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  1. Three very highly rated guys = all top 100 prospects (seems unlikely to me) or something else?
  2. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    If AA is permitted to continue (as he has already) to fail indefinitely and to take the long road back (4 - 5+ years), we could easily be in for a long period of bad baseball. I hope (a) AA has some heretofore hidden talent as a GM or (b) Chris I doesn't wait too long for success or (c) if AA fails, Chris I finds another GM who has the chops to make this work.
  3. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    I would love to see a successful rebuild from our farm system and young acquisitions. If it's going to work we're going to have one helluva starting rotation. That would be pretty fun. Would be nice to see a top young position player in the pipeline too, something along the lines of what Granderson was in 2003. Daz Cameron might be that guy in a couple of years.
  4. I still don't agree with the idea of trading a (presumptive) healthy Fulmer. It just doesn't make sense to me. If he's healthy he's precisely the kind of guy that we need for the back-side of any reasonable rebuild. The only way that trading him makes sense is if he garners multiple players who add up to more value than what we would have with a healthy Fulmer + others. Frankly, the chances of that great a trade happening seem very slim to me.
  5. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    Good friends good beer
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    For the record any statement to the effect that Quinn should stay out of Patricia business is wrongheaded. I think GM's and HCs should work together as a unit and should respect each other's input. That doesn't mean that Quinn should be calling plays or that Patricia should be making player moves for Quinn, but there should be dialogue and mutual respect.
  7. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    If they can make it happen with JBC, a new back, more OL depth and a better scheme, then great. I don't doubt that that **can** happen with JBC.....he just doesn't have the track record of managing a successful running game yet.
  8. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    It's going to be for entertaining baseball the ruins their ability to get a decent draft pick.
  9. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Yes. They need to have some running game...JBC doesn't seem to bevtge one to make this happen as OC.
  10. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I don't know this writer from Adam, never heard of or read him before....TBH, on second read, it is a pretty sloppy article...but I still agree with the basic thrust that JBC shouldn't be the presumptive OC. I disagree with the author in that if Patricia thinks Cooter is the best option then he should keep him....frankly, I'd feel better if Patricia goes in a different direction.
  11. Just bugs me because I don't think there's any reason for such a long stretch of futility. There is just no way that AA should be given more than another 2 or 3 years as GM IMHO, whether or not it's a total rebuild or something else.
  12. Alex Wilson for Jurickson Profar

    I don't think Profar has hitting issues yet, at least not as compared to where Iggy is today and where he's likely to be in the future. Profar would project to have a higher OB and SLG than where Iglesias was. Now that Iggy is 28, I think Profar will probably be a better hitter for the next 4+ years than Iggy. Profar also has the upside factor, in that if he gets it together he could be a Brandon Phillips level hitter. Iggy has peaked out as a below average hitter and if anything will start to decline. Injury issues are probably about the same for both. Profar can play a few positions pretty well. That has to count for something in the equation. There would be the savings, but that's not really a huge concern for me. Anyway, it's a moot point. The Tigers have nothing that the Rangers need that would be worth giving up for Profar. It would be one thing if the Tigers could swap Iggy for Profar straight up, but Iggy is the last thing the Rangers need....I thought for a minute that Iggy could be a more sure-shot replacement for Andrus, but Iggy is only one year younger than Andrus (!!!).
  13. Alex Wilson for Jurickson Profar

    Profar has a large body of professional hitting work that seems to add up to a mediocre ML hitter. He's versatile and young, so he's certainly worth more than Alex Wilson....I don't see how the Tigers could entice a trade that would make sense for both teams in exchange for Profar.
  14. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Not if you're the QB Coach.
  15. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Let me clarify: I don't think Cooter has earned the OC job going forward. The inner workings of the decision-making process wasn't really my concern (tho it was the author's).