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  1. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I agree 100%. But, a gimpy Stafford > healthy Rudock in my humble opinion. After it became increasingly clear that the Saints had the Lions number, then it was time to take out Stafford.
  2. Coming to this a little late so I dunno if this has already been discussed but... why would you want something to be classified as a WHS? The benefits, from what I can tell, is noterity and the ability to apply for funds from the WHC. But the bad side is that it would seem you then locked into what can or can't be done in the area by international rules.
  3. Star Wars: Han Solo film

    And a Theme Song:
  4. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I disagree... at least for the first half. I think Stafford gives you a chance to win this game and going in there was a very real shot that the Lions could have won it. But it was pretty clear half way through that Stafford was getting killed in there and the Saints were going to win. Even with the almost comeback, it would still have made the most sense to pull Stafford to avoid any additional injury.
  5. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I'm going to disagree with this... both instances were bad, yes... but the first wasn't a killer, at least not in my opinion. The first one came with LOTS of time left to play. Yes, it was a blow, but not an unrecoverable problem. Look no further than the first game of the season where the Lions get a turn over just to have Stafford throw an INT right after it for a pick six... yet they came back and won that game. They could have come back and won this one too. The last one though... the Lions were in the midst of a potential comeback with lots of momentum on their side. It was down to a one-score game and the Lions were getting the ball back... then the muffed punt trapped 'em down at the 1 and the INT killed any chance of coming back. Now it's a two score game again with time running out. The Lions need to score, get the ball back, then score again just to tie the game.
  6. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I wonder how much of this was the foot injury, or how much was the Saints seeing something in the Lions were "tipping" and able to exploit that?? I think there were more tipped passes in this game than in the last 20 games combined. That one in the EZ being the real back-breaker too. That one pretty much sealed the deal for the Saints.
  7. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Speaking of that... what about everytime the running back was lined up behind Stafford it was a run? I mean if the announcers are seeing it after only a few series, you can bet the other team is seeing it.
  8. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    BTW, what does everyone thing about the Slay interception? Frankly, I thought it was a crock... but that it was called correctly according to the current NFL rules. That's obviously a catch, and he's obviously down when he's laying on his back with slay touching him. Catch, down by contact... But the stupid "process" of the catch rule means that it can't be called a "catch" until he falls to the ground and maintains control. For once, dumb NFL rules work in the Lions favor.
  9. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    What do you mean? We've got Ebron, don't we?
  10. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Okay, I couldn't keep it off... I'm like a freakin' addict. I do like these screen passes... at least that seems to be an adjustment to the weak line failing the team.
  11. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    And with that... I'm turning off the game. First time I haven't watch a full game in a long time, but this was just a crappy performance from everyone on the team. If by some miracle they do make a comeback, I fully expect that they'll be down 4 or 5 points with a final drive... you know, a situation were if we'd picked up 3 points at the end of the first half would mean a FG would win it for us, but because we didn't, we need a TD... and they'll come up short.
  12. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Well, what does this tell us about the Defense? I'm thinking the the defense just happened to look really good because the offenses we faced ended up being lesser than they were expected to be. Who has the defense looked good against? The Giants? Cardinals? Hardly world class offenses this season. Vikings had a back up QB. The defense is average at best... the OL blows chunks... The only good news is that the second half of the season looks to be a bit softer... but even then this is an average team at best.
  13. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    Look, I really don't want to go too far down this path because I am NOT a Trump supporter at all. But I think the problem everyone has when it comes to calls for impeachment is simple this: For what reason? I know plenty of people who wanted Obama impeached... but they had zero grounds to do it! Heck, even the "birthers" as stupid as they were, had a better "legal" standing to remove Obama than the people who wanted him impeached simply because they didn't like his politics. IF Obama really wasn't born in the US (which he was) then there is a legal reason to remove him. The impeachment of Clinton, as silly as it was in a lot of ways, still had some legal merit. Clinton most likely did lie under oath and he certainly lied to the American people about his affairs. So what is the "legal" reason to remove Trump? I get that people hate his politics, hate is presence in social media, hate the man in general... but just like the people who wanted to get rid of Obama because they disagree with his politics, that isn't enough of a reason to impeach a president.
  14. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    Doubt it. What I'm talking about in terms of a major shift would be a major schism between Pence and Trump or massive shifts in Trumps mental health. Right now Pence may not agree 100% with Trump's view/policies, but I suspect there's a LOT more agreement between the two than disagreement. So something major would need to shift in Pence's political opinion, or Trump's. I don't see either happening. Pence also doesn't strike me as someone who would think that Trump is sane but that he was headed for a disaster and therefore Pence would need to take action and say he wasn't sane. So we'd need to see a major shift in Trump's mental health... and not just opposition's pointing out little anecdotal "evidence" that Trump mentally unstable.
  15. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    Using the 25th amendment won't happen. From wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution If I'm reading that right, the VP (ie, Pence) HAS to be on board declaring Trump unfit. That won't happen... at least not unless we see a MAJOR, MAJOR shift in things.