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  1. There is talk he may be dictator until the year 2036, heaven help us!
  2. Ready for July 4th!

  3. Really the virus and riots have the campaign taking a back seat. As wonder if people will have to vote by mail or what they will do at the polls?!
  4. Remembering Father's Day!

  5. Yeah but they will have to do it from social distancing and maybe a mask.
  6. Peace Not War!

  7. Well Miss Kelton knows what she is talking about. If she is highly educated there
  8. Happy Memorial Day 2020

  9. NY Times really one of the nemesis of the President there.
  10. Stay Safe Stay Home

  11. This could defy the Presidency of one Donald John Trump as well as get him up for re-election or Joe Biden will be in the office when people take to November 3 2020!
  12. Be safe, Stay Home!

  13. Really hope that it does not last long. But really those with short attention spans. I would really be fearful for.
  14. Stay calm and Be Cautious!

  15. Well it is in all but one state, West Virginia. Yipes!
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