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  1. bad comparison, this is detroit and i know a few people going through this and feel lucky to keep their job
  2. I am only scared if you believe this....
  3. maybe the broncos want stafford. the #1 for cutler, the broncos #1 and... I would do it straight up or for the 2nd #1.
  4. he has a couple years to develop and what about diabetes? if we spend the #1 pick on stafford and he turns out as good as cutler, I would say its a success.
  5. http://www.kansascity.com/449/story/937723.html
  6. you want a qb, jp lossman, rex grossman, brady quinn, john beck, most of these guys will probably be available and all will outplay the rookies in the draft.
  7. If you draft a WR in the first round, you are hoping to get a player of Roy Williams calibur. Why should we except less?
  8. wasn't millen a football guy? Didn't ford let him do what he wanted and not interfear and give him plenty of time to rebuild the team like a football guy would? How about we get someone with experience running and organization and evaluating talent? maybe even someone with a good track record at that!
  9. Dogma? Clerks 2? Jay and silent bob strike back? come on, any movie that has George Carlin as a priest has to be good. on the other side, didn't he do that Gigdy movie or whatever, with Jenny from the Block?
  10. I predict 10-0 behind Footsteps Falco
  11. wasn't stanton rated higher then any of the qbs in this years draft?
  12. ok lets go over handing the ball off again.....
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