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  1. Garbage for Green. Rot for GanGreen. Latrine for Green. Obscene for Green. One-Nineteen for Green (as in number of loses)
  2. I will be severely happy with any of the three.
  3. We signed Rollie Fingers! Woot woot!
  4. Wily Peralta? Why, God, why? We don’t even scrape the bottom of the bucket, Big Al goes straight for the compost pile.
  5. Nope. Though the Mets are going after Walker apparently. If Porcello drops to a minor league contract, he'll be gone quick.
  6. Porcello is still hanging out there. I see one more pitcher.
  7. Just what we need, another middle infielder.
  8. Pirates are working hard to tank bigger than us, the battle for the 2022 draft’s top pick is on! https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/yankees-acquire-jameson-taillon.html
  9. Since the Tigers refuse to sign anyone, and since their strategy is becoming obvious for the 2021 season, I would like to introduce ...
  10. I am on fluoxetine; everything is bright and shiny… except the Tigers. They are still depressing. 😢
  11. Just going to leave this here for poops and giggles. One of my favorite hall of famers.
  12. I agree, that line is way premature, but to me that isn't the crux of the article. The part of the article that concerns me, that I feel to be true, is that Hinch may not be in sync with the rest of the organization from the top to the bottom. I paraphrase, but Hinch kept going back to that "Al assured me this is not the team we will go into the season with" or "The roster is not made" mentality. Well, Al has assured us of a lot of things, and they've mostly turned out to be crap. I've seen no attempt this off season to improve over last year's squad from a player perspective. In fact, until we have this year's version of Romine, Schoop, and Cron, we are significantly worse. We are not looking to sign that quality of player, we are going for the bargain bin remainders at the end of the hot stove season. This can't be what Hinch signed on for. If he is truly in daily contact with the rest of the office, he should be asking, "When the **** are you going to do what you said you were going to do?"
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/julesposner/2021/01/02/the-detroit-tigers-have-the-perfect-scapegoat-in-aj-hinch/amp/ Truth hurts.
  14. Well, I said do anything. Beggars can’t be choosers seems to be our hot stove mantra. You have to look long and hard to find someone with a lower batting average than our three existing catchers, but Al was up to the job.
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