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  1. If they are going to start tanking now, they have to do it hard. No messing around.
  2. I actually have a Saturday afternoon off work, and not a single baseball game to be found. 😢
  3. He’s a head case, and Junior would never shell out the money, but what about Puig in right?
  4. Fourwent - Somewhere between my third beer and my fifth beer going.
  5. We need to step up, or down, our game. Six teams to pass.
  6. Nope. Just batting practice for the younger guys. Older guys or voluntary.Just batting practice for the younger guys. Older guys or voluntary.
  7. 89-92. I didn’t see the 92, but they said that he did. Mostly 90, 91.
  8. I love listening to Tram talk about baseball more than I loved watching him manage. I hope Franklin Perez can find more than a 90-91 MPH fastball. Scares me.
  9. Very underappreciated movie. Eurovision.
  10. It’s just fun to project and to have a goal that makes the losing seem worthwhile; Lord knows Leiter’s arm might have less collegiate mileage. You look at how Hancock dropped from preseason projections and that was based off less than a handful of starts this year, or how Meyer and Lacy rose up with those same starts. Who knows, maybe McLain, House, or Leto is our shortstop of the future. I’m sure we can come up with rhymes or alliterations for all of them, but Fubar for Kumar is just so much fun to say.
  11. Thank you, sweet Baby Jesus, an undrafted free agent.
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