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  1. And the Russians are out busting their balls trying to support Tulsi... Do these people think we're idiots? Because... they need to look in the mirror and recognize their own moronicity.
  2. And that's not counting the $1 Billion the DMC raised online in 2019 to help ALL Dem candidates. What will they raise in 2020? Another $1.5 Billion ... WAG? And Stan will be back in here to tell us Trump raised a record $3.2 Million in Michigan and therefore we better watch out for... ???
  3. Dershowitz is full of ****. And his **** won't fly. PS: This thread will heat up shortly... a bit slow at the start here, but...
  4. I didn't watch your video yet... And I get the point that you're making... But there are multiple points here, not just one. I'll recount a conversation I had with my parents when they opted to vote for Perot: I told them it was a wasted vote. And I didn't mean that they should not vote their conscience. To your point, Perot had earned their vote. But I was not talking about earning or voting conscience, I was speaking specifically to understanding demographics and electoral college and other political issues. I believe it was roughly 80% of his support was from Republican or similar voters, including conservative-leaning Independents. Almost nothing from Dems... It's a pretty easy algebraic formula: He split the Republican/ conservative-leaning Independent vote. It had nothing to do with conscience or earning a vote... Likewise, as stated above by others, the most similar Legislative or Executive candidates to Sanders are NOT Trump or other Republicans. They are: any Democrat. So, I get it in 2016: those supporting Bernie were as much protest voters as they were Bernie supporters, and so if not Bernie, a large proportion voted Trump. But this is not 2016. And as also stated above, those who are currently supporting Bernie are ALSO more similar to any Dem, NOT to any Republican, AND they have a much better understanding of who Trump is, what his positions are, and whether they feel he is corrupt, or not. Agree or disagree with that if you wish, but the bloom is off the rose so to speak, so anyone who does NOT understand what 2020 represents, and who STILL will refuse to vote for any other Dem if it is not Bernie that gets the nomination, is being the petulant 12 year-old. Just to reiterate: Trump does NOT represent any of Sanders positions and, is as far as possible away from Bernie, as one can be. And the closest, politically, to Bernie, is ANY Dem (not named Tulsi)... So just because Biden hasn't earned their vote, refusing to vote Dem or voting Trump is abject petulance. That is not a juvenile or invalid opinion. You might not like it, you might disagree with it. But is valid nonetheless.
  5. Wrong. And wrong again. You seem to be struggling with this. Any 12 year old can figure this out. Want some help?
  6. Only a brainless corrupt scumbag **** would switch from Sanders to Trump. You?
  7. Pistons won't trade him for expiring's only. It's draft picks (one 1st or would they settle for 2 or 3 2nd's?), and/ or a young player. Plus the expiring's to balance salaries. Or they hold him. They won't do otherwise. IMO.
  8. If Biden is serious about one term only (rumors only so far; and he won't confirm/ deny) then a Biden-Klobuchar ticket is very strong. Very centrist. Gives a really good reason for Never-Trumpers and Independents to vote for them and not for Weld as a protest vote...
  9. This is what I wanted. Why I wanted the impeachment inquiry to begin with... The REVEAL...
  10. This Admin is going down in flames. All of them. We're talking HINDENBURG DISASTER.
  11. You'll have to wait on his second prison term. The first one only starts in 2021 at Queensboro Correctional Facility (high security Penitentiary).
  12. I don't see any reason we can't at least get a couple seconds out of that... even if we don't get a 1st...
  13. Hard to laugh when you're a Trumpublican getting punched in the teeth.
  14. WORST deal-maker in the HISTORY of ALL MANKIND!!!
  15. It's not about guns. It's about balls. And so far, the only thing I see from you is blow hard. Just like Trump. A fraud.
  16. It's not all that much. You only need to pay us $1 per day per diem. Ready to opt-in?
  17. MTS has a budget. How about $28? We'll buy you dinner whenever the incentives are met (Lions Tigers Pistons & Red Wings all win a Championship in the same year...). Good?
  18. Didn't he say Dems would never impeach trump? That guy is always wrong. I've never seen him get anything right. He belongs in the same boat as Larry Kudlow.
  19. Only the best. Only the best criminals for trump. Only the best racists for trump. Only the best deuchebags for trump. Only the best corrupt for trump. What a ******* clown show **** show.
  20. We have a CLOWN for a President.. that tops them all...
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