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  1. Alternatives to cable.............

    Calling out BS on myself... I found a site that discusses how ISP are immune to being sued for Cyberbullying. It would seem that this would also cover illegal or other "dangerous" sites that an end user might try to access, so to that end I wouldn't expect to see ISPs blocking certain sights just because it might get sued. That's not to say that ISPs might not still decide to censor certain sites for some other reason.
  2. Alternatives to cable.............

    I've heard that from Comcast too, but I gotta ask: If they're not going to change... if they're not to to throttle, block, or use fast lanes... why do they want it changed?
  3. Alternatives to cable.............

    Probably... they would block it along with ATT blocking Skype and other VOIP services or Comcast throttling peer-to-peer sharing or Verizon cutting off text message access to a pro-Abortion group or MetroPCS plans to block all streaming video services except for YouTube or ATT, Sprint, and Verizon all blocking Google Wallet which competed against a service all three were backing or ATT Blocking Facetime unless users bought a more expensive plan or Comcast intentionally keeping Netflix traffic in "congested lanes" until Netflix agree to pay Comcast money. These are all examples of things that have been done while net neutrality was the "law." I don't expect that the Internet will shut down or that our prices will skyrocket. But I do expect that changes will come. I expect that we'll see slower service for companies that don't "pay" the providers enough. I do expect that we'll see more and more companies censoring certain sites. Heck, how long until little Bobby finds a conspiracy site that promotes white supremacy and little Bobby gets tottaly taken in and ends up going on a shooting spree... How long until Comcast is named a defender in a lawsuit because they allowed this Hate Speech site to pervert little Bobby? I do expect that we'll seen "exclusive deals" with some of the major ISP out there. We already have it where Verizon has NFL games on their phones, but because of exclusive deals with other partners, you can watch the game on your phone, but you can't stream the game from your phone to a TV or projector, nor can you watch the game on your Verizon Tablet... just phone. Sources: https://www.aclu.org/issues/free-speech/internet-speech/what-net-neutrality https://www.freepress.net/blog/2017/04/25/net-neutrality-violations-brief-history https://consumerist.com/2014/02/23/netflix-agrees-to-pay-comcast-to-end-slowdown/
  4. Alternatives to cable.............

    Here's the problem though: 1. Competition is somewhat limited. Granted, there are more options now, but still limited. In my area Comcast is the ONLY cable option. I could do ATT for internet also, but that's pretty much it. 2. You're assuming that you'd KNOW that certain things were being throttled. Comcast could easily just *slightly* slow down a few competition sites like Netflix or Hulu... not enough for you to notice a huge impact, but a little... and then maybe a little more in 6 months... then a little more in another 6 months... 3. You're assuming that the competition won't also throttle the same sites. Most of the major ISPs probably "fear" the same streaming services and have the same motivation to see them limited. ATT surely wants you using DirecTVNow vs. Netflix... as does Comcast want you using their TV package vs. Netflix. In reality, here's what I think is going to happen. There's going to be three major avenues that will change... A.) Major content providers (Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, youtube, etc) will be contacted by the ISPs who'll say: Listen you're services are using 90% of our bandwidth. In order to "protect the little guys" we need to limit how much data you use. This is an in name of helping out the small providers. We're definitely not doing this as a money grab at ALL, we promise. But... if you do pay us a little bit we could probably eventually get bigger bandwidth to our customers which would help everyone right? So... yeah, you give us $$$$ and we'll make sure you're not throttled. Of course, the services pass this cost on to the end user as much as possible. B.) Eventually I do expect new/expanded bandwidth for more and more content, but I also expect the ISPs to "sell" this extra bandwidth. Everyone else will get the "regular Internet" but the companies/users who are willing to pay extra will get the super fast lane. C.) If Data is now not treated neutrally, there isn't anything illegal about blocking certain content. ATT can block ads from Verizon. Comcast can block site that discuss alternatives to cable. How long until ISPs "lobby" congress not with money, but with favors? "We'll block/super throttle those sites which are anti-fracking in this state if you approve the bill allowing us to do xyz."
  5. Alternatives to cable.............

    But do you know how much you're streaming? Do you know if WOW has a monthly ceiling? Also... WOW ain't on the west side of the state.
  6. Alternatives to cable.............

    For those of you who streaming, who do you get you get your Internet from? I've always been a little worried about that... I know I got a letter from Comcast a about a year ago saying that they were limiting Internet to like 1 terabyte per month... which is a lot, but if my family starts streaming all kinds of shows that might be easy to cross.
  7. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    The easiest way to prove that Quantum Physics is all rubbish... even without checking we still know that the Lions didn't win Super [insert Roman Numerals here].
  8. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Schrödinger's Coach
  9. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    I disagree that this is an effective method... but I'll also concede that I'm not their target audience so maybe it's effective to who they are marketing. I'll also concede that love 'em or hate 'em, Apple has built quite a loyal following that can't be denied, so maybe I'm the stupid one for saying their ads aren't good.
  10. Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    I agree with this. I think there is perception that there are certain levels of HOF worthy... first ballot, and then others. You only vote for the really good ones the first time they are on the ballot. Others you can vote for later... My simple solution is that no one should be removed from the ballot after one year. Yes, this does mean that there will be many people who are not even close to being hall worthy who stay on for a second year, but it also means that legitimate candidates (note: Legit candidates... not saying a definite HOF player, just one worthy of at least discussion) like Lou won't "fall off" because they came on during a crowded year or that they aren't good enough to be "first ballot" guys.
  11. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    I don't want to go too far off thread here... okay, yes I do. But the "pithy line" is a stupid line. Even if we assume that this is true and that this kid is a member of this generation (and I have a disagreement with the idea of such a generation existing) and that she's never sat in front of a laptop or computer, do we honestly think she doesn't know what a computer is? It comes off as so wrong that's its jarring. Using my previous analogy: Have a commercial of someone driving all over town in his/her truck getting things done. Then at the end a neighbor says: "Whatcha doing in your car today?" And then the driver responds with: "What's a car?" Would you come away with the feeling of: "Oh wow... he's right... trucks are replacing cars!" or "Yeah, there's a whole group of people who've never owned or even sat in a car!" Or would you feel: "Hmm, he's either incredibly dumb, or he's just trying to be snarky."
  12. Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    So, what do you think this means for Lou? Will Trammel and Morris getting in help him as he had similar numbers as Tram and of course played with him for so long? Or still it hurt because now that at least some from the great '84 team has been honored, there may not be as much attention for that team?
  13. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Who is this "Rampage" person of whom you speak?
  14. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Okay, yeah... I went a bit overboard dissecting a commercial, but it's still a dumb commercial. If the point of the commercial is that this tablet can do everything a laptop/computer can do and more, the reply at the end doesn't achieve that goal. It fails because the work choice makes the girl either insanely stupid or supremely snarky. In my humble opinion... it should end like this: Neighbor: "Whatcha got there?" Kid: "My iPad Pro." Neighbor: "What are you doing with it?" Kid: "Everything."