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  1. Agreed... He is/has had a decent Winter ball season and could be DH/1B at Toledo. Nothing to lose here as we are not brimming with hitters at top minor levels.
  2. Looks like Nick C to the Reds?..... https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/ Maybe they have a younger OF we might be interested in for a prospect (not top level prospect)?
  3. Stan Marsh's dad - I agree... Mazara would have been a legit try. Heck, if he would have had an 850 OPS last year he would not even have been available! The potential is there, maybe a change of scenery could help him. Now odds are, he does help the ChiSox. If not what would they have lost - an OK prospect? Unless they wanted more from Detroit... They need to get creative ex get Nimmo and/or DSmith from the NYM and take on JLowrie salary, who 'could' help at 2B - and if so, then 'flip' him - if he re-establishes himself. You all get the idea...
  4. To say the least! Maybe next they need to hire 'creative thinking' analysts....
  5. Though not the norm - there are quite a few. We once gave a fellow named Cecil Fielder a chance ;)
  6. Yes, there are some players here that hopefully the Tigs can take advantage of. Maybe 2 year deals with an option? Seems the no. of overall FAs (in areas of need) should allow the Tigs to have a chance at a couple...
  7. Yes, forgot about 1B RRamos of Colorado... He might be ready now. Yet, there are several FA 1Bs out there and GBird was designated yesterday (Can he ever stay healthy?). I did not know he still has 2-3 minor league options left?
  8. Yes, some interesting names.. I also like 8) Shervyen Newton, INF of the NYM - but MSeuly of KC seems like a potential 'difference maker'. I just hope they do not go with another hard throwing RHP. They need to get a guy, school/teach him in the big leagues and then send him out for the next year or two and develop him... again they have another chance to get someone to potentially help with this selection.
  9. There are a lot of points in the above posts and more. IMHO, a lot of course is subjective to each fan. Yes, '74 & '75 were brutal per say. Yet, in '76 they were 74-87 and were a lot more fun to watch - why? The Bird, Leflore, Rusty, Jason Thompson, etc... A point can also be made that it is not just 'stadium' attendance this day and age. We all know this but tend go by these nos. maybe too often. Watching on cable is just as important to many teams as advertisers etc. pay into this and it is an excellent revenue stream for many clubs. So, a team with good players or developing players (fans who like to watch and identify with) may be what many wish for and advertisers will know this, hence ratings are decent even if the team is only 'competitive' ex 70+ wins maybe... Last year was just bad and few want to watch any of that again. It may not effect attendance big time, but sign/trade for a few players that fans may like. Develop some others (the young Ps and more), draft well (IF they can do that) and things start to turn around. There is a big difference between 50 and 70 wins, maybe not in actual physical attendance but in ratings, future plans for advertisers, fan recognition, attire sales, etc... It is also much more realistic (though not impossible) to go from 70+ to 90 wins than from 50 to 90.
  10. I also thought about this... If SD really wants to move him they would have to pick up a good portion of the salary it seems, maybe 1/2?... He would have to fit in with whichever team and the Tigs could use someone who can play 1B/corner OF. If SD does not get an offer they like maybe something like this; a package of a 'good' prospect with WMyers and they pay a good portion and we give up 'mid-level' talent (2-3 players?)... just thinking aloud, but he might help if he stayed healthy, he has always been a good athlete with 'hitting ability' AND we would need to get a pretty decent prospect back also - which SD has quite a few.
  11. I am pretty sure they probably thought about it... They have claimed McKay, Stokes Jr. & Diplan in last 30 days or so... There more than likely will be a lot this the next 7 mos. as they get 'First' dibs on anyone coming off a roster. This is where analytics and scouting comes in big time. Of course they will have first dibs on the rule 5 as well this Dec... This gives them a chance to find more players and 'maybe' some might develop - again it will take scouting, analytics and development through their system. Also the draft next summer... IMHO, the next year is again very important and they should progress (competing again perhaps in 2021 - with a farm system that is sustaining). Yet, anything can change. Players get hurt. Some come out of nowhere and just get it and become anchors, some will not make it and some may get it on another team - but the point is they are in position NOW to increase their odds. We shall see and hopefully not have to withstand too much more like this years scenario (yet, it helped put the team into a position to do something)... Go Tigs - and to sum it up: 'Oh the pain - my boy' - Dr. Smith 'Don't worry Dr. Smith we'll get there' - Will Robinson (Lost in Space), lol
  12. Looks like the Tigs may be calling up Bryan Garcia: https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player/14972/bryan-garcia
  13. Two players were DFA just recently, perhaps one (or both) are worth taking a flyer on. Although neither can play this year, Gohara still just turned 23 and has options left. Couzins, no options it seems, has big time power and is decent in the OF and bats LH (with a lot of Ks). Perhaps one or both might be a better bet than some of the folks on the 40 man now and a couple (not all) that have to be added after the season: https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player/21061/luiz-gohara pre-season '2018' he was rated at 78 in MLB Pipeline top 100 (kind of like adding a third player in the Greene trade?) http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018/?list=atl .. https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player/21036/dylan-cozens http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018/?list=phi .. The Tigs are still in the 'fishing' for players aspect of the rebuild (which hopefully is moving forward) and some players from other teams may need to still be taken a chance on...
  14. Interesting tool... I about agree with the Brewers deal and you had mentioned this I believe previously. One could figure about Houston, NYY, TBay & Philly off the top of ones head (IF Boyd involved)? Was thinking a 1B, someone like Dom Smith & NYM (for other players - not MBoyd).
  15. As with any player - they have to stay somewhat healthy and Nick C. has done that. Frazier was not that long ago scouted in various publications/posts and I remembering hearing this as well as at least average in the field and a decent arm... Fielding metrics are very 'not exact' look at JJones last year (mostly LF and also CF) great metrics. This year, same player, maybe a couple mistakes made but still same skill set and the metrics are different. We know he can field and cover ground. IMHO, the hitting is not exact and the fielding part of calculating these things is much LESS exact. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2016/?list=nyy The Tigs somehow need to get an impact bat (or two). Not sure who or when or where they would play (1B and corner OF seem to be the way to go, or even 3B and candy to 1B?). Rebuilds need some SOLID pieces. Right now it seems we have a bunch of guys playing all over and in the minors it is much more of the same for the infield... OF; young, perhaps a piece or two but years away. Maybe Daz and Reyes can take root here soon. Not saying Frazier is a piece, but he might be as he does have promise as a hitter. Nobody in this org. has as much with the stick (Maybe Greene, Paredes... maybe)... Tucker seems to be this as well. Teams can get desperate before these deadlines - and if the Ps we have hold up - just maybe AA can snag a bat (or two).
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