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  1. I worry with the sale of the local fox sports networks to ESPN that we'll end up losing our local broadcasters and get everyone else's home guys broadcasting our games on FSD. This YES stuff is a major reason why I won't get the MLB package thingy.
  2. That fan would be me. It has always bothered me that the two did not match. And personally, I hate the rounded D. Not just hate it, I detest it. And don't get me started on the Tiger through the D either, just horrible. The pointed D is much better and classier. I cannot tell you how long I've waited for this, and how pleased I am with this change. And yes, I will be buying a new home jersey post haste. My only complaints are they should have made it thicker, and the bigger D on the hat does not fit. I liked the smaller D on the hat.
  3. Last november we went to Baltimore for a family wedding. One of the requirements of us going was visiting the Udvar-Hazy center in Virginia, where they have one of the space shuttles on display. It was an amazing experience seeing that thing up close. It was mind blowing to see the most complicated space vehicle that was ever built, that flew repeatedly into space and back, and was the lifeline to build the ISS. It was one of the coolest things I've seen in person in my life. However, it was also bittersweet to me in that that vehicle is basically NASA's crowning achievement, which came almost 40 years ago. It's very sad to me that we have failed to fill the promise of the future that we once had, to colonize the moon and Mars and have multiple space stations in orbit around the planet. NASA has fallen short and failed on so much of what it could have done, could have been. I was once a huge supporter of that agency, but they have become a waste of $$ and time. That makes me sad, and angry.It also makes me mad that we will probably not see a man on Mars in my lifetime. Such a failure, while we squabble over the stupidist things right now.
  4. 1. We don't need to throw $$ at it. Private industry is doing it better, cheaper. 2. If NASA's mission isn't to explore space, it should be shut down. Get rid of it. Otherwise, as I wrote, it's simply a political tool. Quit wasting our time and $$ with it and give the $$ to private industry. Which always does better than government.
  5. That was the 1960s. NASA can't even pull that off today.
  6. The worst part of NASA current condition is, they can't come up with a vehicle to launch into space, and basically do what people did almost 60 years ago without the fancy computers and electronics of today. They can't even design a rocket that does what the Altas did in the 60s. Meanwhile SpaceX not only launches into space, it lands its first stage back on earth standing up for reuse. NASA is filled with Buffoons.
  7. NASA can't even launch rockets to supply or man the ISS. The shuttle stopped flying 5 years ago, and even then it was past its time and extremely costly to fly. The agency has made ZERO progress in even putting together a vehicle to launch people, cargo into space. All we get from them is cancelled program after cancelled program. The Orion program was promised in the late 00s and there has been zero progress on that since. The agency has become a political tool for whichever party is putting together a budget, and has stopped exploring space. Even if it wanted to, it couldn't launch a manned rocket into space. They don't have the vehicle to do so. If it wasn't for Space X the US would have to rely solely on Russia, who we supposedly beat in the space race, to supply the space station. Space X has done more in the last decade to get into space than NASA has. I think the state that agency is in currently is pathetic. There is no plan to go to the moon, or Mars, or explore any other planets near us. NASA sends robot vehicles into space to basically do nothing. Manned exploration of the solar system, manned colonization of the moon and Mars should be their mission and goal. And don't give me this "But why should they?" crap. Why should they exist at all? Why should we have gone to the moon in the 60s? Why should we be flying a super expensive space truck into near earth orbit and wasting time and $$? That agency exists to explore space and the solar system. There were grand plans to have space stations, colonies on planets, etc etc. That has all been given up, and now instead of us exploring and learning about our universe, people ask "Why should we?" That's pathetic. I'm all for Space X, and I'm all for private industry in space. IMO the government should shut NASA down and give their budget to private industry. Elon Musk doesn't ask "why should we." He wants to send people to the moon and Mars, he wants to explore space. He doesn't ask "Why should we" he just does it for science and exploration's sake. Good for him. We need more people like that. If we had people like that in charge of NASA instead of political appointments with global warming and muslim relations agendas we would be far better off. I see a movie like "The Martian", which really isn't that far fetched. Yes, it's a movie. But we should, by now, have the technology and vehicles and equipment to send people to Mars to live and explore. We are not that far off from having the tools to do that. But in reality, we don't have the will to pull that off any more. That is sad.
  8. Boldly going where NASA can't any more.
  9. I compare it to the old Star Trek Voyager tv show. Every week there would be a new alien that almost destroys the ship and they find themselves in dire conditions with no hope of rescue or saving. Then miraculously something happens that saves them. This kinda keeps happening with the people on twd. They face a horrible bad guy with no hope of escape or saving. Then they figure it out and move on. Some people die or get hurt. They will end up defeating Neagan and his people, and either move on or go back to life as normal. In the meantime everything is wrecked and ruined and the people have no hope. Nobody gets through all that without being affected. I want to see them win, but I don't want it to be all roses and lollipops after Neagan is defeated. Good writing will explore what it does to these people and it won't be roses and lollipops after its over. Also, I agree with Oblong. There has to be an end game here somewhere. Either they are going to all die off or find a civilization to join. Eventually the walkers have to die off. Even reanimated flesh is going to decompose and bodies are going to fall apart.
  10. I got tickets to Metallica both here and in Chicago. I'm pretty pumped to see them twice this summer. Only 20 or so dates in all of North America this year. Who knows if they will tour next year, or when/if they will tour the US again. I hope to see them come back around, but it's been 8 years since the last US tour. At this rate, this might just be their last tour of the US.
  11. I just know that when I think about the show, I feel like there is no hope for the group. They have no weapons. They have gotten their butts kicked several times. Neagan is too big to defeat. It's depressing and I don't want to watch it. Add to that the fact that we only get 10 or 12 episodes a season, 5 or 6 at a time. They waste 4 of those on character study episodes where nothing much happens. The show doesn't move.
  12. They have put them in a position that is so hopeless that I think many people can't stand to watch. They have been in bad situations before, but it's hard to have hope they can beat Neagan at this point. It's not fun to watch, it's rather depressing. They kinda ****** themselves and wrote themselves into a corner. Plus, they keep putting out episodes where nothing happens. The story has bogged down and it's going nowhere fast. They need to get a sense of direction back for to the show.
  13. Absolutely. i was torn between rooting for the ruthless business man, and the homey, small time brothers. Good stuff.
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