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  1. In four more minutes, you can be easy like Sunday morning.
  2. When Mr. Biggleswoth gets upset, people DIE!
  3. Anyone see any updates on the instructional league game today against the Blue Jays? Jonesing for my prospect fix.
  4. Campos is 18 now, right? I wonder when we unwrap him. Oops, make that 17. Nevermind.
  5. That lineup today was born to lose.
  6. Ya know, The way that Hancock, Martin, and Lacy fell last year, I would be very happy with some of that action at the third or fourth pick. Especially if Avila has finally gotten his head out of his butt as demonstrated by our excellent draft class this year.
  7. If they are going to start tanking now, they have to do it hard. No messing around.
  8. I actually have a Saturday afternoon off work, and not a single baseball game to be found. 😢
  9. He’s a head case, and Junior would never shell out the money, but what about Puig in right?
  10. Fourwent - Somewhere between my third beer and my fifth beer going.
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