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  1. Thank you for posting this photo. This was the first time I met Roger and Robie. Such nice people and so welcoming to us visiting from up north. We were fortunate to see them opening day this season for the Lakeland Tigers. Roger will be missed. Prayers from Grand Rapids.
  2. The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg’s Board of Directors unanimously supports a “YES” vote on May 5 to insure that Michigan creates a long-term, sustainable funding source for the state’s transportation system. It is no secret that Michigan has dangerous potholes, crumbling pavement and plywood on bridges. Over the years, Michigan has simply not invested enough to maintain our roads properly, relying on unsustainable one-time fixes instead of long-term solutions. Our state currently spends 70% less per mile than the surrounding Great Lakes states – 1 in 3 Michigan roads are in poor condition and 1 out of 9 Michigan bridges is considered “structurally deficient” by the Federal Highway Administration. Poor roads aren’t just an inconvenience – they threaten the safety of our employees, our families and our businesses. Poor roads directly affect our local businesses as we move products and services to our customers. The Chamber, as well as a broad coalition of public safety, business, education, policy and municipal leaders all believe Proposal 1 is good for Michigan. The Safe Roads YES! Campaign has released an employer toolkit for educating voters on Proposal 1. The toolkit can be found here. We all have an important decision to make about how we pay to maintain and build our transportation system in Michigan. A “YES” vote on May 5, for Proposal 1 is our best chance to ensure safe and effective roads in Michigan.
  3. Not that impressed with 20 minutes to go. Some OK/Funny stuff, lots of stuff that could have been cut. C/C+ maybe...
  4. Anyone want to try to make an Excel random calendar? I need a tool where I can put in 2 to 10 names and have it put them on a calendar randomly each month, Monday through Friday. We are trying to make our teller audits very random each month and would love to have a 12 month schedule to insure the randomness carries though out the year.
  5. I must have watched the Budweiser and Dove Care for men commercials during a big dust blowup or pollen outbreak. For some reason my eyes started to water. Both well done. The Snickers/Brady Bunch is great too.
  6. You know Buddy Rich is good, when Neil Peart treats him like a god.
  7. Great reunion. Neat to hear some of the inside stories
  8. Great show. We binged both seasons. Potthole, have you finished BrBa?
  9. I'm just starting season 4 after binge watching the first 3. Quite a show. I think I'm a bit burned out, so taking a break, but I'm sure I'll finish it in the next few weeks. Great writing and I'm glad it isn't as TV like as the other crap out there. It is fitting to see all of the OZ characters in it too. (I just finished watching all of OZ again)
  10. Pretty good cover band of LZ. Wish they would play more of the deep catalog and not just the "hits". I hear Lez Zeppelin, (all chick cover band) is pretty good too. John Paul Jones by far the most important member of the band. The pocket he and Bohnnom put down is mind blowing. It's such a feel more than a time signature. - band is almost as good as Rush...
  11. I was hoping for hot tattoo pictures in this thread
  12. Does anyone know the lag time before it is on Netflix?
  13. They would LOVE Stern, but he's not going to leave radio for this gig. Oprah is my pick
  14. Liar's Club The Wheel of Fortune (we scheduled classes around this when I attended Ferris) Match Game
  15. Scary Clown > The Boss One of the few live shows I was ready to leave after about 25 minutes
  16. Good show. I flew through season 2 in 3 nights. Looking forward to seeing how it continues.
  17. Myron Noodlemen only comes once a season and is entertaining. To hear the same 10 or 12 trumpet licks over and over gets tired and old. I wish Jack well, but it was time for him to go. Now I have to change my signature. What should I wish for now? It worked for the trumpet guy... Better coffee and Guinness back on tap?
  18. Looking forward to this. I'm finishing House of Cards tonight. I might start watching Mad Men from the beginning so I can be current on what is happening.
  19. Yep. I see that now. I was being told something else. Oh well. At least we have baseball soon!
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