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  1. I actually asked Tom Reisenweber (Seawolves beat writer) on Twitter how Lugo looked at 2B. "Made two nice catches going away from the infield."
  2. Solid read...........
  3. IF Verlander is moved is it possible the Tigers would package him with Castellanos?
  4. Burrows fanned 10 again..........
  5. It seems Candelario was a toss in: While Candelario may be seen by some as the headliner, Baseball America recently tabbed the 18-year-old Paredes as the better prospect among the two, reflecting that outlet’s lower grade on the former and higher grade on the latter. A well-regarded defensive shortstop from Mexico, Paredes has slashed .261/.341/.399 with seven home runs this year through 380 plate appearances at the Class A level.
  7. Burrows fanned 10..................
  8. 3 Tigers prospect land in the top 100.
  9. If there is a deal with Houston I'd like either Forrest Whitley or Derek Fisher or both if Verlander goes as well.
  10. From what I've checked out scouts have Lugo anywhere from Utility player to Juan Uribe.
  11. IF J.D. is traded to the Dbacks. I'd like to see David Peralta included in any trade.
  12. IF Fulmer is traded. It should be to the Astros who have the best farm system going right now........ We’ll see if the ’Stros continue to push for Fulmer, who’d surely require a major haul of prospects. Here are some more notes from Nightengale and others:
  14. Here's one man's thoughts. Take them for what their worth......
  15. Both teams have the same owner & very similar issues. Bloated payrolls, aging stars/core. Both have some young talent. But both are facing long rebuilds. So who get;s there first?