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  1. April Showers to Come!

  2. Really it is only just beginning the movie. And with many more to be coming up.
  3. Irish of the Luck

  4. Wish I could vote Independent. Just saying!
  5. Yeah as really nobody can ever top Nolan Ryan. He is in a league of his own. But then again so does Justin Verlander there. He will be H.O.F. material.
  6. Valentine's Day!

  7. One more month til baseball. For those that are waiting. But back to the H.O.F., there are players that had been retired for up to five years or ten years that go ahead. Instead of players that have been waiting for up to twenty years to fifty years that never been in yet. As hope that the latter goes on in before the former does. It is politics there.
  8. Ready for the SB LIII

  9. My dad said except for Fox News, CNN is very much "banned" in our house. As they are pro Democrats and Liberal. Blasting the President. Trump is a you know what. But only Fox will say anything nice about him.
  10. Yeah but really love the USA as it is a mixture of race, color, creed, gender, etc.
  11. January Jumping!

  12. If that is not class do not know what is. It is called turning the other cheek.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

  14. Want to go see Welcome to Marwen. As it is a fact based true story. Plus love Steve Carell in anything. As he plays a man beaten by some bullies. And to help him to heal all over, he builds the town with toys of fictional Marwen hence the title.
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