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  1. The Dead Starks are going to march on King's Landing and kill Cercei, Euron and all the Golden Company. They'll be the new King & Queens Dead Guard for Jon & Dany when they assume the Iron Throne. With the Night King's (Bran's) blessing of course, after Bran wargs him and takes control.
  2. Oh I forgot about seeing this posted earlier until pfife commented on it. 100% agreement.
  3. The correct response is a complete and total (I know impossible due to Red States/ Demographics) wipe out of Republicans in 2020. Out of the White House. A Significant loss of the Senate (none of this 51-49 crap...). Another 30+ Congressional seat loss. And a loss of numerous additional State House/ Senate/ and Governorships...
  4. I'm not waiting for anything. I know who he is. I've known since 1986. I've also already gone on record that I believe the greatest danger in 2020 is the economy taking off and voters deciding to, WTH, vote with their wallet anyways. That is the most pressing feeling of urgency in my wanting hearings. I don't need him exposed to make a difference. I want Trump ugliness to be as FRESH as possible in everyone's minds, not outdated 2 years old info (Americans have such SHORT memories...) when they go to vote. I'm not interested in losing this country for another 4 years because Establishment Pubs and Independents decide to vote their wallets and screw the country. I guess that's my point.
  5. I meant only a disappointment early in this season... but it's too early to really be calling that out. In fact my overriding point is that it is just WAY too early to be calling out anyone this season as an actual disappointment... I'm in agreement with everyone in here except CMD. It's just too early. Even given Faedo's 4 HR's in 1 inning. Which I don't really care about BTW... talk to me at the end of this season about any evaluation on Faedo. And Meadows. And Reyes. And others... Except maybe Reynaldo. He really has been sucking wind at every level. Still...
  6. Uh-huh. I also remember, in 2008, with the real estate market CRASHING due to many factors (Wall Street stupidity, Mortgage Lender's malfeasance, rising interest rates/ Adjustable Loan payments/ crash in viable loans, etc...); Dotard Drumpf deciding - TWICE - that it was a GREAT time to open a mortgage business: "What is everybody worried about? There's no falling real estate market... It's a great time to open a mortgage business!" Brainless Idiot! Oh yeah, obvious failure both attempts. Oh, wait... Lee, am I going off message again here? Get me back on the straight and narrow... what do I need to say here? Trump is BRILL... BRILL... BRILL... I can't do it. He's a Brillo Pad?
  7. Yeah... I'm perfectly fine with a 2018-Censure-2020 message...
  8. I'd like to see a lineup of: Candy-Castellanos-Goodman-Miggy-Beckham-etc... Give Miggy a little more leash to get back his power... if he's still struggling in a few weeks swap Miggy & Beckham.
  9. Damn... I had that in 1986, the very first time I heard that clueless ******* Moron Trump open his mouth... what was it he said? Oh yeah: "I just need my friend Ronny to set me up with Gorby and I can solve the Cold War in an hour". What a maroon...
  10. Yeah... a bit too early to feel any disappointments sinking in... Early Positives/ Surprises: Hill, Lugo, Willi Castro, Beau Burrows, Zac Reininger, Rogers, Cam Gibson, Matt Manning, Mize, Faedo (despite 1 bad start...), John Schreiber, Skubal, Pinto, Nick Ames (not certain what to make of him...), Angel Reyes, Garrett Hill & Wilkel Hernandez. Doing OK, still early: Cameron (22 in AAA... not worried...), Jose Fernandez, Paredes, Azocar, Alcantara, Burch, Simcox, Elvin Rodriguez. Early disappointments (but... TOO EARLY!): Reyes, Funkhouser, Houston, Cisnero & Voelker, Clemens, Deatherage, Reynaldo Rivera, Parker Meadows, Adam Wolf, & Wenceel Perez...
  11. Asking for Gartner, Anderson, or even Federov might be asking a bit too much from AA. He might be in their ballpark, but I see more a single or a double than the HR with those guys... But... he's already half-way there, so... if he could get to 75% of those guys, and be a responsible two-way Center, and be a TEAMMATE with, let's say Hirose and Zadina on his line... he is definitely a keeper. Lofty goals... I say Yzerman gives him at least a chance to get there before considering moving on from him...
  12. There's one other thought I have regarding an Impeachment: Regardless of the partisan politics; regardless whether the House impeaches him and the Senate says "screw you"... I think we would have multiple: "You can't HANDLE the Truth" moments during the House hearings... and Trump would illustrate what a POS he is as the leader of the free world, how inept and corrupt he is, and how repugnant, reprehensible, substandard, and unacceptable he is as President of the United States of America. Sayonara Scumbag 2020. (That's my 2020 campaign motto...)
  13. It's possible they may opt for the lower threshold of Censure even if they don't go full-blown impeachment. I'd take a Censure. I'd prefer an Impeachment.
  14. Do you understand how delusional you sound Stan? Seriously, what drugs are you on? Is it Trumpweed? Fascist Cocaine? Fentanyl of Lies? Trump is not going to counter punch ****. But you're just the kind of Trumptard Sycophantic MORON that believes that crap, right? I mean, seriously... just how brainless are you?
  15. IMPEACHMENT! Coming soon, to a theater near you!!!
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