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  1. Passepartout

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    Bet every single time an NFC North opponent loses this board must break out the champagne.
  2. Passepartout

    Honk if Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted you.

    Remember where is the proof? As really know that social media has never at all existed in 1985. But three women now have come on forward. Democrats digging up dirt.
  3. Yeah as really NFL not really caring about C.T.E. It is all talk no action. Back then remember did not have the millions they made back in the day. And had to get a side job at the time.
  4. Ready for October!

  5. Passepartout

    NFL Random Thread

    Don't ya just love stories like that. My brother in law who is adopted went to North Dakota and found his biological family through ancestry DNA.
  6. September is Here!

  7. Passepartout

    The Dress Rehearsal: Lions v. Bucs

    Yeah as really they need to get chemistry. Which they are lacking in order to win games. Come on you all are better than this.
  8. Ready for Labor Day!

  9. Passepartout

    Bye Bye, Urban

    These kids felt that they could not have a say. But now they can. As it is in the era of Me Too and Time's Up!
  10. Onto Preseason!

  11. Passepartout

    Bye Bye, Urban

    Time for him to leave and figure out his life. And the lady that no matter if she is a student or what have you. She was harassed and nobody should overlook that in the wake of Time's Up and Me Too.
  12. August is Here!

  13. Passepartout

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    Hope that Lomas will do well. Let's just take a wait and see attitude approach.
  14. Gifford and Michaels Fan!

  15. Passepartout

    Get Well Soon, Matt Millen

    Indeed as guess he is bad on those games. Oh well!