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  1. All the hyperbole around this is extremely thick. The country hating the Lions? Truthfully I don't really care about that, because they're going to hate them whether it's because they're the Lions or they're from Detroit or some other reason, not just because of one incident that happened on the field during play. This year worse than the 0-16 year just because of one second-year player is trying to play as hard as he can but lets his temper get the best of him at times? That is very ridiculous, even if it's only an opinion. Granted, I personally feel that Suh should get a game off. He shouldn't have kicked at the guy in the first place and his explanation the first time was on the lame side. Schwarz and the staff need to get though to Suh to let him know that he needs to be more disciplined. Those are facts that I will not argue against. To let this just be about Suh, and how "dirty" he is though, is erroneous. That game was getting very chippy well before that point. In my opinion, the refs let the game run away in terms of discipline until it was too late. Also, watching that replay, it looked to me that the Packer wasn't letting Suh get up easily. Again, I am not letting Suh off the hook for what he did. I just also hope that the bigger picture surrounding this is taken into account.
  2. 28 Philly 33 Boston 32 San Fran 30 Twin Cities 30 Milwaukee 28 Chicago 30 New York 33 St. Louis 26 Los Angeles 30 Detroit
  3. At worst, they could have a laptop in front of them to look up stuff. Wouldn't take away from the broadcast at all IMO.
  4. I'd rather give up a Pistons season for a Tigers World Series.
  5. I voted yes, but there's a lot of if's with my vote. It all depends on how Fister is doing.
  6. This was inevitable. Hopefully it will at least be a Michigan company that gets the naming rights.
  7. I saw this thread and thought that a 4-year-old started it, until I read the date. Remember... qwH01ual7KI
  8. JFSLFBAJdBI When I think of the '90's, I think these two groups, for starters... e8Fi46BFAF0 WWerkZGNJIM
  9. I've had the free version of Spotify for about a week. I love it.
  10. I had a billboard up earlier this year, but only because I won a contest.
  11. This was my first thought...just didn't see it coming. qWS2NVX6VP0 Also, the end of Sunset Boulevard. It was so grandiose despite the circumstance. SA9lFsiut2Q
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