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  1. **** NRA militants. **** NRA Fascists. Literally, just take those AR-15's and shove them up NRA asses....
  2. Damm... I didn't know that either... If I did, I could been milking those Iranian peasants dry like a good American Capitalist...
  3. I knew exactly that everyone was joking and I knew that my post was not in the spirit of earlier comments. Guess again Yoda.
  4. Might be a bit difficult for me going from New Jersey to Toledo... Not quite the same as driving down I-75 for a quick visit...
  5. I also wanna get a look at Willi Castro. I think it's time.
  6. I don't think I've ever heard anything more true, in my life....
  7. Milwaukee is a great matchup based on trade-team needs, but not so much with our prospect needs. I don't like Dubon either. If Hiura's not included, I wanna look elsewhere. I thought there were systems that better matched up with our prospect needs... Atlanta, Philly... I made a whole list but it's at home so I forget who else was on there, off the top of my head...
  8. Yes. Have him platoon at DH with Cabrera. Call up Reyes for another shot at the OF.
  9. Despite all the optimism... it still has to be (I have to be...): prove it on the field. I'll believe it when I see it. I guess another way to say it is that while I feel I can go out on a limb with that prediction; I still need the confirmation of their actual play on the field next year before I can feel firm/ comfortable with those #'s... I think they can do it. But I'll feel better when I see it.
  10. I'm planning on everything going right for the Tigers in 2020 and beyond...
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