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  1. The perfect age to trade him away for the next rebuild.
  2. Doesnt surprise me.....AA.....eesch.
  3. That's where I am...tho I personally wish it didnt exist
  4. This looks pretty damn good on paper! What is the consensus around here?
  5. Drummond has finally started to look like an awesome player.
  6. Maker seems to have zero offensive skills.
  7. Definitely time for the season to start
  8. Virtually every line of your post above and the one I responded to before is false and/or self-contradicting, not to mention full of *yawn* 3rd grade insults. Your points are as powerful as passed gas, and your original point remains odious and vapid. Have a lovely day.
  9. It's obvious that I was reacting to something after 20+ posts by others. In particular, your trolling on the substance of the case caused MTU and I to react. I'm disgusted by the substance of your comments, and I don't give a **** what forum you put them in. If you don't like my reacting to you in the Lions Forum, try taking your bizarre **** to another forum then or PM people.
  10. But I was told to leave him alone 'cause prostitutuon is a victimless activity. Must be those evil ICE people.
  11. Agreed. To me, the public comments by AA are tone deaf...its beyond bottom line considerations (though I think CI is serious about this) or sustainability (though AA seems serious about this, tho I doubt his capability)....it seems almost hopeless.
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