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  1. Jeff Odukah will go down in history as one of the most Lionesque top picks ever.
  2. Norris's FB seemed to perk up when he went to the pen, which makes sense. Fulmer's FB is in junk territory....if he can make it a plus pitch again, he will be effective again too. Moving him to the pen couldnt hurt at tgis point IMO.
  3. Norris seems like a pretty good middle reliever and SS.
  4. That wasnt quite as fun, but oh so Lionesque
  5. Once the pistons got Rodman it seemed like they never took a night off.... they had such consistent energy and focus.
  6. Yeah! The one with the D Back who spins himself in two directions and digs himself a foxhole in the Dome's concrete floor. Nobody else has ever made moves like Barry. You are a lucky guy.
  7. At least when the Tigers sucked in the 90s and early 2000s, the Wings were really good, the Lions had Barry for the 1st part of that period, and then the Tigers got interesting just about the same time the Pistons took off. And Michigan and Michigan State football were good too, along with Michigan state basketball. College basketball is about the only thing worth a damn right now.
  8. Almost anything's better than talking about Michigan or Detroit sports in their current ****ty state.
  9. I feel bad for those folks that never got to see Barry play in person. It was electric. It was amazing. Every time he touched the ball the Silverdome went freaking nuts...even the opposing fans (Cheeseheads, etc.) would get excited. He was one of a kind, never to be seen again. The highlights are just awesome, but the in-person experience left my balls tingling.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't clear....I am **hoping** that the long-term effects would be more balls in play as a pull-hitting/flyball/HR/K approach to hitting would not be as advisable. It would take a little while for that to happen, if it did happen. In the meantime, yes, Ks would go up, probably a lot, at least for a season or so, until hitters and teams started to adapt.
  11. Nice conversation, thanks Lee and G2. Seems like JV may have been on to something with the stitches. If the theory is correct, raising the stitches again would: - increase drag and improve pitch movement; pitchers are better than they used to be, so this will "tilt" things towards the pitchers a bit vs. before 2015 - decrease HRs - increase balls in play I would like these results.
  12. If you really think that their WAR over the last couple of seasons indicates that Boyd and Torres would be roughly equal trade components, then I don't know what to say.
  13. You are right it is time they should take the step forward. If this front office has any self-confidence, than this is 2004, and it is time to take a step. And yes, Chris Ilitch csn afford it. And he can probably make bigger profits by making some positive steps. Unfortunately, you are also correct that they are not going to take any steps forward. And to be frank, I'm not sure if standing pat demonstrates Chris's trust in the process towards winning, or shows that he doesn't know whether they're going in the right direction or not. It could be 2004, but instead it feels like 1998... We have been losing a lot for a few years, we have some high draft prospects in the pipeline, but we probably have another 5+ years of losing ahead before ownership finally decides to hire the right people and to take the necessary steps to win. Maybe thats too optimistic....maybe its more like 1989, but Ilitch bought the team a little earlier....Chris still needs to spend the next 10 years completely focusing on the Wings, and another 5+ years getting old, before he can be like Mike circa 2004. Maybe 2040 could be the next 2004....here we come! At least Avila is young enough to keep around until then. My consolation would be that if it is 1989 and not 1998, at least we have some fun years of Mickey Tettleton, Tony Phillips, Rob Deer, and Pete Incaviglia coming up.
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