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  1. NATE

    RIP George Kell

    This is my favorite quote of Kell's. He always seemed comfortable of being second banana to Harwell as Detroit's favorite sports broadcaster.
  2. What about Pat White of WV in the third round? Media didn't think Slaton would do anything and he was arguably the best rookie RB last year.
  3. Sock-a-wits. Any long-time Tiger fan should know this one.
  4. Spring training is a time of optimism. An 0 for 4 game will be positive because the player swung pain-free and/or he (Inge) felt comfortable with his new stance. It comes down to the definition of positive. For most fans on this site, positive for Willis is an actual performance or two. For spring training writers and many ST fans, positive for Willis is anything that doesn't end his season.
  5. NATE selects RP Nic Cassavechia. A decent 2008 in the GCL might translate to a shot with WM or Oneonta in 09.
  6. Last week, BA published the Tigers draft report card. It is premium content but can anyone provide a summary?
  7. We were also shut out in the Midwest league. If anyone had a chance to read the chat, were any Tiger prospects mentioned? I hope Porcello breaks the ofer with a mention in the FSL.
  8. Caps win, 4-2. Robles had five shutout IP.
  9. Erie losing in 8th by 2. Scram with 2 2B, Wells 1. Toledo tied 4-4 in 11th. Tata and LFT lose 8-1. 5 ER in under 4 IP. WM wins 2-1 on an Audy single in bottom of 9th. Oneonta and Matt Hoffman shutout; 4-0 good guys. GCL lost 7-6. Cassavecchia with first loss and BS.
  10. Shawler has been staked to a nice lead early on. Wm has fumbled their way to a one-run deficit. Porcello is his usual hittable but efficient self and has the lead as they approach the middle innings. Casper Wells triples then scores to give Marte a slim lead.
  11. Early report: Toledo up 3-2. Dusty with triple to score two, then scored the third run. Erie up 1-0. Moscoso, 2 IP, 0 H, 3 K LFT and WM scoreless OT rain delay GCL rain out
  12. Herre are the season stats: A few nice stats from some relievers and a few hitters but nothing great. http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?sid=milb&t=t_ibp&cid=1592
  13. Oneonta lost 9-4. Hoffman and Sorenson hit hard; Brackman was some nice mopup. GCL lost 5-4. R Zumaya gave up all 5 in 5 plus 10 hits.
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