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  1. Nunez, Schoop and Willi Castro will combine for over 80 HR
  2. I have always loved Jim Price. A passionate and warmhearted guy with deep roots in the organization. He is also a connection to the Tigers broadcast team going back to 1993, as well as Ernie. I will always associate him with the 2004 - 2014 teams, which were a ton of fun, and especially 2006, which ranks as my favorite season of all. I will miss him terribly when he is gone.
  3. Is that what I'm doing? I thought I was merely saying that he was useful....at least more useful than Wily Peralta, and probably Julio Teheran.
  4. It's unbelievable how many chances this man has had with good teams/great players, and couldnt accomplish a damn thing.
  5. Gonna be interesting to see if a RH with a sub-90 FB who gives up 4 BB/9 and less than a 2:1 K/BB ratio can be useful in MLB. Pretty sure that the really healthy guy with a 3:1 K/BB ratio and < 3 BB/9 will be.
  6. He had a fluke 373 BABIP last year. Hes projected at his norm of 310 or so...less than 10 hits/9, with a good BB rate, and a fairly good K/BB rate. He's projected to be a 1.5 - 2 WAR guy for 150 IP, which is pretty decent for a back-end starter, especially on a non playoff team. If they we're looking to tank, they would not acquire him, IMO.
  7. Good 'ol Brad..... ?? Can he play catcher?
  8. If we are talking about a 1 year rental I guess Walker has a little more upside, but Porcello is way more durable. New Coke v Pepsi Free.
  9. This is like deciding between the opened Pepsi can and the day-old bagel....but yeah I guess I'd go with Grossman in a coin-flip.
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