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  1. Geesus F'ing keerist... how freaking IDIOTIC can this deuchebag clown show administration get...?
  2. The flip side is if you start a thread about every Tom, Dick and Harry thought that pops into your head then there is a stream of asinine 3 post threads that noone has any interest in. I prefer the thread police in here. Despite some of the threads becoming a bit unwieldy. If an idea is significant enough, start a thread. There won't be complaints.
  3. Like... a threesome? Nothing wrong with that. Even including Melania.
  4. That looks like Melania would prefer to be Trudeau's mistress rather than Trump's Trophy Wife. That actually happening would be lovely beyond all measure.
  5. Errr, let me rephrase that: It was the coal dust in my eyes from all this winnin' coal-diggin'...!!!
  6. Biggs, Mine was too! (I forgot to color-code... You know, old age.)
  7. What exculpatory evidence? ... does not exist.
  8. All 13 of them? That seems to compare favorably with the 62,000 lost solar jobs....
  9. Is that like his loan applications? Full of overvalued horse****. Not believable. But I'll bet you believe them, don't you Stanislav? Hook, line, and sinker...
  10. No he's not. He's in debt up to his eyeballs and immediately after being kicked out of the Presidency, either 2020 or January 2021, he's going bankrupt, AGAIN. But you already knew that, right?
  11. He said that because he's under duress Stanislav. His country is in danger of being subordinated by your hero Vladimir Putin. He's going to knuckle under to Trump's ILLEGAL EXTORTION because he has no other choice... so OF COURSE he is going to say "no such thing". He also loses face in his own country, and with Russia by admitting Trump EXTORTED him... political suicide. But you're not smart enough to understand that, are you Stanislav? (Rather, you're TOO PARTISAN to recognize that, but I prefer the TRUMPTARD MORON narrative, that you are...). Why Dems are calling it bribery when it is EXTORTION, and IMPEACHABLE, pure and simple, is beyond my ken. BTW: Perhaps you missed the memo Stanislav, Trump released the aid because it was deemed ILLEGAL, and it was a CYA move after he found out the whisteblower's report was going public. This is EXTORTION and IMPEACHABLE, cut and dried case. The only thing saving his *** is your sycophantic dick-sucking Republican Senators that value power over the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. Benedict Arnold MF'ers, every single one of them. You do know what COVER YOUR *** is, right Stanislav? Did you want me to translate all of the above so you can understand it, Stanislav?
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