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  1. Love the move, very excited about the rest of this season and not that upset about losing a pitching prospect who seemed to be a couple of years away and passed up by Smyly. But a lot of folks seem to like the deal contingent on resigning Sanchez and then spinning off Scherzer or Porcello in an off-season deal. I get the first part but not the second ... in fact, given that the market for Sanchez looks to start at 3+ years at $10M+ per, I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather keep those two more affordable guys and use the money to target a more pressing off-season team need (like SS/OF).
  2. One spring training hamstring pull by Sheff, Guillen, or maybe even Maggs ... and Inge becomes the probable starting 3B on opening day. I can understand trading away his contract if someone's willing to take it on, but I'm certainly not hoping to see him gone at this point. It is likely that the player the Tigers get in return would have less potential to help the team in 2008.
  3. I think that Leyland purposely scheduled Rogers' first start for tonight because he wanted him between JV and JB ... so I don't think that Beck's list should necessarily be read as consecutive. looks more likely that it will be Miller and Robertson as the back-to-back lefties.
  4. right on. both Casey and Shelton, given an everyday position with the Tigers, would likely settle in the bottom quartile of starting first basemen this season in terms of hitting stats. my personal belief is that Casey has more experience at the defensive position and, while not an above average defensive player, is marginally more valuable to the type of club that the Tigers are right now. if he were injured and replaced by Shelton, I would not expect dissimilar results.
  5. I know, I know, I know. that doesn't mean it isn't interesting to think about, though. plus, Rodney/Ledezma setting up Jones is still as good or better than what most other teams have at the back end of the pen ... as long as noboby's bunting to Fernando.
  6. interesting thread for speculation purposes, but it is probably too early to know the answers. I think it unlikely that Durbin won't have at least a couple more starts to establish himself ... I didn't see today's game but I don't remember thinking that he was shelled in his first start. if his ERA is still around the double digits after two more starts, well then ... Miner would seemingly be the frontrunner: he was good enough to start a lot of games last year, pitch on the playoff squad, and almost make the team out of ST. the "number six" starter is his job to lose, and unfortunately his early results out of Toledo suggest he might do just that. next on the list would be Ledezma, unless one of the younger guys just starts tearing it up in the minors over the next 2-3 starts. I really feel like Miller or Jurrjens would have to do something special before they are called up pre-August. BUT ... if we're already talking about Ledezma, and this is really just a stopgap situation waiting for KR to return, why not run Zumaya out there to start for 4-5 innings every fifth game? now that could be interesting.
  7. Seay = with Campusano out, that seems to officially place Seay as the Tigers' #2 bullpen lefty behind Ledezma. even though he's my adopted, I don't know if that's a good thing, and I don't know if that'll get him on the team heading north. I get the feeling that Miner is the "sixth" starter, and that he'll be sent to Toledo to get regular work over the first month. if that's the case, it's Durbin vs. Seay ... and Durbin's got Lynn Henning on his side. can you imagine Lynn's frantic excitement when he hears the news? I'm picturing a scene with him sitting around the television in the Durbin family living room when the phone call comes in from Leyland ... maybe I've just got the NFL draft on the brain.
  8. Bobby Seay remains the ultimate darkhorse. I still think he'll end up in Toledo, with an outside shot at getting a week or two of fill-in time in the bigs if someone needs to go on the 15-day.
  9. this is about right ... they are in the same position in that they don't really need any more big wins to prove themselves, but a "bad" loss to end the regular season could leave you doing a lot of scoreboard watching and sweating 'til Sunday (see Air Force, etc.).
  10. possibly ... although I don't know if the BE will get eight teams in, and either them or Syracuse would seemingly be the one left out. if I had to choose, I would hope that the Orange finally get punished for their cream puff preconference nonsense. on a side note, if they are going to have that many teams in that conference they need to divide up into divisions or something so that the conference records actually mean something. it is crazy that WV never played Syracuse or Louisville during the conference season.
  11. I wouldn't rule out a trade, but somehow I doubt it would involve any of the Tigers' major leaguers. and to be honest, I don't think that trading Thames would net the Tigers the type of lefty reliever that would really make a big improvement over the current squad. my adopted Tiger has done nothing this spring that warrants him being lumped in with Heredia, Byrdak and Eischen. maybe Lynn was thinking of Tankersley?
  12. Updating the ticker ... Put a fork in Alabama. I think the SEC might only get four teams in (unless Arkansas goes on a run?). Illini win, which I think means that the Big Ten is in pretty good shape to claim at least five bids on Sunday. I don't know how MSU can be considered anything but a "lock" at this point. Texas Tech wins to set up "win and you're in" game with K-State tomorrow? Air Force looks like they're going down ... does four straight losses to end the season burst their bubble? All the other winning teams in C-USA are getting knocked off, which should help clear an already easy path for Memphis. That's good news for the bubble guys.
  13. I agree, but in this case unless they are giving him a ridiculous signing bonus I think that Jeff Garcia would be the dumb one. why would anyone choose to go to the Raiders? the Raiders would still draft a QB.
  14. I love spring training. over the course of six weeks, the media eventually gets around to interviewing every new face, aging vet, career backup/journeyman, high draft pick, rehabbing pitcher, former grocery clerk, etc., in camp and explaining why this could be the year they break out/return to former glory. hope springs eternal. I suppose one could be cynical about it, recalling similar springs spent reading about the impending successes of Justin Thompson, Masao Kida, Mitch Melusky, Greg Jeffries, Matt Anderson, or Bip Roberts. but after last season, somehow everything seems so much more ... possible. and I'll enjoy this stuff much more knowing that the Tigers' don't desperately need Kyle Sleeth to anchor their rotation anymore. but it sure is nice to think about.
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