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  1. With the 120th pick, I take Zach Simons. I think the Tigers got him in a trade a few years back. His numbers were pretty good last year. I feel lucky to get him in this slot. Thanks to everyone for making this draft so much fun.
  2. After playing for Memphis in the Cards organization, Nate signed a AAA contract with the Phils. Nate was called up by the Phils today.
  3. After Nate Robertson was released by the Marlins, he signed a triple A contract with the Cards. Today he started for Memphis against the Reno Aces. Nate was staked to a 5 run lead in the top of the first inning. Nate then gave up 10 earned runs in five innings. I spoke to him earlier in the series. Reading between the lines, he is a Tiger at heart for life. It was sad for me that he had such a poor day and sad that he was kept out there to hang out to dry. Today does not bode well for him.
  4. Hey Norm! I must have missed it, thanks. I've updated post #1 of the draft thread with your pick sir.

    Regards, Andy (Da Yooper)

  5. You snooze, you lose. I had #41. However I take Robinson Diaz. He has a chance to make the 25 man roster so that is pretty good in the circumstances.
  6. I was at a 2006 playoff game between the Twins and A's. (It was a day game and the classic Kenny Rogers game against the Yankees was that night.) I was with a former major college head coach who had also coached as high as triple A. He showed me how the Twins were tipping not only the pitch call but the location as well. The Twins lost that game too. He said the tipping depends on whether the batter wants the tip. Some batters do not like to get the signal. I am curious if all teams do it and whether the Tigers have a reputation in that regard. It looks to me that the Twins have a tradition. It is as fascinating "game within the game" and this Mauer story comes on the heals of the story about Edwin Jackson inadvertantly tipping his own pitches.
  7. My dad caught foul ball at a game he took me to when I was about 8. I got Lou Berberet to sign it for me because we spotted him walking through the public areas of what was then Briggs Stadium. It was around 1958. I wrote him to ask him to autograph some cards about 20 years ago and got to tell him that I still remembered the excitement of the event and still appreciated that he stopped for us.
  8. I feel really good about learning of this and joining in. It would be appreciated and worthwhile at any of the listed communities, but I took Dirk's suggestion to name Flint. Grandy is a real hero. I'll smile with every run scored.
  9. Titus Tiger: I've enjoyed your animation and I appreciated your pictures of Dusty Ryan
  10. If anyone has pictures or information that can be posted for Dusty Ryan, I would appreciate it if the board can help him get his due. I'm a hunt and peck typist, so pictures are way beyond my capabilities.
  11. When I was a kid my first hero was Charlie Maxwell. Paw Paw was followed by Norm Cash. I now have daughters ages 16 and 19. Although born and raised in Reno, Nevada, they are very loyal and knowledgable Tiger fans. We've seen countless Tiger games together, in person around the country and on TV. My youngest daughter has always been a devoted Bobby Higginson fan. Through thick and thin she always stuck by Bobby. I could easily relate because Norm Cash had wide variations in good and bad seasons and was also known for off the field behavior. Last spring we were awakened by the biggest earthquake I had ever been in. The house shook, shelves collapsed, pictures fell from the walls and the pets reacted in terror. My youngest daughter dashed down the stairs carrying only her Bobby Higginson bobblehead. She has now shifted her loyalty and devotion to Dusty Ryan as her new favorite player. To honor her, I hereby adopt Dusty Ryan. I am very grateful to this web-site. I check in frequently for the latest news, rumors, analysis, pictures and entertainment. I post a comment only on those rare occasions that I think I have something meaningful to offer sufficient to justify everyone taking the time to read it. A "lurker" has a negative connotation, but I want to express my appreciation to all. I've never had a draft position under 100 so it is a privledge to get a 40 man roster Tiger. I'm hoping that time in Toledo will help Dusty let fewer pitches get past him defensively, but I think he can develop into a good long-term member of our Tigers.
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