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  1. Agreed on that... I may not even be able to make it from 10 yards! As for the drone: Probably a stupid liability thing. Rober and his team almost certainly didn't have any liability insurance if something went haywire and the drone crashed into something expensive... or someone expensive (ie, Prater).
  2. True, but I was rather disappointed that he didn't layout the fan who ran onto the field.
  3. I was thinking about this again the other night and another bit of evidence against Belichick came to me: The coaching tree... or rather lack there of. How many instances have we seen of coordinators under Belichick failing outside of NE? One would think that arguably the greatest NFL HC of all time would eventually have a student that went on to a decent level of success. To be fair this isn't proof that Belichick is a questionable coach. It's possible that Belichick is a great HC, but not so good as a teacher. You don't have to be a great teacher to be a great HC. But it does seem odd to me that (at least to date) no coordinator of Belichick has had any success as a HC. Again, To be 100% clear: This is NOT damn evidence that Belichick is overrated. It's just a bit of circumstantial evidence that I'd add to Belichick's record without Brady.
  4. For whatever reason I'm not a huge fan of Belichick so I'm kinda rooting for Brady to show that he's really good and probably made Belichick look much better than he really is, so I'm kinda happy to see him win another SB without Belichick.
  5. I remember seeing that same play and thinking the same thing. I mean I totally thought it was ticky-tacky until we saw the front view and I wish Romo had corrected himself. There's nothing wrong with changing your opinion when new evidence is presented. I would have liked to see him say: "Oh, well, yeah... from that angle it's clearly holding. Not ticky-tacky at all."
  6. I don't know if the Chiefs are just tired or have giving up or what... TB running all over them when they KNOW that the Bucs are going to run.
  7. Seems kinda like having a really good OL and really good DL will win you games.
  8. Not saying your wrong, but this reference isn't quite the same thing. The reference transaction here is during the draft so there are hard time limits. Obviously this doesn't mean you are wrong, I'm just saying this trade (a trade of pick during the draft) is different than a trade during the normal off season involving players (and picks).
  9. Is the statement that either team can back out for whatever reason based on actual knowledge or just your opinion? I genuinely curious cause I'd think the NFL would want to limit that. Another silly example, but what if the Lions traded Stafford to the Rams without getting Goff but the deal wasn't official yet. The Lions assume it'll go through as they've done their own physical of Stafford and so start the process of talking with Texans to try and trade for Deshawn Watson and get the deal done, but then the Rams pull out and the Lions are "stuck" with Watson and Stafford. Just my thought but if I was the NFL I'd want the teams to file and official trade agreement with the NFL which would outline under which situations a team could back out of the deal. Obviously a failed physical would be one of those deal breakers, but I don't know if I'd include too many more.
  10. I mean, sure... before it's official. Once it's official it can't be backed out of. You can't finalize the trade and then Stafford gets hurt and the Rams say: "Nope, we want Goff and the picks back." There might even be some rules in place on what is a legit reason for backing after a deal has been reached in principle, I mean otherwise teams could do things to try and manipulate the market. In a silly example, say the Rams offer the Lions 4 first round picks for Stafford, essentially setting the market price super high for QBs, then delaying the physical for whatever reason... waiting until other deals get done, then just backing out because they changed their mind before the physical is done. I'd think the NFL would not want that to happen so there's probably limits on what would void the deal.
  11. That's... very reasonable. I hadn't considered it from that direction... not the Holmes wouldn't be ready to evaluate players for the Lions, but rather that 2020 was just such an unusual year that scouting/evaluations will be generally off for all concerned and the 2021 college season will hopefully be more stabilized and normal.
  12. I dunno... I mean, I'm quite positive that Holms has already done significant work on evaluating talent for the draft. Now, to be fair I'm also sure he probably wasn't allowed to take any files with him so what he retains will be based on memory and/or stuff he was able to sneak out of the office. Furthermore the needs of the Lions will be different and that will put a spin on the value for certain players/positions, but suspect that between what he's already done in evaluations and the three months between now and the draft he'd be pretty much ready to go. All other things being equal he might have figured it would be nice to have another year to get things settled before having to make two first round picks, but I seriously doubt he would have taken a "lesser" deal just because it pushes the draft picks out a year.
  13. I don't disagree with your take... in fact I think you are (mostly) right. What I disagree with is that the Rams thought Stafford is 2xFirst + a Third better than Goff. I think the Rams probably think that Stafford is maybe a 1st and a 3rd better than Goff and giving up a 1st to move Goff's contact is worth it.
  14. All things considered, I'd prefer a 1st this year and a 1st next year, but honestly we're talking about a 1 year delay in payout. It's not like we need to wait 5 years for the Rams deal to payout.... it's just one more year.
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