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  1. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Yeah, I mean I can understand that they didn't feel he was worth $8.25M, but... unless you have a replacement setup for much less already, why risk cutting him for "just" 8.25? It would seem to indicate that they need the money for a big move.
  2. Lions RELEASING Ebron??

    This really surprises me... I understand wanting that money, but... wow. This would seem to indicate that the Lions are definitely targeting some big FA or a lot of middle of the road FA...
  3. Lions RELEASING Ebron??

  4. The Walking Dead Season 8

    I think the plan of throwing zombies over the wall is more like when they threw dead cows over wall in sieges. It's about trying to poison/demoralize. I don't think they believe that splashing guts on a person will kill 'em, but if you toss enough rotting zombie corpse over there it'll get smelly and crowded. Plus there's the added benefit that the zombies won't die. They'll likely have pretty broken bodies but some will probably still be able to move and bite. So you've got mounting piles of smelly, somewhat noisy, ugly crap that you have to deal with... at least a little bit. Assuming you can build a catapult big enough to get a body over the wall from a safe distance (or provide armor for the people operating the device), it would be a slow, but effective weapon. HOWEVER... This assumes that there aren't other, easily, fast, more effective alternatives that could be used against less than fantastic wall defense... you know like driving a garbage truck full speed at the wooden walls. Or using an RPG against the wooden walls. tl;dr: Zombie catapult ammunition makes sense in a medieval zombie apocalypse, but modern era against a wooden fort means there are probably much more effective, faster options.
  5. You Tube Sharing Thread

    It should. Thanks JBK.
  6. You Tube Sharing Thread

    Do me a favor please and waste 2 minutes 18 seconds of your life to help out my daughter. An extremely cheesey, poor audio video but if she gets the most views in her class she gets a very minor extra credit bump.
  7. The Anything Science Thread

    It's a Sporcion!
  8. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Carl's death: My wife wondered if Carl was going to die in this episode or not... I wondered if Carl was going die in this season or not. For what it's worth, I did like most of it... I loved the flash backs where he's basically doing his good-byes with Judith and writing the letters. Given how pragmatic he's been shown to be at the end, I tend to think he would have off'd himself sooner... I don't think he would have let his Dad and Michonne drag it out so long. I think he would have insisted, as soon as it became obvious that he was dying/turning (ie, by some miracle he didn't get enough "virus" to kill him) that a prolonged goodbye was not only going to prolong the pain, but was dangerous given the circumstances. Side note: Daryl has been around since (pretty much) the beginning. He didn't show up until two or three episodes into season 1, but the character was part of the group since the beginning... just off hunting I think when Rick was first there. What I also liked: I did like Ezekiel's efforts to try and turn the Savior (or at least distract him). I thought that played out well. What I thought failed: I wasn't pleased with the Carol and Morgan fight scenes. Too much of the invincible good guy... bad guys are semi-behind cover, out number the good guys, who are in the open, but the good guys still win... yuck. I did NOT like Morgan insisting that he HAD to kill the Savior, or the others insisting that they didn't have to do it. Sorry, this is war and the Savior have been shown to essentially be war criminals. If the Saviors were acting in any way honorably, that's one thing... but they haven't... not even a little bit. I would have no moral issues with killing the guy. I also did not like how little 10-year old Billy (or whatever his name is) has the strength to jab the stick through his throat --- unless the zombie virus in some way weakens human bones, both in the living and the dead. This would explain why it's suddenly so easy to jab a knife through a skull. Of course, I would expect to see a lot more broken bones then as well, which we certainly have NOT see in the story.
  9. Star Wars: Solo

    Maybe something like: Solo: "Are you sure you want to add that much money into the pot? What if I have a [insert equivalent to a Royal Flush in their galaxy]?" Lando: (thinking Solo is bluffing) "If you have a Royal Flush, you can have the pot plus my ship as well!!" Solo smirks his trademark smirk. Lando: "Now wait just a minute... I was joking about that!"
  10. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I won't want to sign him long term unless we got him at a low salary, high incentive contract. I suspect someone out there will give him the long term deal without incentives though, so I don't think we'll get him on that sort of a deal. I won't be opposed to a tag for one year because we need bodies and because we have a lot of space, but I also wouldn't hate just letting him walk.
  11. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I know, right? I mean what's next... we're not going to admit that the NFL is rigged against the Lions?
  12. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Okay look... first: I don't believe it, even though I typed it... it's was just a crazy thought that popped into my head. That's the reason for the silly bracketty things around it. But... if we make enough assumptions, then the end result isn't necessarily an impossible conclusion. OF COURSE the assumptions are probably all hair brained. I'm NOT trying to advocate that this is real and what happened. It was just a random thought I decided to post as a joke.
  13. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Hey, I did say it was a wild *** theory. I don't believe it's true, but it did flash through my brain at one point.
  14. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Did any info every come out about why Butler was benched? [super-duper tinfoil hat conspiracy theory] Belichick made a last ditch effort to keep his two coodinators, maybe even wanting to keep Patricia more than McDaniels. When Patricia refused to stay even after Belichick offered him the NE Head Coach spot when he retired "in the near future" Belichick got pissed and decided to punish Patricia by benching Butler to make Patricia look less effective in the SB. [/super-duper tinfoil hat conspiracy theory]