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  1. Bummer... Glasgow went to Bengals... Hoping the Lions could grab him next round.
  2. So, RB and DL are still needs in my humble opinion. I'd prefer to see them go DL next, but I dunno if there's a sleeper RB that they should be looking at.
  3. Wow.... A TE taken, but it wasn't Butt. For what it's worth, Butt has a 5.7 grade on while Roberts only has a 5.45. Seems odd...
  4. Whaaa??? That NEVER happens...
  5. But on the other hand... now we can joke about: "Did Maybin sign yet?"
  6. So the answer at 18 is no...
  7. If Butt is there at 18... do you take him? What about 21?
  8. Wow... that's not a good thing. And honestly, it isn't his fault of course... Chicago trading up one spot to get him seemed silly and I'm sure that's part of the reason fans were not thrilled.
  9. If it gets to the sixth round and there is no long snapper available, I'd say go for it Quinn!
  10. So, if Glasgow is there is the 5th or later rounds... do you grab him?
  11. Hmm... Really hoping for more DL help, but maybe there isn't any decent DL options out there.
  12. Notice that NFL was going to a commercial break before what was going to be the Lions pick though!
  13. Mr. Bigglesworth?
  14. Well, there's all the proof we need... Cruzer doesn't often dis on Lions picks. If he's against it, we know it's bad.
  15. Bah! Where's the fun in that?!?