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  1. Nitpicking, but the TEAMS are not trying to lose, the front office is. The players and on field manager and coaches are trying to win every game. Because of that I don’t think it hurts the game. My favorite team has been tanking for 2 years now, it can be brutal to watch at times, but, I follow the draft really closely so I don’t mind too much. Anyways, you can tell the young players and fringey veterans are trying their hardest to succeed.
  2. He can’t field 3B. Small sample size in LF. Perhaps he can learn to play a serviceable LF. Either way, his bat is improving and I believe it is primed to breakout. I hope he is traded to a certain team down I-75.
  3. 5 players in MLB posted a 1.000 or better OPS in 2017. Cast posted an .811 OPS, the 59th best OPS in MLB, better than dudes like Christian Yelich (a player teams are willing to trade their farm for), Lorenzo Cain (about to get paid), and Didi Gregorious (batted cleanup for the Yankees in the ALCS), among others. Cast is young and is clearly still improving. The main knock against him is that he only has 2 years left on his contract. However, I believe he has more value than you think.
  4. They are. It’s called rebuilding. Cast only has 2 years left on his contract. Two years in which they will not contend. Might as well trade him while he has the most value and acquire pieces for the next time they will contend.
  5. Crock and Reynolds is not really a good return. Neither are in the top 3 prospects in the Giants system, which is pretty terrible. That return for Cast would be flat out bad. I saw this report about Cast last night and as a Reds fan put a couple packages together I think would be good and fair for both teams: CIN get: Castellanos DET get: Adam Duvall Shedric Long Keury Mella OR DET get: Scott Schebler Antonio Santillan TJ Friedl My thinking is Duvall and Schebler give solid cheap production to replace Cast in the short term and give Tigers potential trade chips at deadline. Both have good power and Duvall is a gold glove caliber defender in LF. His weakness is OBP, but he hits for good power and has 4 year left before FA. Long is not a top 100 prospect, but plays like one. Mella is a potential MLB reliever. In the 2nd proposal the main piece is Santillan. He has TOR upside. TJ Friedl will be a MLB 4th outfielder. Schebler hits for solid power, will OPS around .800. Solid stop-gap corner OF. If this trade were to go down the reds would be seen losing it because of Santillan, but I think Cast would mash in GABP. Thoughts?
  6. Wow, way to blow the perfect B1G bowl season, Michigan. South Carolina is as mediocre as it gets. Harbaugh sucks.
  7. Of course I don’t, I find it amusing UM fans think they do know Jim Harbaugh.
  8. Eh, that’s coachspeak. Patterson came to UM because he was told he would start from day 1. I don’t buy that there will be a real competition.
  9. Good get for UM, but, Peters must be furious. Thia is meta, but I feel like when a coach brings in an outsider like this the player currently on the roster that just lost his starting spot should be able to transfer without sitting out a year.
  10. Lol, Patterson’s older brother is an “associate player personnel analyst” at Old Miss. How shady are SEC schools?
  11. I don’t get why Harbaugh would do that. Peters and McCafferey were big time recruits.
  12. He’s not a poor man’s Vince Young. If anything he’s a smart man’s Vince Young, I would say he’s a poor man’s Russell Wilson, personally. JT is intelligent, strong football IQ, and a strong leader. As an OSU fan, I have been frustrated with JT in the past and do not believe they win the 2014 national championship if he’s healthy. With that said, at the end of his career he will be the first QB in B1G history to pass for 100 TDs, won a lot of games, and beat UM 4 times. As for the NFL stuff, who cares?
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