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  1. dont forget about jamie walker.
  2. quote me on this ''no woman will ever be more important then tigers baseball''
  3. i live in romulus, michigan. i havent missed a game that WAS on tv in 5 years. if they aint on tv i listen to them on the radio.
  4. this was a really bad desicion by the tigers organization. Cody Ross was a very good hitter. In returned we got an average pitcher, who i do like in Steve Colyer. But Cody Ross for Steve Colyer? In my mind that still doesnt sound good with me. Ross is a lost talent who hasnt played in the majors since he left here. You guys all seen how he could hit. But hey, theres no point on looking on stuff that happened in the past. Maybe Ross will find his place on some team, some where.
  5. i havent missed a tigers game on tv in 5 years. and along those years ive been to 1 game at tigers stadium and around 25 at copa. and can you all say the same?
  6. today i'm the sickest i've been in a few years so i dont know/
  7. Trade Rondell White to the Indians for Travis Hafner. I am obsessed with Travis Hafner.
  8. it will be knotts, spurling, roney. maybe Kenny Baugh over spurling...
  9. Place your thoughts. Personally I'd Hate It.
  10. i know one thing: white or higginson will be gone in a few days.
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