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  1. 6 kids with 5 women? wow -- Elijah Dukes is a walking sperm bank.
  2. Someone should take a bat to this hothead's face.
  3. My old man almost had a coronoary last night. Semi-joking too... It was so bad, I advised him not to watch Todd Jones ever pitch again.
  4. Your two cents are good. I'm bummed because the media craves a story like this to blow out of proportion. If the Tigers win this series, they'll be hard pressed to let this cheating angle go...
  5. No kidding. It's blatantly obvious Pujols is a juice monkey...
  6. I sing better in the shower than Bob Seger... BTW, who is Bob Seger? Never heard of him until tonight. Does he have a local following???
  7. Cards are not a scary team at all. Verlander pitched well with a few mistakes. Tigers will win this series in 5, 6, or 7. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  8. Can't lose either way. Cardinals: rematch of '35 and '68 and Weaver vs. Bonderman subplot Mets: TONS more media exposure. The rest of the nation rooting our boys on. This is a special, special season. Treasure it.
  9. I haven't shaved since they started winning...
  10. I don't miss Young one bit. Good riddance.
  11. Kenny's performance gave me chills. Will never forget this game.
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