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  1. It goes beyond that. They've debased themselves to the point of actual treason against the Constitution of the United States. They are complicit traitors to Democracy. I want executions.
  2. The Republican Party is dead to me. I will never, ever, trust them again.
  3. I'm not worried about him winning. I'm worried about shenanigans.
  4. I think she's trying to make a point about something blue...
  5. How much of an education do you need? Why don't you do a little research and get back to me when you can actually participate in this discussion. You're obviously not there at this point in time...
  6. Trump: "I'm going to suck Putin's ****, no matter what the optics are..."
  7. There is no opinion on this. It has nothing to do with Trump whatsoever. There are "on the ground" or "in the books" facts concerning your statement. You stated, specifically, that there would have been enough fissile material under Obama's agreement for Iran to build a bomb. Wrong answer. BS. The International Atomic Energy Agency, multiple U.S. Intelligence Services, and multiple other foreign country intelligence services (primarily Britain, France and Germany) ALL STATED that Iran was following the precepts of their agreement and NOT refining out of the precepts of that agreement. Your comment is flat out wrong. BS. Opinions don't matter in this instance because, yes, it is flat out speculation that has nothing to do with facts on the ground. And it has nothing to do whatsoever with my hatred of Trump. PS: You asked if Trump has done anything good? I could make you a list. Although it might not be what you expect... But I do have a list of positives from Trump...
  8. I understand the issues perfectly. OUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES: Stated that under Obama's deal the Iranians were FOLLOWING THE RULES. Your word salad BS is word salad because it is philosophical, NOT Definitive Proof. You've offered no proof whatsoever except for a philosophical soliloquy. Try again. So far, you're nothing except full of ****.
  9. So you're perfectly fine with the AG of the United States conducting political persecution of a U.S. Mayor, because she's a Democrat? Do you even give a **** about Democracy in the U.S.? Like I said, you should be ashamed of yourself. Period.
  10. Your word salad above still does not constitute proof. You're still full of crap at this point... Try again.
  11. Prove it. Otherwise you're full of ****. The burden of proof is on you... and the stream of drivel you just spewed does not qualify as proof.
  12. You are so ******* off base it's ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  13. Uh... that would be on you. You claimed Iran would have built enough fissile material under Obama's deal (if I have that correct)... the burden of proof lies with you. America's own intelligence, under Trump, stated that Iran was following the rules of Obama's agreement.
  14. BS. You are completely full of it on this point. I'm calling BS.
  15. "I'll be on OAN, renamed Trump TV, spewing my poison on a daily basis. All you racist Neo-Nazis... look for me there."
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