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  1. Do you mean his 6 bullet point wish list?
  2. Good. Stay at home and don't vote.
  3. That's right... Not give a **** about America. Not give a **** about the Constitution. Sell out America for every penny he can get his corrupt hands on. He's doing exactly what everything expected this ******* Moron would do...
  4. Do they have 3-person prison cells so Manafort, Guliani and Trump can all "hang out" together?
  5. Massive turnout by who? Everyone hates this deuchebag except fellow, like-minded deuches, that number about 56 million in this country. Motivated Dems and motivated Independents and motivated suburban soccer moms and extremely motivated Gen Y and motivated Hispanics and motivated AA's number around 112 million. None of them are sitting out 2020 Stan. Republicans are getting their asses wiped out in 2020. You don't have the numbers, and it's not even close. It's not just going to be a Blue Wave in 2020 Stan, it's going to be a Blue Tidal Wave.
  6. THIS road leads to impeachment Stan. Sorry.
  8. Have you ever heard of "District Attorney"? Do you know what that person does? It's called "Building a Case" Stan. Have you ever heard that term? Would you like me to explain that to you? Because that's what Pelosi's team is doing Stan. They are "building the case" towards Articles of Impeachment. FYI.
  9. EXECUTE TRUMP FOR TREASON!!! Oh wait... Is that asking for too much?
  10. Courtesy of Donald "PUTIN's PUPPET" Trump...
  11. I give you a + one for that Chas...
  12. His military advised him to get OUT after the Iraqi insistance that US Soldiers be subjected to Iraqi Rule of Law in the new Forces Agreement,
  13. (A) Iraq REFUSED to allow our soldiers to continue in their country under American Rule of Law. They demanded THEIR Rule of Law in the new Terms of Forces Agreement (which we did NOT agree to); which is the EXACT Reason we pulled out. The Generals had convinced Obama to stay, but NOT under these circumstances. They urged him to withdraw under these terms. (B) Trump did NOT defeat ISIS. Get your facts straight.
  14. I liken this to the choice between Hitler (or Mussolini, or Hugo Chavez, or Erdogan, or Nick Maduro, or Vladimir Putin... take your pick) and someone a little less known/ scrutinized. How much scrutiny is required to choose between "Evil" and "Not-Evil"? To me: ZERO. I'll choose ANYONE on the Dem side and I don't care what the background scrutiny reveals over this flaming POS MORON-in-Chief. The reek of corruption and stupidity and Un-Constitutional behaviour is overwhelming. I could care less about the scrutiny that Biden or Harris or Warren receives. Moot Point.
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