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  1. Go BUST to Go GREEN. Jump in the Gutter for Green.
  2. And to rephrase what you said slightly: Complete fealty to a political leader, and willing to engage in violence in support of that leader and the willingness to overturn a Constitutional government in favor of illegally putting that leader at the head of said country = fascism. It's not radical, it's not conservative, it's fascism.
  3. ... very definition of fascism. From the followers, not the fascist leader perspective.
  4. Weaver has to make this deal. It's too early in the rebuild to pass up the opportunity to pick up a new, young asset or two. I would be perfectly comfortable going forward with Killian, Saben & DSJ. To your point - depends on the package - if it's a contender, and, because it's not just a half season rental and he's on the right side of 30 instead of the wrong side... AND because he's showing just how damn much he could contribute to said contender... He's just gotta be worth more than just a late 1st. I'm thinking that's another one or two assets, whether that's one young player and a 2nd rounder, or two 2nds, or whatever... And I don't think he needs to hold out for some massive overpay package. A late 1st, a mid-2nd, and a lottery ticket young player... I'm more than good with that. But yeah, if Weaver can get a decent package for him... make the move.
  5. I agree on Blake... But my thoughts on the other players: Ellington gets moved but I don't see a pair of 2nds... just one. He has very limited value as a pending FA with one skill at the age of 33. He'll be gone by the deadline. Not certain if a Blake buyout beats this timeline... Okafor and McGruder are 25 and 29... how are they out of the league next year? That's seems a wee bit harsh. I'm thinking these two players the Pistons will move on from, but they currently have 2 year contracts and before that happens, the team will need depth replacements. McGruder, maybe not so much... Maybe he's traded in the off-season to a team that wants him. Either for a 2nd, or for a player on a similar contract where the player-switch fits both teams' needs. Isn't he still a decent defender? Any young player with potential could replace him though so maybe he does get released. For Okafor though, the team is a little low on center depth (which is funny after this past off-season); and I think they will definitely search for a depth replacement before they trade/ move on from him. I don't think he'll get released though, it'll be a trade. Maybe after they draft Mobley in the upcoming draft... At a still young 26 next year and on a cheap 1-year (expiring) contract...? Weaver will be able to get something of value for him. McGruder is an expiring next year too so, there's that... I really like what Wright has brought to the team this year. And since he also has a 2 year... there's no reason to move on from him. But... I think the team's youth movement means Weaver will try to get value for him at some point... either in the off-season or next year's trade deadline. Actually, I should have added Dennis Smith onto this "on the bubble" list. Meaning, I think Weaver will offer a contract to Smith simply due to age, and go with Hayes-Lee-Smith at PG, and Delon Wright loses out, even if not immediately. If Weaver maximizes Wright's value... do we get a late 1st rounder at next year's deadline? As for Smith, I'm sure there are quite a few here who will disagree with my take... Sekou is tricky. He's young... but after increasing his minutes the last few weeks... is he showing anything? I thought he was improving some but maybe not. I've seen very little of him... The question here is how much patience will the team have with him? It might be running out... although his trade value right now is zero, or less...
  6. How long for the following players before they are no longer Pistons (and what happens to each, and who moves first): Blake Griffin Wayne Ellington Delon Wright Sekou Doumbouya Rodney McGruder Jahlil Okafor
  7. Wow! Millions of pages! That's gotta be SO complex that NOBODY on this PLANET will be able to understand any of it. Oh wait, that's what forensic accountants are for... Piece of cake (despite what Stan thinks...).
  8. If you have three parties running in every single election (state, fed, senate, congressman, governor, etc...) including a Democrat, a Trumpublican, and a True Republican 3rd Party, who wins most of the elections? There will still be non-Dems elected based on the state/ district... But there will also be an intense erosion of Republican power/ officials nationwide. At this point, and at this point only, is when Trumpism will be defeated and the true conservatives of the nation can retake control of the Republican (or whatever) party in its future form. Just my opinion.
  9. Outside of the roadblocks to a 3rd party... In a civil war between two factions of a party, such as it looks like what we are seeing with the Republicans... A 3rd party may arise simply as a function of that civil war; to try to take control over the policies/ direction of the party. In fact, I am suggesting a 3rd party specifically based upon the above sentence. To separate Republicans from Trumpublicans/ to wrest control of conservatism from the Trumpists/ fascists. Viability/ future of the 3rd party is not a consideration at all...
  10. The U.S. was only stepping lightly because Trump was too busy kissing Putin's *** the past 4 years... Things will change. Biden is lowering the boom.
  11. This is the biggest issue right now for Real Republicans (I don't consider Trumpublicans real Republicans... I would, ummm, call them something else): 1) Vote Dem? Hardest thing to do on this list. 2) Start a 3rd party or Trump starts a 3rd party and leaves a "Rump Republican Party" in his wake. Is this harder than #1? Could be... 3) Try to stay inside the party as a Real Republican or Never-Trumper and attempt to regain control. Geez, this is not easier than #1 or 2... The problem with #3 is I believe there's no way to rest control of the Pubs from the Trumpists. As in ZERO chance. At least for the next 4-6 years. If Trumpists lose their *** to Dems in all sorts of races... that would be the first opening. This civil war within the Pubs is going to (it's already gotten) get ugly. And once again, my preference is for Real Republicans to separate themselves from Trumpists in a 3rd party to regain political purity (or at least close to it...) and avoid the racism/ nativism/ fascism of the Trumpists. But... the pain point for this option is probably the highest of all 3... it means losing... a lot. For both sides of the Pubs...
  12. So is DSJ worthless... Or does he get a fair shot?
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