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  1. Thank you, sweet Baby Jesus, an undrafted free agent.
  2. So, is that one signing per day for the last four days? Keep it rolling.
  3. Still no undrafted free agents for the Tigers.
  4. They could have a “lottery” like the NBA, and I’m sure it would be about as “random” as the NBA’s. We could have 90 ping-pong balls to the Yankees one, and we would still be screwed.
  5. https://twitter.com/JimBowdenGM/status/1272643945294630914?s=20
  6. What I’m saying is that if they started playing in mid July, they would still have room for 70 games or so, and that’s why the union called their bluff so quick. That’s why MLB has all these last minute delays. It’s not about the proposals, it’s about what they already agreed to. That’s why they’re trying to attach these riders about lawsuits, just to drag things out longer.
  7. I generally tilt toward the owners’ sides of the arguments, but it sure does seem like MLB is trying to delay the start of the season to justify only having 50 games.
  8. I hope you’re right. It would be much better than having to Fubar for Kumar. Or Losing for Leiter...
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.12up.com/amp/posts/bizarre-rule-rob-manfred-pick-2021-mlb-draft-order-if-2020-season-is-cut-short-01e4m1m57jb3 If under 81 games are played, the commissioner gets to decide the order with the union having some say. In other words, we’re screwed.
  10. Where the heck are the undrafted free agents? Did they all take naps after the great draft? I don’t know if the Tigers are sandbagging or if their heads are in the sand.
  11. I'm with six-hopper. Fifth game of the WS in 1984. I was 16 and had box seats. My wife still gets pissed at me when I describe Gibson's second home run as the greatest thing I've ever felt. I still get chills thinking about it, the sound of that crowd was amazing. Being on the field afterward was right up there; getting my piece of turf that became smaller and smaller as I walked down Michigan Ave and people tore pieces off. Tiger fan for life after that. Second would be in 1987. I came home from college for the final three games. Tanana was spellbinding; it was like the whole stadium was holding its breath.
  12. Strange...Isn’t Casey Martin still there? Cruz seems like a bit of a legacy reach in the third round and we have a whole bunch of players just like him in the organization already. Light hitting middle infielders with decent gloves.
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