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  1. Really hope that it does not last long. But really those with short attention spans. I would really be fearful for.
  2. Stay calm and Be Cautious!

  3. Well it is in all but one state, West Virginia. Yipes!
  4. Ready for April!

  5. Yeah as really they will blame Trump for everything it seems. They want to have Bernie Sanders in office like Pronto!
  6. March Madness

  7. Yeah as that is what it is doing to Biden. Over on that of his own gaffes. And in his own outbursts. Over in the rallies there.
  8. Ready for February and Warmer Weather!

  9. Bernie Sanders is said to be the winner as the polls now are closing up in Iowa!
  10. Loving February Valentine's!

  11. Yeah as really the plane should never had been in Iran in the first place however! Not knowing possibly they were in the middle of a heated war. Or would be.
  12. Yeah as Biden may be the leader in the Democratic front runner. But more gaffes like these as Warren the closest to him could seize on it. She has tried several times. But so far, she has not yet seized on that chance.
  13. Ready for 2020!

  14. Your guess is as good as mine there my friend!
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