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  1. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Well not six hopper anyway
  2. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Also I don't think that Bert or anybody really cares about Iggy over Mercer that much...... it's just the idea that we should cheer Mercer strictly because hes cheaper and for no other reason.
  3. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    If Miguel Cabrera's contract is delimiting their ability to rebuild, then Chris ilitch has no freaking business owning this team. IMO, he should be evaluating the team's finances distinct from what he feels are the peculiar legacies of his dad's regime. If he is looking at this as a strict bottom line venture every year, then he was a fool not to sell the team when it was handed to him, and I believe that it will be forever before we see a winner again in this town. What is the bloody point of owning a team if you have no path to winning? There are much more reliable ways of making money out there.
  4. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Thanks Bert! No offense to the GMs here, but the whole "I dont want Machsdo in his prime at a reasonable price, because we need to save money for the owner and lose more games" attitude is soul-sucking death to my sensibilities as a fan. I want better baseball. period.
  5. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Flashy Headline from DD era: "Tigers compete for World Series for most of his 10 years" Flashy Headline from AA era: "Tigers likely not to compete at all for most of his 10 years" So why the **** are we complaining about DD? The current state of things are not his fault, and he was very effective at winning. It was Mike who hired him and set the payroll and demanded winning. It was Mike who then thought AA was a better fit (wrong). It was then Chris who thought that would be great to keep the team and not compete for at least another 5 years.
  6. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I get your sarcasm and I agree 100%.
  7. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Machado is in no way a product of hype.
  8. sabretooth

    2019 Bold Predictions Thread

    These are really good! They are certainly bold, and they all have a fairly decent chance of happening. Trouble is none of them necessarily mean anything good for the Tigers😃
  9. sabretooth

    2019 Bold Predictions Thread

    I always wanted to try that
  10. sabretooth

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    Holy crow!
  11. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I agree with this. I like Manning and everybody places Mize way up there. There are a handful of other lesser (but good) prospects, but they are not very impressive to me.
  12. sabretooth

    Game 51: Clippers @ Pistons

  13. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Yep...one of many reasons why I have zero confidence in Chris Is commitment to winning. The divisions going to suck again, and the org. is not even attempting to think of exploiting the opportunity. Instead we're treated to the holy and necessary virtues of tanking for 5 plus years. It's hard not to think that Chris I places a premium on short term cash flow at the expense of winning. With that kind of mentality, and a mid market team, we are destined to suck for pretty much ever.
  14. sabretooth

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    roughly as frightening as this roster.