes, it should. Now, if it was ticky-tacky, then I'd probably side with you, but if it's legit (and all i've seen of it is that little grainy twitter vid so I don't know how egregious it was or wasn't), then it should be called. Yep, probably is he catches it, he's stopped short of the EZ, but ya don't know for sure. It's definitely possible to fall forward 2 yards.
  11. Why not? If it's PI, it's PI... regardless of where the ball is coming down. It not inconceivable that if he caught it at the two that he coud've wrestled his way to the EZ.
  12. No expert, but I think: a.) Has to be the officials. b.) It would be a spot foul... so where the PI happened, unless it's in the EZ, then it goes to 1-yard line.
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