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  1. Yes, I think a Stafford injury buys them both another year. I think Quinn and Patricia are married here in Detroit. If Quinn goes, Patricia goes. I suppose it's possible that Quinn fires Patricia, but I don't see that happening.
  2. Martin has not been looking great.
  3. I dunno if I want STafford out there right now. I mean, look at what's happened so far with the OL...
  4. 3 and out... Lions are in mid-season form.
  5. Even with 12 men on the field they couldn't stop them from getting a 1st down.
  6. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KillMi00.htm There are worse things than being a backup/depth guy in the NFL for a few years, then having your whole life ahead of you without the wear and tear of many years playing the game.
  7. I don't think we need a separate thread for each game, so here's just one for all the rest of the games. I know some of y'all were chatting in one of the off season threads about it, which is fine, but this should make it easier to find discussion on the remaining three games if people are looking for it. I didn't end up seeing much of the first game at all, but from what I've heard since the OL looked awful... which is hugely disappointing. I know it's pre-seasons and we can't draw too many conclusions from it, but it does have me worried. Generally I'm not going to try to read too much into anything in preseason unless we see extremes... like player x played out of his mind in all the games he was in... or unit y was just amazing all game long. Or: Unit Z looks pitiful. And unfortunately that's how the OL looked. They'll make me feel a lot better if they even just look average on Friday.
  8. In part, yes. The other cliche is that winning cures everything and there's true to that. Like a lot of things in life it isn't black and white. A team that has some culture issues can still win and that winning can mask the culture issues. But mediocre team with a great locker room can also mask some talent issues.
  9. That is a hack job article... it's quite obvious that the author is NOT a scientist and doesn't understand the first thing about how this is not even close to a scientific study. First and foremost: You can't take just TWO seasons, compare them and expect to see meaningful conclusions. There are way too many variables like injuries, trades, etc. I would feel slightly better if they merely compared the first half of '18 to '17 before the primary rusher and the top two receiving threats were gone. Second: The idea that the Lions should just has continued on with what they were doing and called it good enough is silly. Were there any fans who actually followed this team who thought: "Yeah, passing all the time works great. We don't need a running game what so ever!" I doubt there was a single person here who didn't lament the lack of a legit running game from the Lions. This author just fails miserably because he assumes that the Lions would have progressed beyond "slightly above average" if they just keep going without addressing the run (very unlikely). He further fails when he compares just two seasons and calls the results proof. And that failure is massively compounded by injuries and trades in the last half of the season.
  10. It may work. We really don't know how Martha will deal with this vs. WCF. She may be willing to extend them another year, she may not... we don't know. Generally speaking I would want to give a coach, especially a rookie coach, time to get things in order. I would generally want to give the coach at least three years. BUT... this is a little different situation because Quinn has been here for a longer period now and Patricia was his personal pick. Given this its hard to separate the two. So if the Lions regress again... if they do worse than last year, then I would look at replacing Quinn and Patricia even though it would only be Patricia's 2nd year. Will Martha? I don't know. Would WCF? No... he would give them another year for sure... and the Lions would probably improve over this year, which would make WCF extend them another 5 years thinking they are on the up-swing.
  11. I think there's something to be said about culture of a team. Of course it's only *part* of the picture, but I think it is a real part. I've worked in situations where various employees/departments were adversarial towards each other. In these situations work suffers for everyone. People worry a lot more about whats going on with others and if they make a mistake how the "enemy" will react to it. Again, is part of the picture. A very talented team with a bad culture will still likely win over a very untalented team with a great culture. But more evenly matched talent teams will swing towards the one with the better culture.
  12. The funny thing is that prior to this year, not that many batter missed him.
  13. I would say he is. I mean, at the very least he's worth $1,000,000.00
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