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  1. Tusch

    2018 Contracts

    I was looking up details of the Tigers guaranteed contracts for next year. I am assuming a continued payroll cut, so this is what they will be working with: Verlander, Justin 7 yr/$180M (13-19)+20 opt $28,000,000 Cabrera, Miguel 8 yr/$248M (16-23)+24-25 opts $28,000,000 Upton, Justin 6 yr/$132.75M (16-21) $22,125,000 Zimmermann, Jordan 5 yr/$110M (16-20) $18,000,000 Martinez, Victor 4 yr/$68M (15-18) $18,000,000 Sanchez, Anibal 5 yr/$80M (13-17)+18 opt $16,800,000 Kinsler, Ian 5 yr/$75M (13-17)+18 cl opt $11,000,000 Kinsler is a club option, and I assume he will be back. There is a $5 million club buy out to end Sanchez contract. Upton has an opt-out after 2017 and could walk, but with his numbers right now, I don't think he will leave $100 million on the table. We also have $6 million to Prince Fielder and $2 million differed to K-Rod. That is $154 million before any arbitration or free agent signings. It looks like it might be a dark couple of years to come.
  2. Tusch

    Former Tiger's on other 25-man rosters

    Does anyone has a Baseball-Reference.com account and can run this search through the year 2015? Playing for the DET, Spanning Multiple Seasons or entire Careers, From 1901 to 2010, Active Players, sorted by greatest Games Played: Results | Baseball-Reference.com It will easily allow me to see who has played for the Tigers and is still an active player.
  3. I was trying to think of how good of a team you could field with former Tiger's player who are on other teams. Is there a way to easily search this somehow? Has the Freepress done any article like this (they seem to do it every year) talking about former Tigers? Here is what I have come up with for a former Tigers team: C- Gerald Laird 1B- Prince Fielder 2B-Omar Infante SS-Jhonny Peralta 3B- Ryan Raburn LF- Avisail García I am sure Price would love to see Garcia again CF-Austin Jackson RF- Matt Joyce DH- Delmon Young SP1- Max Scherzer SP2- Doug Fister SP3 - Rick Porcello SP4 – Jacob Turner SP5-Drew Smyly Bench – Devin Travis Bench - Don Kelly Bench - Cameron Maybin Bench – Eugenio Surez Bench – Curtis Granderson BP- Jason Grilli BP- Andrew Miller BP- Fernando Rodney BP- Phil Coke BP- Charlie Furbush BP –Joaquín Benoit BP-Robbie Ray This is just what I could think of off the top of my head. Edit: Updated to remove Cody Ross, and Carlos Pena and add a lot more
  4. Tusch

    Payroll and Free Agency

    Why do Sanchez and Kinsler make so little the final year of their contract? $5 million each. Is it incentive laden, or just expected to renegotiate based on performance? EDIT: Never mind, I think the final year is an opt out clause: " 5 yr/$75M (13-17)+18 cl opt".
  5. Tusch


    This is the closest I can find: Top of the 12th, Tigers Batting, Tied 5-5, Twins' Bobby Keppel facing 3-4-5 t12 5-5 0 --- 3,(1-1) O DET C. Thomas B. Keppel 6% 56% Lineout: CF (Deep CF) t12 5-5 1 --- 7,(3-2) DET M. Cabrera B. Keppel -6% 50% Walk t12 5-5 1 1-- 3,(1-1) DET D. Kelly B. Keppel -22% 28% Single to LF (Line Drive to LF-CF); Cabrera to 3B; Kelly to 2B/Adv on throw to 3B t12 5-5 1 -23 4,(3-0) DET R. Raburn B. Keppel 0% 29% Intentional Walk t12 5-5 1 123 6,(2-2) O DET B. Inge B. Keppel 18% 47% Groundout: 2B-C/Forceout at Hm (Weak SS-2B); Kelly to 3B; Raburn to 2B t12 5-5 2 123 6,(3-2) O DET G. Laird B. Keppel 18% 64% Strikeout Swinging 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 3 LOB. Tigers 5, Twins 5. So Inge comes up, bases loaded, one out, and hits a weak grounder to 2B. Miggy thrown out at home. Earlier in the inning, Miggy went 1st to 3rd on a single to LF. Its hard to do that without having a good lead/jump.
  6. Tusch

    2012-13 Offseason Discussion

    Push them a little further South to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  7. Do we have anyone else on the 25 man that has any catching experience in case of an injury? Laird should be fine to catch two in a row if we have someone for back up insurance.
  8. Even when Inge hits a home run, he finds a way to disappoint fans. Ha C6GDXvh8yCo
  9. On some Vikings boards they are saying the ball was out first, but since DET hadn't recovered the fumble yet, the play would be dead at the spot of the ball, then assess half the distance. So no matter if the ball was out first or not, it would have been Vikings ball on the half yard line. We got lucky there....
  10. Ball was out before the fumble.
  11. Well it happened after the fumble was out. So Detroit could have recovered it then had the personal foul... right?
  12. Tusch

    No more outfield injuries, please

    Can the Tigers only bring up someone who was on the 40 man roster? Or could they grab someone else from anywhere in the organization?
  13. Tusch

    How about some new nicknames for these Tigers ??

    Is that due to Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica?
  14. Tusch

    No more outfield injuries, please

    Any word on how Boesch's thumb is coming along? Can he swing a bat if Victor's back is worse than it appears? What about Carlos, how is he doing?