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  1. The announcers just said that Leyland knows all about Kinsler having managed him in Detroit... um...Leyland's last year in Detroit was 2013... Kinsler's first year in Detroit was 2014.
  2. I suspect that the WBC format is heavily based on World Cup format due to the popularity of the World Cup. It's a format that seems a little odd to us here in the US when we're used to so many leagues/organizations doing it via brackets (at least when the playoffs come around), but it's the format the World Cup has used for a long time now and again... if your primary focus is growing Baseball outside of the US, you'd be smart to use a method that's used by a wildly popular tournament around the world.
  3. No, scale is not the same. Doing some rough google maps investigation, farest distance (KC to Oak) in AZ is one hour drive (depending on traffic). In FL, the longest distance, (PHI to WAS -- that map I found was out of date) was more than 3 hours. If you look at a 1pm start time... plan to get there no later than noon... add in possible delay from traffic... you'd have to leave at 8 am.
  4. I didn't see a ton of the game, but I did see the first inning. Sloppy base running by Netherlands, and big Kudos to Molina on picking them off. As for the talent coming out of the Netherlands, it's worth noting that most of the big talent is from the Caribbean islands that are part of the Netherlands. In fact 16 of the 36 people on the roster are from Willemstad Curacao!
  5. Yeah, it's a slow start, that's for sure. It does heat up later in the series. Worth watching, in my humble opinion, but not as good as DD or Cage... probably a little lesser than Jessica Jones as well. The following might be considered slight spoilers, so I'll mask it, but I'm giving away any plot points... I think the best way to better enjoy the show is to understand that...
  6. Just finished binge watching Iron Fist. I thought it was okay. I like enjoyed some of the other Netflix Marvel shows better, but it was still pretty good. A bit more cliche I thought but some interesting bits as well. It'll be a little interesting to see how the 'defenders' all get together later.
  7. Anyone else listing to the Atlanta feed? It's really, really nice to have commercials at the same volume as the broadcast for a change.
  8. Oh, sorry. I never even looked at the money side.
  9. Looking at pro-football-reference, it looks like ESPN is using regular season plus playoffs while MLive is just using regular season numbers.
  10. Here's a version that includes Miggy's HR right before Odor.
  11. There's the video of it,
  12. Best news of the off season! Now that's he's gone, Super Bowl here we come! Okay, not really, but I'm happy that Roberts got paid... by someone else. I thought he WAY too often tried to run the ball out of the Endzone on kicks and almost always was tackled short of the 25 yard line. According to the story linked above, he averaged 22.6 yards on kick returns... which apparently was good for 8th in the league, though I think that's probably because most returners didn't try to take it out.
  13. Yeah, probably. That crossed my mind about 3 or 4 minutes after posting my response.