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  1. HAHA this, stupid money ball. Justin Verlander is the ANTI money ball...
  2. sometimes the pressure of winning does wierd things to people. Expectations are a lot higher of wining in Detroit rather than in Millwaukee. His old man also played for the tigers sure that doesnt help. Also doesnt help having a recently traded player to a division rival sleeping with your wife when you are out of town.
  3. I hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees. Red Sox fans are so annoying and we seem to have a big group of them in this state. I hope we crush them but not till game 7 so we don't have a long layoff. DESTROY THE RED SOX!!!
  5. I want some one to slap me and tell me there isn't a epic collapse coming. We have a very easy schedule from here on out from a W/L standpoint against our opponents. But, i feel playing against KC again, the twins, and the chi sux. We could be walking into a trap.
  6. anybody who doesn't like ketchup or mustard on a hot dog is clearly a communist. Now coney dog mustard and onion only
  7. I blame inter league play. It's needless and pointless. Untill it is world series time i could careless about what happens in the National league. Only sport that has 2 different leagues with different set of rules, i like it. If you are going to have inter-league play MLB should just get rid of the division format and go back kind of the old school way with the top 3 teams getting in the play offs with the two wild cards playing the one game play off.
  8. I agree i was hoping for .280-.290 Avg with 25-30 home runs for the year.
  9. This is thinking hypothetically kinda thinking out load here. If Mitt Romney ( or anybody for that matter) would have won in November and that person had proposed what Obama had been proposing after the Newton tragedy. Do you think more Americans would have jumped on board. Going into the Elections the whole nation knew where Obama stood with regards to guns. If there would have been a more moderate President in the white house do you think groups like the NRA and the rest of America would have embraced some sort of restrictions. I mean within hours of the tragedy everybody knew what was coming. Within days i know a lot of my buddies including myself joined the NRA. Mind you i do not own nor need a AR-15 or handgun but, do own several guns for hunting
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