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  1. As long as Chris I believes that the team will claw its way back to respectability (.500) at some point under AA, without big spend, THEN big $$ will be applied, we shall as fans get whatever we get in the meantime. I don't think we are going to get to 500 under AA without big spend. I doubt that Chris I will want to spend big on a 500 team, so my guess is that AA will be fired at some point in the next 3 years. Just my guess.
  2. Not really. It worked for the Stros and Cubs because they had awesome FO leadership and talent. Also, you cited the Phillies as an example of how tanking works. The only productive 1st round pick thar they have from all the years of tanking is Aaron Nola....they are where they are because they did non-tanking things well. Dont get me wrong, Nola is a great pitcher, but there are other ways to get great pitchers....like the Tigers keeping JV. Is the difference in JV versus Aaron Nola salary actually worth numerous years of horrible play? Same thing with the Twins, they're doing well right now, sure, but not because of tanking....rather because they did a good job dradting/developing non-tank picks, and unlike Avila, they have done a good job investing in veteran FAs. After years of bad play the only productive 1st round pick that they have as Byron Buxton..... again a very nice player, but there are comparable trade/FA alternatives.... is the difference between Buxton's salary and a comparable FA acquisition worth all of that losing? Tanking is a strategy that can help, but its only if your FO does all of the OTHER non-tanking stuff exceptionally well too, AND if you have the stomach for years and years of basement dwelling. As Lee pointed out, half the league tanking creates a scarcity of opportunity to grab the top picks by tanking anyway. Plus, the Tigers simply dont have the Astros or Cubs rebuild FO....not even in the same universe. We would do well to kiss this crappy model goodbye and go with the model the Twins are using.
  3. Every day is slow day for a Tigers fan ðŸĪŠ
  4. For the life of me, I cannot imagine why anybody would have any expectation of success for this franchise as long as the current owner/GM combo is in place.
  5. The numbers suggest that Nicky has stopped pulling the ball this year vs. last year, and his BABIP has dropped 40 points.
  6. I agree with this post. Have you a sucks and should never have been GM.
  7. Interesting that the Tigers have decided to go for a never ending rebuild thru pitching, defense and line drive/ground ball hitting, when teams like the Twins turned it around fast essentially going all launch angle.
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