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  1. He's got the Ed Grimley haircut goin on, I really must say.
  2. My two favorites: Don "Stan the man unusual" Stanhouse Bob "Ach" Duliba
  3. There's enough alge on this team already and a few crumplers too.
  4. This is correct, here is a 30 second clip I found of the orchestral version for those that havent heard it. http://www.geocities.com/wertraym/Files/MP3/detroitlionsfightsong.mp3
  5. They had it on Sportscenter and one of the talking heads did an Edith Bunker imitation in the background while it was playing. Hilarious.
  6. Thats correct...his name is Sidd Finch.
  7. As said previously, the Downtown Post is indeed a dive but I've had a lot of fun there thru the years. It's a good 20 minute walk to the Joe...to Comerica, I'm not sure you'd survive the walk. I would go to Nemo's and take the free ride.
  8. I heard that Raburn used to be a closer and could hit 95 so he obviously has a good arm.
  9. I cant thing of anything (well...sports related) that would bring me more joy than seeing the Yankees be sellers at the trade deadline.
  10. Very true...that could be it exactly. Funny that there hasnt been anything since this was first reported. I thought I heard they anticipated announcing charges by last Wednesday.
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