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  1. Prank calls just be careful or you will get your phone taking off the hook. Tisk Tisk!
  2. May and Mother's Day

  3. Yeah as Democrats want to try to dig up the dirt and are not satisfied with the report and will do anything to get rid of Trump.
  4. Easter is Here!

  5. Yeah as really when you have a song in your head, you can't keep it out of your head. Know the feeling. But really working retail and listening to country music. Can tolerate it. But thankfully glad no rap or heavy metal.
  6. Well just like Iran Contra, Whitewater, Watergate, etc. Russian Collusion just political nonsense.
  7. April Showers to Come!

  8. Really it is only just beginning the movie. And with many more to be coming up.
  9. Irish of the Luck

  10. Wish I could vote Independent. Just saying!
  11. Yeah as really nobody can ever top Nolan Ryan. He is in a league of his own. But then again so does Justin Verlander there. He will be H.O.F. material.
  12. Valentine's Day!

  13. One more month til baseball. For those that are waiting. But back to the H.O.F., there are players that had been retired for up to five years or ten years that go ahead. Instead of players that have been waiting for up to twenty years to fifty years that never been in yet. As hope that the latter goes on in before the former does. It is politics there.
  14. Ready for the SB LIII

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