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  1. Mine is turning into something akin to my Frank Herbert collection... everything and anything associated... Dune/ Frank Herbert is a labor of love though... as is most of my library. I've never had a "hate" collection before... I do now. Starting with Rick Wilson's "Everything Trump Touches, Dies". Now I'm getting close to everything on his deuchebaggery... including Doonesbury & Humpty Dumpty Trumpy (John Lithgow... hasn't arrived yet). Now up to 16 books I think, with more on the way (I AM behind in my reading...). I think I've rejected Amarosa's as it was a pathetic excuses book, and I am rejecting anything that does not include the appropriate "he's the biggest ******* ever" theme. I've hated this lying conman deuchebag for almost 40 years so I really don't have any interest in any attempted competing narrative.
  2. I now have a whole library of "Trump is a low-life MF'ing scumbag" books.
  3. I blame it on the parents.
  4. His next executive order will be to deport 25 million POC 'cause he just doesn't want them in 'Murica anymore. They'll all need to exit the country prior to November.
  5. That's a signal to Trump to go ahead and execute his political opponents. That's how far towards fascism a large segment of the current Republican Party is willing to go to retain power. I'm just spit-balling though...
  6. That's better than the boot-licking tone coming out of Fox the past 4 years...
  7. Does that say that she is the VP nominee then...?
  8. First Order of Business February 2021: Investigate ALL of these acts of CORRUPTION and put Trump and all his corrupt ******* buddies into prison. The whole ******* lot of them.
  9. Ah.. I didn't catch the joke part. I get it now. I think we're speaking the same language...
  10. Is he going to carry the flag for the True Republican Party? He's a Democrat. At this point, it's getting harder to differentiate between conservative Dems or moderate/centrist Dems and "True Republicans" (establishment Pubs or Never-Trumpers). There are obvious differences. But that may or may not come out after the 2020 election. As a "Party", NT's don't have a home at the moment... Nor will the Trumpublican Party be a home for them for quite a few foreseeable years...
  11. I hate lotteries. Meaning, I don't buy lottery tickets because I hate the gambling/ I hate the waste of money/ I hate the odds. And I guess what happened to the Red Wings has me ornerier than usual. They were the worst team, they should get the #1 pick. Again, FULL STOP. Except they are subjected to the NHL's lottery. Lotteries can go **** themselves. I hate them all.
  12. I prefer going by a team's record. A team is what it's record says it is. If that team is so inept they have the worst record: they get the #1 pick. In my book... that's FULL STOP.
  13. At this point I think he is. But obviously, that is subject to change over the next year or so... So it's not like that is written in stone. I'm just going by current consensus.
  14. Ditto. On another point... I see no future leader at the moment for True Republicanism.
  15. This is getting pretty funny! I like this one ewsieg! Pretty clever! I'll give you, a +6 on the laugh-o-meter. (I'm being sincere btw, not sarcastic... and even funnier, I quoted the wrong post before I edited/ fixed it...!) Actually... I could've quoted this one too... they both score...
  16. I don't expect much activity in here yet as, again, I'm being a bit premature on this... but... I do love my draft talk (for the past 40 years...)! The FUBAR for Kumar is pretty much a given at this point, not much to discuss there. But one thing that does irk me and I wanna talk about it is any talk about a draft lottery in MLB. I've had enough of lotteries (especially after this year's Red Wings fiasco!) I have absolutely ZERO interest in a MLB lottery. If there is any contention over this year's season being only 60 games and how that could distort next year's draft order; the only reasonable solution I see is to combine 2019 and 2020 records to determine the 2021 draft order. And I'm not just saying that because Detroit had the #1 pick last year. For all teams, from top to bottom, with 2020 being such a weird season: the only way I would feel a sense of fairness in determining 2021 would be to take the last full season - the closest approximation to where a team's talent level truly is - and add it to 2020. There may be a few exceptions (teams) that want something different, because they would benefit; but I believe the vast majority of teams would agree to a 2019/20 combination. And if there's no combination of 2019/20 then, I'm all too happy to just go by 2020 records alone. Let the chips fall where they may. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Gotta stretch him out... And wins don't matter. How much control we got left with Boyd... anyone? Next year? And...
  18. This is the most enlightened comment in the thread...
  19. No they're all-in for fascism. They love fed goon squads trampling libs...
  20. AWESOME JOKE!!! HILARIOUS!!! I've been LMFAO the past 20 minutes and finally decided to give credit where credit is due!
  21. Exactly. Don't care one whit. Let the NRA go up in flames.
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