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  1. Yeah as Biden may be the leader in the Democratic front runner. But more gaffes like these as Warren the closest to him could seize on it. She has tried several times. But so far, she has not yet seized on that chance.
  2. Ready for 2020!

  3. Your guess is as good as mine there my friend!
  4. Have a great and safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

  5. Well Judiciary to be getting the case now!
  6. Ready for Christmas to Be!

  7. Yeah as really Stafford great QB but just never had a team that really was clutch and winning. Feel bad for him!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Really it is about clock management, and that not to waste your timeouts when the game is on the line. But sadly teams do not learn.
  10. Happy November to Remember!

  11. Will be a very tough game but will need to really upset the Packers to gain momentum there.
  12. Happy Halloween There!

  13. Well there would be a lot of people believing in that in the world!
  14. Ready for Autumn Winds!

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