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  1. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    It's about FREAKING TIME!!! But yeah... that's what it looks like...
  2. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    He's already in trouble for obstruction of justice. Done deal. But nothing happens until Dems retake control of House after November. He'll be impeached for obstruction, but keep his job since the votes won't be there in the Senate. Might be impeached for several other issues as well. I hope they attack him with Emoluments and lay his finances bare. Showing again what a scumbag he is. Broadcast to the World his money laundering for the Mafia and Russia... Hey, maybe the Senate will convict him after all... too much embarrassment not to... COMEY for PRESIDENT: 2020!!!
  3. Political Pot-pourri

    The speed of that pendulum will pick up SIGNIFICANTLY in November...
  4. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    I love it. Will never happen in US of A though, we all know it. I'd settle for some reasonable regulation. Bump stocks and assault style weapons, and armor-piercing bullets: illegal. Magazine limitations. Breaking magazine limitations an automatic 10 year felony. 30 day waiting period, for ALL purchases. I like the mental health, license renewal, safety course, safe requirement, self-defense limitations laws as noted in the Israeli example above, but think there'd be no way to get even half that in the U.S. Close the online and gun show loopholes. Strengthen psychological background checks and mental health reporting (to the FBI), as well as automatic reporting of military dishonorable discharges to the FBI. (Must get the dishonorable cleared as a non-threat before eligibility is reinstated...). There was one other thing but I forget what it was... it'll come back to mind at some point... I'm not asking too much, am I?
  5. Who can we trade this year?

    Actually... for the past 3-5 years I've been excited to see the next generation come up and help rebuild the Red Wings. It's been mostly fizzle, not sizzle. DeKeyser, Mrazek, Tatar, Nyquist, multiple mid-level forwards and defensemen that didn't cut it, pushed off the roster for nothing in lieu of average-at-best veterans or, basically, lack of enough game to stick. Traded or dumped. Athanasiou and Mantha have disappointed, for the most part. Excitement dissipated pretty quickly and it is well past time for this new direction. Larkin has shone, and still needs to do more. Mantha & AA have flashed, and are young enough to still have a lot of improvement left. We need Frk and Bertuzzi and younger guys to come up and at least be part of a new core. And we need some star power to be able to get anywhere. Whether that's Cholowski, or this year's or next year's draft picks... others... Time to go young. As young as Holland will allow (MORE than he will allow... but until he's dumped...); let kids get experience, and sink or swim. Drop off the dead weight salaries (YEARS in the making...), and find some freaking high-end talent to actually get into the playoffs and make some serious noise. 3 years outside guess...?
  6. Who can we trade this year?

    If only... then it would have had to have been Howard moved instead... with Mrazek bridging or being a component of future Red Wings playoff teams... Se la vie.
  7. You guys forget. We can CLAIM him on waivers. He's been DFA'd, and therefore ... (oh wait... he can be waived OR traded... my bad...) And offer diddly for him. Absolutely pick up Dickerson. We're 1st on waiver claims...
  8. Who can we trade this year?

    Could be better than a 4th rounder: no lower than a 4th, could get up to a 2nd: Bob McKenzie ✔@TSNBobMcKenzie DET guaranteed no less than a 4th round for Mrazek. If PHI makes playoffs and Mrazek wins 5 games for PHI in reg season, 4th becomes a 3rd. If PHI advances to CF, and Mrazek wins six playoff games, the 3rd becomes a 2nd. If PHI re-signs him next season, DET gets PHI 3rd in 19. 10:37 PM - Feb 19, 2018 Now... about that smoking hot run...
  9. Who can we trade this year?

    Add that none of the Playoff ready teams need a goalie at this point of the year... which speaks to the low trade value of goalies as mentioned above... but that's the reason for the low value. Except the Flyers, who lost two goalies. But lots of goalies available, only one team in need. Give Holland credit. He got it done. A 4th and 3rd doesn't seem that bad of a haul... conditions probably based on regular and playoff season playing time for Mrazek. Let's hope he gets on a smoking hot run for the Flyers...
  10. Who can we trade this year?

    One down, many to go.... Mrazek to the Flyers for two conditional picks: conditional 4th in 2018 and conditional 3rd in 2019.
  11. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Franchise him for this year. Nothing more.
  12. Who can we trade this year?

    Leafs and Stars have some interest in Glendening.
  13. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Sort of like NY Lion's GIF?
  14. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    IE: For FA, my priorities would be almost all defense: Ansah and Lawson, Ngata for depth and leadership (even if we draft Vea, who better to teach him the ropes?), Whitehead, and Worrilow and Hayden for depth and competition? We can still draft competition/ young guys to grow and take over spots. I think they'll also want Fells back. At least for 1 year. A RB or guard, but they'll be too pricey in FA so I'd rather draft those positions.
  15. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Need a Guard. Draft or FA. 3rd round can usually get a really good one. A run-mauling guard (new O-line coach likes power blocking instead of zone blocking... which could cause issues with Cooter as he favors zone blocking for pass-protect purposes... potential conflict for Patricia to deal with this year?); and two running backs. Fresh legs please. 2nd round RB, 3rd round guard, 4th round RB, whoever falls... 1st round D-Line. Interior rusher or edge rusher, or a big-*** NT (Vea), I don't care. 5th round strong-side LB'er/ pass rusher (small college sleeper), 7th round CB (flyer/ small college sleeper again). Use FA to fill in some holes/ get veteran leadership/ depth. I'm good.