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  1. Hrbek or Morneau would have been the most likely from my recollection to surpass 100...interesting! EDIT: Actually Mauer and Brunansky were closer
  2. Yeah, this team is probably a handful of wins better because of Cron and Schoop and Nova, at least when you compare them to the players who would ultimately drop playing time to fit them in. Boyd + Nik could be decent again, Jones could be Ok, Cabrera could be a click above awful instead of just awful, Norris and Farmer could be OK and Mize and Manning could provide some late-season call-up heroics for a handful of starts each.......and we could improve all the way to the low 60s.....woot 😬 More than likely we are a mid 50s win team.
  3. $8m? He was paid $5m in 2019, which would be fine.....$8m would even be OK if he delivered 2 WAR.
  4. The Tigers have literally NOTHING committed to payroll other than Cabrera's contract beyond 2020... is anybody **really** concerned about whether they can afford to spend on talent? I'm not saying they must pay a premium, but for crying out ducks value is not the issue anymore, it's a 50 win team that lacks ANY established plus major league talent beyond 2020. There is no way that anybody should take affordability questions seriously at this point.
  5. What a joke. The Tigers have literally nothing committed to payroll after 2020 other than Cabrera. They can afford to spend whatever they need to spend to get talent, and $5M for Walker is a pretty fair gamble.
  6. I'm not big on flip value, I was just reinforcing that fact that he offers only eating innings for a crappy team. I would rather get someone to eat innings who has better than a zero chance to be really good....I thought T. Walker was a good example.
  7. Totally agree. Nova has near zero chance to be plus and to be trade bait. At least Cron and Schoop might get really hot and get you something decent from a contender in a mid season deal.
  8. The potential may be there...but the results have been negative, consistently. Effective LH starters get positive results with the FB...Norris would have to have a breakthrough...might happen, hopefully it will. I maintain that he would likely be an effective RP in 2020, which would be really helpful going forward if we begin to compete or need trade chips in 2021 or beyond...not likely as a SP IMO.
  9. He has two good pitches, the change and slider. Unless he can establish the sinker as a third pitch, and remain healthy over long stretches, he seems to be a much better fit for the pen. Maybe out of the pen he could throw the FB harder and create a little more separation for the change.
  10. Seems to me that the major change was that he increased the speed, relative frequency and effectiveness of the slider....hopefully he can sustain it without becoming overeliant like AlAl did.
  11. His 4-seamers produced more GBs, bolstering the theory that he kept it "down" more. He made major strides with the slider....increased its use and produced a lot more swings/misses and only a couple of HRs, a lot of 12/6 mvmt. At 25% its a very sustainable pitch. In 2017 he threw 180 IP, in 2019 only 70...another reason why he could squeeze a lot more juice out of the 4S and use the slider more in 2019 from the 'pen. The LOB%, GB%, swings/misses are good but pretty normal for a decent reliever with his stuff. He's a legit option... easy to assume that he will throw 70 IP again with similar results to 2019.
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