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  1. Or alternatively... how about (4) B+ s...?
  2. They are also looking for a 3rd baseman. If the Yanks could stand some subpar defense (am I being too kind here?), I don't see why Castellanos couldn't be worked into the deal. They traded Headley, might potentially re-sign Todd Frazier... but if they're keying on tax savings (actually they're already under the luxury tax... but I think Cashman wants as much flexibility as possible for future key signing(s) so this still comes into play...) then a deal structured around Ellsbury and significant prospects, plus significant international signing bonus money (AA needs to put that to good use for Latin/other bonus baby signings) for Fulmer and Castellanos would seem to be a good start to a deal...
  3. Who can we trade this year?

    I'm ready to trade anyone and everyone over 25 (except Hank... I'm sentimental that way...). Who can we realistically move? Green? Tatar? Nyquist? Howard? Abdelkader? Should we trade DeKeyser? Is he tradeable? Nielsen? I don't think anyone else is even realistically tradeable... So... Who can we move? And for what? Anyone else on board with cleaning house... right now? Thoughts?
  4. Casimir... SHUSH!!!
  5. Game 17: Cavs @ Pistons

    Not certain where to put this... just a thought (or a question): Stanley Johnson and Henry Ellenson (plus picks) for John Collins and Taurean Prince... who says no?
  6. 2017 Pistons Offseason Thread

    I also think the surgery will help. But I think maturity will help him even more. It's why he decided to go get the surgery in the first place. To start acting more mature and be serious about his career. IIRC, that's what he said earlier...
  7. Project the 2018 Tigers

    PS: I actually would prefer Gohara over Anderson, but I don't think there's a chance Atlanta includes him in any deal...
  8. Project the 2018 Tigers

    Couple points on trades: First, I thought 5 teams put in waiver claims for Kinsler? Maybe I'm off on the #, but I know it was multiple claims. There'll be a market for Kinsler at next year's trade deadline, if not this winter.... Second: If Atlanta offers Albies, Anderson and Austin Riley for Fulmer... I don't think AA can say no to that deal...
  9. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    A young Bartolo Colon, Mike Cameron, and Brad Ausmus doesn't seem like a bad return for JV. It'll be interesting to watch all these young kids grow up and see if they can turn the Tigers into a contender again....
  10. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    Would you take Clint Frazier for Kinsler?
  11. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    Did Kinsler pass waivers or not? I'm assuming he did, but don't see it anywhere. Also... I don't want to assume anything...
  12. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    Yeah... touche!
  13. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    Nobody's going to trade for Upton. The reason why: How do you value him? If he's just a rental, you don't give 3 top prospects for him, you work out a lesser package. If you have him for the next 4.5 years, and believe he'll more than earn his contract in WAR... than you offer an outstanding prospect package. Because you don't know WHICH way he's going to go, that's the risk. NOBODY is going to trade for him under this scenario because you don't know which prospects to trade. Trade your best, and he opts out, your team just got screwed. Avila, gets 1 good prospect and a couple flyers, and he opts in, the Tigers just got robbed. Impossible situation to be in.... The only way out of that scenario is for Upton to agree to opt-in or opt-out immediately upon the trade, depending on which way the buying team wants to go (and the prospects offered...)
  14. Clippers offer DeAndre for Andre

    Do a sign-n-trade Andre + more for Blake Griffin...
  15. 2017 NFL Draft Thread

    Convert him to CB or Safety...