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  1. I have this feeling that we'll hear a LOT of banging on things by the opposing fans when the Astros are on the road this coming year.
  2. I know it's only ST... but holy cow... those were some MONSTER HRs from Cabrera in terms of distance.
  3. Oh, also Pete Rose/Gambling: I'm 99.999% sure that others have gambled. But I don't know how big of a problem it is, nor does it discount the fact that Rose did gamble and has to pay the price.
  4. I don't disagree with most of what you wrote, but I do take exception with the Barry Bonds comment. He's definitely not the first name that comes to my mind... Canseco is the first obviously... but then I think of McGuire, Sosa, Clemens, Palmeiro, even Pettite come before I think of Bonds. That's not to say that I don't think Bonds probably took Steroids, it's just not the first person I think of. And I don't think MLB is pretending it's no longer and issue. They definitely absolutely were guilty of turning a blind eye to it early on, but the continued testing, as well as suspension of players, shows that they do consider it a problem that needs monitoring.
  5. Yes and no... I mean, I don't think it'll be water cooler talk beyond Spring Training, honestly... but at the same time I think it will be one of those things that it brought out and discussed on occasion. Any time there's a "questionable" something that happens in a WS: "This is the first time since 2017 that there's a cloud over the WS results..." or "Player X is assumed of cheating, but even if he did it doesn't taint team-Y's WS win like the Astros team cheating back in '17." Or anytime the Astros make it to the post season or WS again: "This is the first WS appearance since the 2017 and 2019 seasons.... accomplishments which were marred by sign stealing..."
  6. Okay, we may not know who has specifically admitted to cheating, but conventional wisdom is that they all pretty much did, isn't it? I mean this isn't like steroids where it's reasonable to think that some people did and some didn't on a given team. I don't think a particular hitter said: "I don't want you doing that while I'm at bat... don't his the trash can." Furthermore, if any hitter did come out and say they told the Astros not to do it when they were at a bat, it wouldn't be too hard to go back and check, would it? I just assume any hitter for the Astros during those years cheated. Coming out and publicly admitting it wouldn't make me think less of them... in fact, it might make me think (slightly) higher of them.
  7. My understanding was that MLB gave some level of immunity to the players to get testimony though... am I wrong on that?
  8. Very interesting take six-hopper... Thank you. I do wonder what secrets they still need to keep though? I mean, everyone knows they cheated with the banging. The players have more or less acknowledged that it happened, didn't they? The coaches and front office have largely been held accountable. I suppose there's the rumor of the buzzer/wire... but isn't that even largely accepted at this point? I can't imagine what more there is out there that would need to be hidden. Of course, if the Astros DO settle, then the answer is probably a lot.
  9. I watched quite a bit of it over the weekend and my general thought was: "It's football..." and that's a good thing. There's none of the "EXTREME football league" none of "We're going to be even better than the NFL!" aspect to it. Just good football with a few key changes. Just like every other pro-football league it's going to have to see if it makes sense financially, but I was just as entertained by watching any of the XFL games as I would have been watching any two NFL games I had no rooting interest in. Commenting specifically on some of the rule changes, I'm virtually in lock step with Hongbit: Liked transparency in communication, liked kick off and punt rules. Not a fan of the clock stoppage. The conversion rules seem gimmicky, but might provide some interesting finishes. On thing I did NOT like was every time you listened in on replay review or coach/player communication the announcers had to comment: "It's it so cool that we can do this?" "It's it interesting that we can just talk to the coach during the game?" "It's it great that we can listen in on that conversation?" That part was almost as annoying as finding out that Stafford used to go to school with Kershaw.
  10. I can't imagine though that baseball in general wouldn't look at the splits themselves, even before the cheating was revealed. If you see a guy who's otherwise effective but just stinks against one team, then I think he'd have a job still.
  11. Probably not... but if he's successful and I'm a relief pitcher who faced the Astros in the last few years and didn't fair well and I'm out of work right now I'm definitely going to file a suit.
  12. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/2020/02/10/mondays-baseball-ex-blue-jay-bolsinger-sues-astros-sign-stealing-scandal/4720583002/ I'm against this and hope it fails miserably in court. I'm not totally against the idea of forcing them to forfeit the postseason share, but the idea that a pitcher can sue for "interfering with and harming his career" is not good at all. The problem is two fold: 1. There is no way to prove how much the Astro's cheating cause him to lose his job in the majors. It may have been the catalyst but one bad outing isn't enough to force an entire league to not look again at a pitcher who had promise. There's also no way to prove how much the cheating did or didn't help the Astro's in that outing. Maybe instead of allowing 4 hits, 3 walks and 4 runs in 1/3 of an inning he only allows 3 hits, 2 walks, and 3 runs and the Blue Jays still drop him. 2. I'm not sure the Astro's did anything illegal. Don't get me wrong, they cheated, but was it illegal outside of baseball? There are things with-in the game that stand outside of normal laws. For a reverse example, if some throws a ball at me and hits me... well, I could sue him for that. But if it happens on a baseball diamond it's accepted as part of the game. I'm not sure there is a legal leg to stand on here. Of course, I'm not a lawyer at all, so I might be completely talking out of my butt. If this guy is successful though... can you imagine the follow up suits? Any other marginal reliever who faced the Astros in any "cheating" season and then didn't pitch in the majors again could have cause to say he lost his job because, in part, the Astros made him look bad. And starting pitcher who was demoted to reliever... heck any pitcher who later signed a new contract could allege that he made less because the Astros damaged his reputation by cheating.
  13. I get the feeling that if Jeter played for anyone but the Yankees and had the same career that he's be a much more liked guy by most of the baseball world. I think a lot of the Jeter "hate" is because he's a Yankee and many fans are reluctant to give props to any Yankee player.
  14. Buzzer or not, it doesn't seem like it's any worse. I mean if there's clear evidence of a buzzer I suppose you could say that you have a smoking gun that this particular player knew and actively participated in the cheating where there's a (very flimsy) defense that "sure... someone banged on a trash can while my client was at bat... but he didn't know why it was happened, and he certainly wouldn't have condoned or gone along with it if he had." I think MLB has accepted that all the players all knew what was going on and all benefited, to some degree, from it. They chose not to punish them directly for whatever reason. Whether the message delivery was via audio signal or electronic vibration is sorta meaningless.
  15. Yeah but... only due to a large number of injuries including the Stafford. Now, that's not to say that I think the Lions would have been 13-3 without any of the key injuries, but I think they would have been more in the 8-8 range.
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