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  1. I have audio/video expertise, though probably not what you want...

  2. Thanks. Considering I haven't posted in several years, I'm grateful!
  3. Thank you much. And sorry for the delayed reply. I just finished school and moved to Seattle.
  4. I hate having to call the SF Fillmore the "Fillmore West". It should just be the Fillmore. It's an awesome venue.
  5. Their were indeed two tracking systems. Molly Walker is one of them and is covered in the show. The other is a satellite/isotope based tracking system, covered pretty in depth in all the online stuff (Hana website, graphic novels, etc.)
  6. A few years back, one of the mayoral candidates through away a large portion of the run of the UC Berkeley student paper for endorsing his opponent. The guy got elected anyway.
  7. Didn't the Clerks cartoon only last 1 episode?
  8. I think he's refering to the sephardic vs. ashkenazic divide. Ashkenazi jews have a lot more passover restrictions because they faced different conditions in central europe
  9. Saw him in San Francisco last Friday. Great show. Though the new stuff didn't go over as well as the old stuff (though it may be a familiarity issue). Crowd definitely didn't react as much.
  10. It may be your browser saving your credit card information and automatically filling it in when you reach the identical page...
  11. JetBlue sure is a comfort to fly though. DirectTV and leather seats are nice.
  12. In particular, I recommend History 5 from UC Berkeley
  13. Michael Crowley wrote a response to all this yesterday on TNR. Link
  14. That is correct. Santa Clara is about a 45 minute drive south of SF. Considering that a lot of the area's money is in that area, I can't actually see this hurting the 49ers.
  15. I'm cursed!! Tigers playing in playoff games in Oakland, and I'm out of town for the only 2 guaranteed games. Ahhhh!
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