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  1. Yeah as Trump is set for life. At least there. Someone does need to pay for it.
  2. Life is Too Short!

  3. Well Obama Care they say is more expensive than Trump Care. Just saying!
  4. August is Coming!

  5. Red is the color for the GOP. Blue for Democrats there.
  6. Ready for July Heat!

  7. And in the leading the charge is that of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Who says that kids and women drink from the toilet at detention centers.
  8. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  9. Justice Department and feds at times need to keep their noses out of the state and local's businesses.
  10. Father's Day 2019!

  11. Stingray music on AT&T U-Verse on 5129 for those of you who are wondering. It is oldies channel.
  12. Ready for June Here!

  13. Prank calls just be careful or you will get your phone taking off the hook. Tisk Tisk!
  14. May and Mother's Day

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