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  1. Even those in the GOP are long since mutinying against him. And in the saying that he tarnised the party. And hope by breaking ties will bring healing. We shall see now won't we?!
  2. Ready for February Fools and SBLV!

  3. Snowden is trying to come back to the USA. If he tries you know the feds would slap the cuffs on him.
  4. Ready for 2021 There!

  5. Really Trump will go down in history as the least liked President no matter how much he tried to uh Make America Great!
  6. Ready for Christmas and 2021 To Get Here!

  7. Biden has won! Hands down and say what you will about his politics or Trump's. Just really hopefully a turn back to normacy and civility!
  8. It seems that the media wanted Trump out of there as soon as possibly. He helped the economy and in the trying to make right from wrong and vice versa. But that now it was not handling the COVID responsibly and in the firing of so many people as he was a tryant in chief from no surprise what I hear. And in the being so combative and really the way he makes fun of people is nothing you should have of any President. Whether Democrat, GOP, Independent, etc.
  9. Ready for November and Thanksgiving!

  10. Yeah as really Biden may be in cahoots with the media. As they are covering it up.
  11. Happy Halloween is Here!

  12. Tigeraholic1 know you do not mean to be and are not a jerk at all. Appreciate your opinions.
  13. Ready for Halloween!

  14. Yeah as women must love seeing men's "junk" for a better word
  15. Ready for October Openess!

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