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  1. I know I always take fashion sense into consideration when selecting a QB. The three most important traits are (in no particular order): Arm Strength Accuracy Fashion Sense that conforms to my way of thinking
  2. I disagree with this part.
  3. I agree. I'll even throw in that I think Flowers will make a bigger impact that any draftee from this year for the 2019 season. On a side note, why don't you think 2018 as a fluke year for Stafford? Whether you think Stafford is the right guy to lead the team in the future or not, I think everyone can agree that he had a down year in '18. So are you thinking that Stafford has hit the age wall or gotten too banged up? (Not saying you're wrong... just curious what you're thinking is.)
  4. I'll disagree with this point. I'm quite sure that there are plenty of fans of even the successful teams who question their front offices and coaching staffs. And hope that some time in the future we'll, as Lions fans, also question our successful Front Offices and successful Coaching staffs.
  5. Because this is just ONE way to grade a draft. And I agree mostly with the expectations here per draft round, but again, it's just one way. For a silly example: What if we drafted a TE who ended up being an impact starter in the second round? And then we got a Solid starter in the 3rd round who was also a TE. And then a TE rotation guy in the 4th and a very good backup TE in the 5th. Then we met every one of those expectations or exceeded them, yet it would be an awful draft. Things like who else was available, what our need are, etc. etc. all come into play.
  6. Meh... that doesn't really bother me. I think mean lots of the picks aren't going to necessarily even be starters their first year or so. Obviously I'd prefer lots of pro-bowls, but absence of one after three drafts doesn't equate to failure for me.
  7. Does Hawaii have a TE in the draft??
  8. Can we just trade our second round picks for the first over all 3rd round pick?
  9. FWIW, if I were involved I would have gone defense as well, but I'm not horrible upset with the pick. I think Hock has the potential to be a really good TE. I'm very worried that if he doesn't come out of the gate with some level of success he's going to be blasted by fans though... which ain't his fault. I worry that he's going to be seen as Ebron 2.0 unless he has good success right away, and that might sour him to the team. My gut feeling... and it's just a gut feeling... is that Patricia views himself as the defensive whisperer... that he feels he can get any defense into effective shape. I think he's more concerned about offense than defense cause he thinks he can spin straw into gold.
  10. I don't think anyone is saying that Hock will be the reason the Lions are going to the next level as a franchise either.
  11. Who's going to be the best TE available when the Lions draft in round two? That's the guy I want.
  12. I wan spite to hock on tater.
  13. I will laugh so hard is the Lions simply don't get the pick in on time... I will laugh... (and then cry)
  14. First, let me say thanks again your (near) daily updates on this. I do enjoy looking at it. Second, do you have an updated "over all" with all Cabrera's current numbers and where he ranks?
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