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  1. 84 Lives!!!

    Game 2: Pistons @ Bulls

    An oddball question here... : Do Butler and Tyus Jones fix the Pistons? I'm not going into workable/unworkable trade/ Minny would NEVER trade with us/ etc... Just a question: Would Butler/ Jones fix the Pistons this year? Playoffs? Contender? Additional motivation for Drummond?
  2. 84 Lives!!!

    October 2018 Game Threads

    Furthermore... I would state that Dekeyser (or a suitable replacement) & Cholowski and Hronek-Sulak coming together as our top two defensive pairings would be a huge step forwards for us to becoming a playoff contender again... And there's a lot of growing pains in the above assumption...
  3. 84 Lives!!!

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I never said that was easy Yoda. I asked if he's a candidate that could do that. Simple question.
  4. 84 Lives!!!

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Alternatively... Could we turn him into Andrew Miller...?
  5. 84 Lives!!!

    October 2018 Game Threads

    The rookies are LOADS more talented than the vets they replace, or at least we hope they are... But they have to acclimate to the speed and small spaces in the NHL, something they've never experienced before. They make rookie mistakes. They may not be geared to playing true two-way hockey... etc. They might be whole lot more talented than what they are replacing, but they do have a whole lot of issues and learning curve to conquer before we truly see what they are. Like I said, I see a year or two of transition struggles before they're able to really "take off" with all the new blood. And I'm not ready to write-off the non-rookies yet either, but I just don't see a whole lot of room for growth there. I'm talking 25-and-unders, not Nyquist, etc... Not that we expect they all turn into Gretzky-or-Yzerman-superstars, but there is only a tiny bit of room there. Mantha probably is what he is, Larkin will improve some as the new leader of the team, AA probably has the most room to grow in the non-rookie group, but other than that... you're back to the rookies again hoping they learn as much as they can as fast as they can... I'm not stressed, I think the Red Wings have a better second half than first half... The rooks will be better, and we'll get a small glimpse of our future. But just a small one at this point.
  6. 84 Lives!!!

    October 2018 Game Threads

    Internal improvement to me means we're going to need that improvement from Zadina, Veleno, Rasmussen, Cholowski, Sulak, Hronek, etc... and these guys are just breaking in. They're not ready for "improvement" yet... they're only at "getting their feet wet" stage. And when they're getting their feet wet, vets are getting pushed out the door. To me, that means we're getting worse for a year, maybe two, before things get better. Mantha, Bert, AA, Larkin and others not-rookies getting better is one thing, but getting the vets out the door and getting improvement from rookie-level players is needed to get back onto a playoff-track. And we need to find our future goalie. IMO. Just my 2 cents...
  7. 84 Lives!!!

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip...!!! A closer with a bit of a wildness streak... amiright?
  8. 84 Lives!!!

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Machado is a damn fine player but... I don't think I put him in the same ballpark as Cabrera, certainly not as a hitter. Better fielder though... Alternatively, in 2015 if Mike Trout is available in a trade, what would you offer for him? Two top 10 prospects?
  9. 84 Lives!!!

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Yeah... I'm not certain I'm on board with this. I remember arguing with my brother the first season DD was brought on and he was trading away the flotsam and jetsam of Randy Smith remnants and my brother was shedding huge tears over Juan Encarnacion and Jeff Weaver. Especially Jeff Weaver. My response: "We are GOING to the WORLD SERIES!!!". And that's not a joke. I knew of DD's excellence with Montreal and Miami and... in my mind, he made the Tigers relevant and an annual World Series contender for a decade. Which I expected from him. (My brother was incensed that I was right... again...). That he misfired on the 2006 season success, and on the later bullpen structure, and left with some embarrassment... Doesn't change in my mind that he built highly successful Tigers teams, twice, that overrides the ending he had or the misfires. And I have no hatred for David Price. DD traded for him, and then traded him. He was a good starting pitcher in a pantheon of excellent starters that DD seemed able to get his hands on and, well... meh. No reason for hatred. He just ain't a Tiger anymore. Not significant enough for me to root for or against him. I do still have love for JV and JD and Scherzer though... I had man-love for how good those guys were for the Tigers. And a warm spot in my heart for what DD was able to do with the Tigers... that he and Price are now in Boston...? Meh, don't care. I'd rather root for DD and JD and Price (and Porcello too...) in Boston, than for the Dodgers, who I don't give a crap about... The Brewers are interesting, and funny they got so many ex-Tigers on their team as well... they just don't move the needle for me at all... In the Battle of The Ex-Tigers, I'm pulling for Boston still.
  10. 84 Lives!!!

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Hey aren't we on the 2019 Draft Watch already...?
  11. 84 Lives!!!

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    I'm thinking the LA Kings... or Buffalo?
  12. 84 Lives!!!

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    When does Nyquist get traded?
  13. 84 Lives!!!

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

  14. 84 Lives!!!

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    I think you're going to see a lot of mid-season and/or up-and-down (spot starts, etc.), and Sept call-ups next year. Stewart will have a spot for most of the year... but also Daz, a lot of BP arms, Lugo, maybe even Castro and Paredes and/or Rogers in September... Burrows, and outside chance of Mize by September? Too late to affect our draft position with any of these cups of coffee as I think we're still top 10 draft pick... ...but the flickers of change are upon us. Not yet ready to roar into wild fire.
  15. 84 Lives!!!

    9/25 @8:10 Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins

    Oh, Biggs beat me to that anyways...