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  1. You are a liar, Earl....a liar!
  2. The 10 second runoff is absolutely crazy. There is no way that a team could abuse the system, so why penalize a team for something that is totally beyond the team's control with an arbitrary 10 second game-ending runoff? At the very least there should be an exception for runoffs that end a half or game. Absolutely crazy ******* rule.
  3. Not trying to split hairs, but I don't see how 2017 represents a "decline" for Cabrera. He was suffering from injuries the last few years since the end of 2012, which affected the number of games played and his hitting to some extent (he went from arguably the best RH hitter in the game from 2009 - 2012 to being only one of the top 10 in 2013 - 2016, albeit with some limited playing time due to injury). In 2017 he is so bad he is arguably having a worse overall year when adjusted for position than Iglesias, and Iglesias isn't even having one of his best years. We would have been way better off picking up one of the many reclamation projects out there in 2017 and sticking them at 1B this year....even the ones that didn't work out so well would have been arguably better. Cabrera has to get his back back to a place where he can hit a major league fastball again, or he's going to be the next Ryan Howard....even putting aside his huge contract, he's hurting the team just on the field his hitting is that bad this year.
  4. None of the guys with Major League experience seem like a good fit at all for this team at this point. They should have gone for Major League experience when Leyland retired. What they need now is someone who can mold a young team and knows what the @$#@ metrics are and how to use them properly.
  5. I can be had for very little. They can pay me in bratwursts. And oberon.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it won't be Ozzie, thankfully.....or Gardy, or any other retread. The needs are simple: - can work with a developing roster - appreciates and uses metrics - will hire talented coaches and is not afraid to change them when necessary - works well with the FO to round out the bullpen and bench successfully. Also, a **little** personality wouldn't hurt.
  7. So sad it's funny it's sad.
  8. The irony is that he may be a better fit for what we're about to become than he was for what we were. ....and... I know half of you half as much as I should like, and Iike less than half of you half as much as you deserve.
  9. The 1984 Tigers had a young core that we all expected would continue to succeed. They added Tanana and Terrell for 1985 and they were both quite good, Darnell Coles had a nice season out of nowhere in 1986 (and Trammell rebounded), the front-line players all rocked (except for Trammell who played hurt in 1985 and Parrish who played only 91 games in 1986), and you would have expected good things...but they "only" won 84 and 87 games in 1985 and 1986. Disappointing to say the least. Then, 1987 came along, and we slugged it out in a tough-as-nails division all year long against the Jays (96 wins), Brewers (91 wins), Yankees (89 wins), and even the Red Sox at 78 wins had a fearsome lineup, Roger Clemens (but also the shattered remains of the bullpen that blew the 1986 WS). We won the division on the last day of the season, Matt Nokes made us forget about Lance Parrish with an incredible season, Scott Lusader came out of LF (literally) to be a folk hero for 50 at-bats, Evans, Trammell (who came within a whisker of the MVP), Gibson and Lemon all hit the cover off the ball that year, Doyle Alexander couldn't be beaten in 11 starts, it was totally magical! Then, we face the Twins, who came out of the relatively weak Western Division, and it seemed like a mismatch. I realize now that playoffs are a crapshoot blah blah blah, but frankly that seemed like a team of destiny. To be robbed by the Twins, especially on a crap-call pickoff play, was just too much to take. Bull****!!!!
  10. I deserve that!
  11. I think this is true, especially the last part. Also IIRC we focused our higher draft picks on pitching rather than position players.
  12. I think he would have liked Inge tho...I mean, who didn't? 1987 was awesome until Game 4 of the ALCS: (1:12)
  13. Let us know when she gets married - that will probably be a good sign for the ol' English D.