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  1. RedRamage

    Lions at Dolphins pre-game discussion

    As it the play will be so bad it makes you toss your cookies?
  2. RedRamage

    50 of the best of Barry!

    Yeah, you're right... I guess I was thinking more about when he retired... and even then it nearly two decade. I keep forgetting how old I really am.
  3. To me this is an important game in terms of defining who the Lions are. The Dolphins are a 4-2 team right now who just beat the leading team in our division. The Lions have had a week off to prepare and to get healthy. IF the Lions can go into Miami and beat the Dolphins. it will go a long way into my feeling that this just might be a legitimate team. A win, on the road, against a (seemingly) quality opponent would make me feel like the Lions could be a playoff contender. Miami doesn't have a great offense, so that should help with out less than defense. Unfortunately Miami appears to be better at running the ball than throwing, which isn't our defense's strength. It will be interesting to see how Patricia coaches this game. Obviously so far this year the Lions have played to lock down receivers... focusing on the backfield. Will we need to shake things up against Miami so we don't get run on all day long? On the other side of the fall, Miami doesn't seem to have statistically a great defense either. Wait... how are they 4-2 then? Interesting... but anyway... Again they are a little better on defense against the run, but still giving up 118+ yards per game on average. This feels like a game that the Lions SHOULD be able to win, and would make a nice statement. So of course... I expect them to lose.
  4. RedRamage

    50 of the best of Barry!

    Two things that struct me from that video: 1. Sanders wasn't always the fastest guy out there. Don't get me wrong, he was certainly fast, but he did get taken down from behind a couple of times there. Speed certainly helps a RB, but you don't always have to be the fastest to be the best. 2. Holy cow the NFL has changed in just a handful of years. Some of those blocks and tackles... I saw more than one "horse collar" that brought down Sanders. Ugh.
  5. RedRamage

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    If I'm not mistaken, Buddha lives/works in Chicago, so he takes extra pleasure in seeing Bears fans grumpy. It isn't just that the Bears are an NFC North rival in this case.
  6. RedRamage

    Green Bay Game

    I hope the Lions/Rams doesn't get flexed... I understand the desire for national attention and I'd hope that if it does it flexed it means the Lions are becoming a legit team and it's not just "let's show the Rams no matter who they are playing..." But all that said, I like my Sunday afternoon games.
  7. RedRamage

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    Shelton post.
  8. RedRamage

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Granted, but the monotone drone does make it harder to enjoy him. He does still have good insights to the game that help a viewer understand better, but the monotone is.... hard to listen too at times. It also seems like there are more times when he seems to get stuck on what he wants to say. Granted, it's not often, but it does happen and at least seems to happen more now than it used to.
  9. Okay, cause it's a bye week, perfect time to look at how the Lions are doing and give some opinions... The offense has largely under performed in my humble opinion. It's not that they've been awful, but they haven't been great either. Stafford has at times looked off, and at times looked very good. Same could be said probably about every unit on offense. At times the running game looks great, at times it's been poor. They actually had a 100 yard rusher... but only once in five games. JBC hasn't shown me anything to make me think he deserved to stay on as OC. I had hoped that Caldwell was holding him back and that a new HC would allow him to freer to call plays the way he wanted too... well, no. I expected with another offense spent largely focused on the offense that it would be a top ranked offense, and it hasn't been. Other than the Jets game they haven't been awful, but mediocre isn't going to cut it with all the resources spent there. My grade so far would be a C-. This was supposed to be the strength of the team and it hasn't lived up to what I expected. The defense, on the other hand, has played a lot better than I expected. Now, to be fair, I didn't expect nearly as much from them, so even with them playing better than expected I'm not saying they are good... more like average when I expected worse than average... especially with Ansah once again missing significant time. I think this is showing Patricia's finger prints. The defense has played to their strength... the secondary. They've blanketed receivers and this as allowed a "less than" DL to get a number of sacks... far more than I expected. Again, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying they are top tier... just that I expected a **** sandwich and instead I got plain bologna on dry bread. My grade so far would be a C+. Coaching... it's hard to say too much on the new guys. They've shown signs of really getting it, and shown signs of being lost. It's kinda what I'd expect with a first year HC though so I can't really say anything more than "incomplete" on Patricia and his new staff. That said, I'm VERY concerned about JBC. As I said above I had hoped that we'd see a new JBC w/o Caldwell and that's why Quinn and company wanted to hang on to him. But so far... meh... it's just a lot of the same old offense that many defenses seem to be able to predict quite easily. Coaching grade has to still be I until we learn more about Patricia, but so far it isn't' looking overtly encouraging.
  10. RedRamage

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    I think that's a big stretch to say the Tigers intentionally picked a bad guy to try and increase ticket sales. First, if people were really that turned off by him it would be easy enough to just mute the sound on TV to just on the radio broadcast to go with the TV, or to just listen to radio and turn off the TV completely. Second, even if it did slightly increase ticket sales, the potential harm to those outside of the Detroit area who rarely have the option of seeing the game in person would easily outweigh gains in tickets.
  11. RedRamage

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    I think Gibson has really gone down hill in the last couple of years. I suspect it's due in large part to the Parkinson's. Either that or my memory of him from earlier is just too romanticized.
  12. RedRamage

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    I certainly thought about it the mustard was still there are reading this Henning paragraph: That there is some flowering s----, uh... stuff.
  13. RedRamage

    Green Bay Game

    It's all a matter of perspective of course. I mean, if it's hurts an 2 (on a 1 to 100 made up arbitrary scale) instead of a 1, well, it hurts more... that's not to say it's earth shattering, but it does sting more if it's a close game that they had a chance to win vs. a blow out.
  14. Anyone know what the record is for the most missed kick attempts in a week in the NFL? Obviously the Packers/Lions game contributed a lot to this weeks' number (6 combined missed kicks), but there seemed to be a lot of other games with missed kicks as well. A total of 21 missed FG and XP kicks... Colts, Steelers, Jets, Lions, Ravens, Bengals, Raiders, 49ers, Rams, and Texans all missed 1 kick. Browns, Chargers, and Vikings all missed 2 kicks. And of course, the Packers missed 5. (Edit to add) I don't know what the weekly average is, but I did look up last week... a total of 11 missed kicks that week.
  15. RedRamage

    Green Bay Game

    why?  Answering for myself here, not T&P, but I suspect it might be the same feeling: Because it always hurts more when you think the Lions SHOULD win and when they play decently and/or the other team fails to play well. If I expect the Lions to lose, or like the Jets game, they just play horribly from the get go, then I can take the loss in stride much easier. But then make it close and then end up losing (after many of us worried they would about half-way through the second half) it hurts more.