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  1. I wonder if the new format and finances will have any effect on the reclassifies like Nick Bitsko and Blaze Jordan. They may be more inclined to take the college route.
  2. Does anyone know if Martin is hurt; I haven't seen him in the box score the last couple of days?
  3. Torkel Greene is people!
  4. Tigers have the AAAA line-up going. Seems to me they used to let the big guys go for one pass through the lineup. Give the college kids a shot at the real pros. I guess this way they don’t have to risk the embarrassment.
  5. Opening Night: Tork hits a bomb with a couple of walks, Martin has an RBI, and Hancock gets slapped around. U OF M wins in dramatic fashion. Should be a fun season tracking these guys.
  6. If we “Tanked for Tork,” what exactly are we going to do for Kumar Rocker?
  7. Dodgers. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thinkbluepc.com/2019/05/02/dodgers-prospect-watch-a-closer-look-at-cristian-santana/amp/
  8. We need anything that can hit. Why not wait until the beginning of spring training and snag a few of the Oh-My-God-Why-Is-He-Still-Unsigned guys? This striking early BS is getting us no where. Yeah, I know someone will pull Josh Harrison out of their butt, but those later guys generally have chips on their shoulders. Everyone knows it's easier to flip a chip.
  9. Gut wrenching just watching him go through it again and again. At least this time it's on the Twins dime...sorry, that's $400,000.
  10. Hurt in the sense that he had arthroscopic surgery on his rotator cuff last July and has been throwing since December (that's the "retread" part.) If you think I'm saying that this is a good option, you'd be wrong; just the most likely possibility after the last few legitimate veteran options are gone. Most of the retreads are already gone. The poll is based on who will be the Tiger's fifth starter, not on who we would like it to be. I find it more likely they will pick up a cast-off veteran who had an invite deal with another team at the end of Spring Training when the roster cuts get serious. Too hard to predict though, so I'll stick with Webb.
  11. I tend to think the cheapest retread with the highest potential upside: Brandon Webb. By the time he's hurt, one of the kids will be ready.
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