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  1. Passepartout

    Random Thread

    Really suicide is so tragic. No matter what way you look at it. As someone who had thoughts before. As really if you think that the ending of your life will end things, it does not. As you place the pain on those who love you. Remember you are not alone. There is help. Just getting the right kind is the key.
  2. Ready for June

  3. Well people are innocent til proven guilty or so we say. As if something comes out new, then he will need to face justice.Just like anybody else. But for now let him do his job and leave him alone for the time being.
  4. Happy Memorial Day 2018!

  5. Passepartout

    The Larry Nassar thing............

    Really the whole U.S.O.C. should be ashamed. Over what happened. And really should had protected those athletes. Not that of the scumbag doctor. As well as the M.S.U. staffers that allowed him to do that on his watch.
  6. Ready for May Spring!

  7. Passepartout

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah as hope that it does not become haunting. Just hopefully a blessing in disguise.
  8. Mother's Day

  9. Passepartout

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Yeah sounds like a great Fla run bomb indeed!
  10. Passepartout

    What are some of your fondest Same Old Lions moments?

    Yeah as really think that Lions fans just love their team. That is all!
  11. I Dig Rock and Roll

  12. Really waiting for REAL spring weather.

  13. Passepartout

    What are some of your fondest Same Old Lions moments?

    How the Lions came close in 1991 to making their first Super Bowl appearance. Would had loved to had seen that.
  14. Passepartout

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah but I hope Alex Smith does well and takes it to the next level in DC!