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  1. RedRamage

    Training Camp and Preseason

    Anyone hear anything on Glasgow? Wondering how serious the injury is.
  2. How is this even a question without a question mark?
  3. Zimmerman cleared waviers? Color me shocked! Question: If someone claimed him, you think the Tigers might have said: "Okay, here you go!" Now, if they were smart they might have tried to trade and offered to picked up some of the salary, but I honestly think if some team did claim him and they couldn't work out a deal that the Tigers would have just let him go.
  4. RedRamage

    Fiers traded to Oakland for 2 PTBNL or cash

    Yeah, that certainly seems to indicate they are targeting players. I just hope that it doesn't linger on for a few months, then like a year, and then we hear a blurb about: Tigers accepted cash to complete the trade...
  5. RedRamage

    Fiers traded to Oakland for 2 PTBNL or cash

    Oy, I do NOT like the sound of this. Hope that I'm wrong.
  6. Right, what BommGaspar said. The Tigers can pull him back the first time, but if they put him on waivers a second time, he can NOT be pulled back. Then your scenario above plays out exactly presented.
  7. The only things (potentially) wrong here is the Tigers can pull him back at the last second and retain him and Rockies won't get him.
  8. Definitely true... I think it's reasonable to assume that someone would want a lefty bullpen option, but it's certainly possible that no one looked at him as a real choice.
  9. It's not about being choosy though... it's about moving pieces that will be leaving and/or losing value for time and getting something in return. Liriano, for example... he's gone after this year. We might have been able to trade him for a long shot single-A prospect. It isn't about if the system is good enough to be picky... I'd rather take a chance than get nothing.
  10. Not trading Fiers is more than disappointing. He's perhaps the one chip that could have gotten a decent return. But there were plenty of other people who should have at least been heavily shopped, even for long shot prospects.
  11. Welp... unless some deals happened that we haven't heard about yet, I've EXTREMELY disappointed. There were a LOT of players who should have been moved, even if the return was less than... better to get something, even if it isn't highly rated than to get nothing.
  12. It took me WAY too long to get that 'of' was intended as "outfield" Corner of what spot??
  13. Congrats to the Indians, the 2018 AL Central winners now...
  14. Indians To Acquire Leonys Martin
  15. RedRamage

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    I think it's stupid that we still have "generic" announcers for TV games. I really wish we could have a home town TV crew instead of having to listen to the national guys.