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  1. We'll see what comes out in court. The second death may be voluntary manslaughter. But I'm not so certain about the first one. And there will be additional weapons and other charges to go along with that...
  2. Of course there will be a Trump Library. There won't be any books in there. Just Trump trinkets, MAGA hats, Trump statuettes (4 1/2" tall, same length as his hands), Trump Presidential Vodka, Trump Presidential Cologne, Trump Presidential golf shirts and tees and golfballs, 10% off coupons to stay at the local Trump MAGA $185/ night Motels, etc., etc., etc.
  3. He's a brainless **** who murdered two people. I have no ******* sympathy whatsoever and hope he rots away to nothing in prison.
  4. New Jersey Congressman is trying to disbar all of Trump's attorneys. Starting with Rudy: https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bill-pascrell-disbarment-rudy-giuliani-trump-election-025511630.html
  5. It's just absolutely contemptible. How has this country become so damned contemptible? Trump & Miller basically just laughing at little 2-5 year-old kids who they can no longer find their parents. Beyond contemptible. 74 million Americans actually VOTING for this level of contemptible behavior because they WANT more of it. "Christians" deciding it's a good thing to bail out a murderer. Pure despicable, contemptible scumbaggery. GFY's you loathsome scumbags.
  6. I'll work on the tank and artillery divisions...
  7. If he makes "special friends" with six 300-pound dudes... I am definitely sure about it. And 2 months of daily "activities" would be good enough. Although 3 years before he keels over would be even better. As for the rest of the Trump crime family... their fortunes will wash right down the drain without the Godfather Donald. Bankruptcy and ignominy will have to do for the rest of them since I am allowed only one choice...
  8. This is the real problem: Should we be worried about the irony? Or arming ourselves for Civil War? This country is falling apart, led by white trash bigotry and violence. Trump's supporters can GFT.
  9. I don't disagree with a single word you said. The reason this country has had a successful 230-year run with this constitution is that all political parties, voters, and officials, have bought into the constitution. Arguing over the constitution is meaningless, as long as the nation continued to support it. And it has. Until this year. Since the Constitution of the United States is only as good as the nation's support behind it... It is now existentially in danger of being tossed into the trash heap. The current President has no respect for it whatsoever. Neither does the Republican Party. Neither do Trump's 74 million supporters. The elimination of the constitution means we are no longer a Democracy (potentially, if Trump were to actually overthrow the Constitution), but a Fascist Dictatorship... like Belarus, or Venezuela, or... what Trump really wants, is like North Korea or Russia, where he gets to take all the money, have all the power, execute/exterminate any opposition as he sees fit. The enraging part of it is the 74 million brainless MF'ing Americans who are perfectly willing to vote for ****ting all over the Constitution and tossing it into the trash bin. Or their utter stupidity/ head-up-their-*** denial that voting for Trump leads to this existential threat. And almost as bad, is the utter faithlessness of the Republican Party, and 99% of its officials/ officeholders that are complicit in this destruction of our Democracy. As stated, they don't give a flying **** about our Democracy or Constitution anymore. Aside from that, let me go back on one thing I said which is that I don't disagree with a single word of yours... Actually... I think even with a Republican controlled Senate a lot of election changes will get through legislation. I would prefer a 50/50 split with Harris the tie-breaker. But even without that... I think at least "some" Republican Senators will be on board and there will be some legislative fixes passed. I can hope at least (being the eternal optimist that I am...) for that... Yeah... Pour me a Scotch too please.
  10. Republicans just don't give a Flying **** about the our Democracy or the Constitution of the United States any more. They are following Trump's lead. They think and act like "**** this country". It's not "Ask what you can do for your country" but, rather "How much can I get out of this." JFK is rolling over in his grave. So is Reagan. And Teddy Roosevelt. And FDR. And Washington and Jefferson. In fact, I think they are not just rolling over, they're rolling over and throwing up.
  11. It can only be The Donald. There is no other correct answer. The only way to severely damage Trumpism and save our Democracy from Fascism is to put the head of the snake in prison, if the opportunity avails. There is no other choice.
  12. FTFY. Although I guess I'm not really saying anything different...
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