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  1. Quinn was also the first GM hire made in Ford/Lions history of someone outside of the organization based on perceived merit. Succeed or fail, that is a seismic and positive shift.
  2. Because Martha was fairly decisive.
  3. The Quinn era was just the kind of change that the Lions needed...it's not that Mayhew was some lousy person or the worst GM in the league....he just didn't meet the standards of success that the organization wanted. It's clear as the best thing for the organization will be to remove Quinn if they are not able to exceed expectations and make the playoffs this year. I realize replacong Quinn after this year would create a setback in terms of next year, but this organization has to get into the mindset of accountability, and not just hanging on to whoever they have. 4 years is a lifetime in the modern NFL.
  4. Yeah, even when you have a paid account the ads and other stuff is pretty extreme.
  5. Fwiw, Iglesias has been a little better at the plate but its not a big diff IMO.
  6. Yep. I can't imagine how someone can say that someone is not guilty of a crime he knowingly committed, simply because somebody else with more power knew about it.
  7. So true in every walk of life. I have 12 children, and I have a fairly clear philosophy about how I engage them. But the main thing is to recognize that they're all unique people and a to approach each one differently...principles apply to all, but practices vary. At the same time, I think everybody should feel like they're getting a fair shake from me as their Dad.
  8. http://www.montypython.net/scripts/lightent.php
  9. Making fun of someone by referencing Emily post...how ironic. 🤪
  10. Sorry, I was being too vague....trying to build on your Schrodinger joke with a little Heisenberg.
  11. If I wasn't so uncertain as to where I stand right now I think I would love this post.
  12. Oh boy, would I love to join up! But Im going to be in Kzoo with the fam for the start of vacation.
  13. I agree with all of this. I think a really good GM in synch with his owner and with the understanding that the Cabrera/Zimm contracts would not be counted against the "budget", could have been in a position to compete next year or 2021. They would have had to spend the equivalent Cabrers/Zimm $ on other contracts and spend the existing $$ more effectively than AA has. If Chris I is determined to balance income/cash flow/payroll inclusive of Cabrera and Zimms contracts, they wont compete again for a few years, and that BS would be 100% on Chris I.
  14. Even absent the superior farm system, they could still make it back to competitiveness more readily. FWIW, AA has had the chance for years to build a loaded farm system here and has basically failed. I'm not saying that you're doing this but at some point people have to stop seeming to blame MI/DD for AA's failures.
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