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  1. Inge has answered the question of whether he can hit--he can't. I would like to get some of that old Inge defense though, which it sounds like Dominguez provides.
  2. Trade for Jason Giambi. I do not like the thought of Delmon Young next year in a Tiger uniform. He will be here realistically. . . I just don't like it.
  3. Delmon Young for Jason Giambi. Sign a LF or Dirks.
  4. In the season ticket package, one of the pamphlets shows a picture of the "Season Ticket Holder of the Day". That's my dad.
  5. Yeah. He gave his second place vote for Javier Vazquez in 2009 using advanced statistics, and received tons of crap for it because it cost Chris Carpernter the Cy Young (Lincecum won it). The dude is consistant in his usage of stats regardless of what the traditional stats (W,ERA,K) say.
  6. I'd like Dirks in there more than Young.
  7. Delmon has always been a Tiger. Didn't we beam him once and he charged his own pitcher/teammate?
  8. I would only use him as starter or a reliever with runners not on base in September though. The book is out on stealing on him.
  9. I went to everything that weekend. I remember: 1. Futures game had Verlander and Zumaya 2. Abreu wouldn't stop hitting dongs during HR derby 3. Bad New Bears were in the softball game. Also Webber getting booed. 4. Leaving my seats to avoid the crown as the game was saved by Mariano.
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