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  1. He doesn't. He's 6 points underwater against Biden, higher than anyone else. There are less undecideds if it's between those two, that's why it looks higher... but look at the spreads...
  2. The teams at the bottom of the standings definitely have room to take a chance on someone like Burrows. If he's not on the 40-man, we lose him in the Rule 5 draft...
  3. The only feasible way to bring Trevor back is on a minor league deal next year.
  4. I think it will be somewhat (relatively) easy to win rural voters in 2020: "Trump's trade war is crushing all of you farmers. That ends the day I'm elected. We make a deal with China and stop fighting with everyone else, you get your markets back." And: "I have a plan". Specifically, Warren has multiple plans for rural investments and development. Won't bring back neo-Nazi angry white men or evangelicals, but I think normal, blue collar farmers will listen and vote for someone who offers them some hope. Unlike President Deuchebag.
  5. Or as Socal said... be relegated to the bullpen. We'll see a few players ushered there... Fulmer, Perez, and maybe Burrows are prime candidates.
  6. Aaah... that helps our draft position too I see...
  7. Looks like Farmer & Jimenez will be giving us GREAT DRAFT POSITION for years to come...!
  8. That's my thinking. But yeah... we don't know who that is yet... if anyone even takes that mantle.
  9. Nobody wants to lose their 40-man spot... even if they get paid for it. It would definitely be a huge shot on his ego/ pride. But he has to make way for progress. Out with the old, in with the new. My command-GM decision: Sorry Zimm, I'm taking your 40-spot for the future of this team.
  10. Zimmerman desperately trying to hold onto his 2020 rotation spot? Did we spook him on this board...?
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