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  1. Yes, and underlying that is his HR/FB rate, which has been extremely volatile. Generally speaking, starting pitchers have HR/FB rates in a given season that are pretty close to 10 - 12 pct. It's odd to have an entire season that's too far off that range, and it's extremely rare to have successive seasons like that. Anibal had 8 out of his first 11 full seasons (not including 2007, which involved only 30 IP) where his HR/FB pct was well outside that range (sometimes around 5%, sometimes between 15 - 19%). When it was low to average, he was at his norm or better...when it was high, he was really bad, in the other 5 seasons in his career (including the last two) where he was around 10 - 11 pct, he was right around his career average ERA in 4 of those seasons. Even his K and BB ratios don't seem to have been as determinative.
  2. Watching on TV at my parents house, 14 yrs old.
  3. At this point, why even watch the NFL? The fix is in against the Lions.
  4. Thank you for saying this. I wish to goodness that they had kept at least a couple of the players worth watching, JV above all. Hes a legit HoFer and our last connection to the legendary 2006 team. With a competent FO and org here he *might* even have bridged the gap to the next playoff team.
  5. Dnnnnnyyyeeeaahh I guess, if you squint hard enough.
  6. I dont really care about Myers one way or another, but I would like to see one positional player on the Tigers in 2020 who isnt a steaming pile of crap veteran or borderline AAAA prospect.
  7. I dont see any problem with taking on Myers and his contract and a good prospect, but who the heck do we have that they could want? Myers is 28...had two pretty good hitting seasons...he is injury prone...he's a roll of the dice to garner decent production in a barren lineup, and a prospect would be the kicker...still cant imagine who we would trade that would make sense for SD. If he hits like he did in 2016 and 2017, he would still be an overpay, but in this lineup you need someone who can do something at some point.
  8. That could be...certainly by the time they came out of the ASB they were, for the 3rd season in a row, in full tank mode, and it was the 4th season out of the last 5 where they were in sell or tank mode by the Trade deadline.
  9. Even if I give Avila credit for knowing JD's real potential, it's really hard to identify where he achieved his goals as an executive, either as an assistant (where the organization failed to identify/select/develop talent) or as the GM of a win-now team (that didn't) or of a rebuild (which so far does not have the feel of an organization that has turned the corner in terms of young talent).
  10. Agreed on the last part for sure....I think they were tanking in the second half of 2017 and in 2018....I think they actually tried to build a cheap-but-not-tanking team in 2019 but Avila again didn't pull the right levers in terms of signings and trades to make it work. I don't even see where they got unlucky this year....all of the injuries to potentially significant contributors were from known health issues or from injury-prone guys, with the exception of Mercer and Ross, who even if healthy probably weren't going to change their fortunes.
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