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  1. I wish I was collecting "Mark my words..." comments from back in the ASFPDL days...
  2. Generally I don't like this argument... the idea that "Why would s/he accuse him/her if it wasn't true?" I mean there's some people who are wired pretty poorly and do some really screwy things. An extreme example but look at Henckley's attempt on Reagan to impress Jodi Foster. Having said that, there are some differences here... for one Pete Rose is a lower than a D-List celebrity right now so it would seem quite odd for this woman to create a fixation on him now. Additionally, it's pretty safe to assume his net worth has done nothing but drop over the years, so there isn't much of a money motivation right now either. So unless she's really, REALLY off the deep end (which one would hope would be obvious to her lawyer), it does seem to support her accusation. Further, as Oblong said, the accused is known to have vices and known to act in at least some ways as if he's above the law and known to lie through his teeth, repeatedly, about his past. This may not be enough, on it's own, for a court room. But it's pretty damning here in the public opinion world.
  3. Yeah, I would be shocked if someone grabbed Miggy or JV... but the question is: "What if someone did?" I think I would if it was Kinsler, I probably would with Cabrera as well. I'd be more hesitant on JV though... I think he might still be productive and an innings eater as you bring the young guys along.
  4. So let's say the Tigers put up Kinsler, Verlander, and Cabrera on waivers and someone claims one of them... would you let one of them go? I mean, I think all three of those guys can still be productive to some degree and I think all three are still fan favorites. But each also has a very big price tag attached and would free up A LOT of salary for a rebuild attempt. If you were the one in charge, would you left one of those guys go to another team just to get out of the contact?
  5. Try Lysol... it works well for me. Or Dawn if you're talking about the dish soap.
  6. He could be the bat boy if he wasn't due up one inning too.
  7. Romine has stated he'd like to play all 9 positions on the field in one game and Ausmus apparently says he's open to the idea if the opportunity presents itself (ie, an otherwise meaningless game late in the season). I know it's a manufactured gimmicy thing, but I don't personally have a problem with it if it's done in a meaningless game. But, here's my thought: Why stop at 9? Why not play all 9 + the DH? Now, this gets quite a bit more tricky because you can't move from a position on the field into the DH, so Romine would need to start at the DH (or come off the bench to replace the DH, but why do that?) and of course this means as soon as he moved from DH to another position the Tigers would lose the DH for the rest of the game and the pitcher would have to hit or (more likely) the Tigers would have to put in a pinch hitter every time the pitcher came up to bat. Granted, expanded rosters would help in this regard providing more bodies to swap in and out, but given that there's already likely going to be some "stress" on the bench due to Romine moving around the field that might make it impossible. Still, just for the fun of it, here's how I'd do it: Top of the 1st: Romine is DH, batting 3rd (This insures he'll bat in the first inning). The CF is batting 2nd. Bottom of 1st, Romine replaces [Insert September call up from minors], playing CF. Tigers lose DH. Halfway through this inning, Romine moves from CF to RF, trading places with Mahtook who was in RF. Bottom of 2nd, Romine moves to 3rd replacing [insert September call up], Pressley or Adduci come in at RF. Bottom of 3rd Romine moves from 3rd to 1st, Castellanos moves from 1st to 3rd Bottom of 4th Romine moves to Catcher, replacing Hicks, who moves from catcher to 1st. Bottom of 5th Romine moves to 2nd, replacing Kinsler. McCann comes into catch. Bottom of 6th Romine moves to SS, Machado moves from SS to 2nd. Bottom of 7th Romine moves to Pitcher, Iglesias comes into SS. Bottom of 8th Romine moves to LF Bottom of 9th (if needed), Romine remain in LF. Okay then the starters would be: DH: Romine Catcher: Hicks 1st: Castellanos 2nd: Kinsler SS: Machado 3rd: September Call Up RF: Mahtook CF: September Call Up LF: Upton That's obviously 9 position guys. We're also subbing in Presley/Adduci, Iglasias, and McCann so that's 12 position players. Assume you'll also need at least 6 pinch hitters for the Pitcher position just to be safe... that means you'd need 18 position players. VMart and Cabrera could each do it once but that still means you'd want at least 6 total September calls ups to make sure you had... pardon the cliche... all the based covered. Pitching would be strained a bit as well, but not quite as much as you the starter could hopefully go two innings, then swap in long relief guys to get 2-3 innings per pitcher. You might need a couple of extra guys just to be safe, but this wouldn't be as desperate a situation.
  8. What do you mean? This guy is comedy gold!
  9. On the way home from work today I TWICE heard a radio commercial talking about helping you get out of debt. The wording of this one hit an all time new low in my humble opinion: "If you owe a lot of money, don't let the credit card companies trick you into thinking you have to pay it all back!" Now, as a general rule I am NOT a fan of credit card companies AT ALL. I think they are running an extreme racket... they charge merchants big time for processing payments, then turn around and charge huge interest rates on any customer that carries a balance. They rake in quite a bit of money so it's hard for me to feel any sympathy, but my word... A credit card company telling you pay for what you buy is tricking the customer? I'm speechless...
  10. I wonder, sometimes, how much of this is a Tiger problem vs. a MLB problem. Here's what I mean: As a Lions fan, it's very easy for me to point out the many, many Lions draft busts. Players who either were just a flat out failure or who might have had some limited success, but no where near the "spot" at which they were taken. But... here's the thing: This is probably true of MOST NFL draftees. MOST NFL players don't end up becoming super stars. Most either become role players or achieve some level of success, but not necessarily to their level. It's easy as a Lions fan to count the misses... but their ratio success to failure in the draft, while probably worse then the league average, likely isn't that but worse than average. Long story short: Are "stuff" pitchers not developing a problem with the Tigers, or do other teams have a similar ratio of success/failure with pitchers like this? As Tiger's fans we remember the guys who failed here, but we likely don't hear about the guys who failed for other teams. I know I don't follow baseball NEARLY well enough to know about guys on other teams who might have been highly thought of but washed out.
  11. I honestly was going to throw in a line in my original post about this, but didn't... some thing like: "Norris reminds me of Bonderman (except for the nostrils size of course)..."
  12. Granted, this is based on very limited observation, it seemed like JD and JUp were sort of hitting it off as team mates. They appeared to be pretty friendly in the dugout. I just wonder if this makes it more likely that JUp opts out.
  13. Unless maybe Nicholas gets moved to OF or 1B or something and Lugo is slated as 3B of the future? I don't really get it... I mean IF there's a bigger plan here that Kinsler gets move and Lugo moves there (assuming Machado isn't seen a long term answer) or perhaps Cabrera gets moved and Lugo goes to 3rd... or maybe Iggy gets traded?!? This makes more sense IF more deals are coming... but... I have zero faith right now that more deals are coming that will make this make more sense.
  14. Are the Tigers thinking Lugo at 2nd perhaps to replace Kinsler (either in the future or now if Kinsler get moved)?