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  1. Thanks... went there and like one other site I found they have the past broadcasts but not the current (at least as of yet). The first show of '21 was this past week on 97.1 with Pat C. and DD.
  2. Is there a link for the 97.1 '21 Tiger Talk broadcasts, both live and archived?
  3. In agreement here. You would think between LF, 1B and DH Schwarber might work (I think he can even C in a pinch). There needs to be another 'power' bat or two, Cron may help as well. Our depth for decent position players is very shallow and has been for awhile. One or two injuries (always inevitable) buries us.
  4. Alex

    Al Avila

    Like more power...
  5. Hmm, I wonder if it might be Demeritte?
  6. Alex

    Al Avila

    I did remember that! Decent upgrade IMHO, but hopefully 1-2 others to follow...
  7. Hmm, as speculated maybe more a Hot Stove rumor - not advocating a deal one way or another here but I would think STurnbull would be a value to several teams including the Nationals.
  8. Can also add the PFielder contract to that as well as Kinsler was a good player for the team. Then he was a shorter term contract - so value there as well.
  9. Totally agree with this. They both are young, OF-LHB, upside, could be part of the team later as well. Cost is favorable also. If even one works out (not that they would/should sign both, nor did you mean that, but is an idea) - it is a win situation.
  10. Actually, I wonder at this time, who might have more upside NMazara or ERosario? Nomar is actually 3 years younger, has a track record - but fell off last year. He would cost less at this time. Yet, Eddie has had the more recent success.
  11. I wonder if the Tigs will consider Eddie Rosario? OF, middle of the order LHB, maybe not a long term commitment needed initially - but, if it works, it could be turned into such and is just 29 yrs old...
  12. This seems pretty sound. Yet, I think Cron and Schoop are decent players. Health, as with any player, is of utmost importance. Actually the Tigs were competitive when healthy. This may be an off season that they can begin to add 1-2 pieces (and the price could be right to do so) that are more long term. They could use another bat for the middle of the order - maybe a corner OF? The Inf seems a bit deeper with moveable parts. They could also use 1-2 SPs as depth there is always a concern. Maybe bring back Romine (or similar player) and alt at C (Dingler is 2 yrs away?). BP pcs are very volatile, yet I can see them adding a RP or two there as well. You add those pcs and the team is deeper, competitive (meaning start winning more than losing and keeping it interesting) while also allowing the youngsters to develop at the major league level. Yes, a lot depends on how Chris I. feels. IMHO, I think he might want to win more now also and maybe just as important they need to just do so (and learn how to do so) and to start expecting this. No more 'tank' thinking (not that they were). They will have another high no. 1 pick 'again' next year - but maybe more important is the ability to draft the right players and DEVELOP them.
  13. Recollecting here, I think JV got healthy and he did like (and still does) Detroit. However, he was more hoping for Cubs or Dodgers and he did have a no trade clause. Those two teams did make deals prior I believe for SPs (Quintana/Cubs? and Darvish/LAD?) and perhaps were no longer in position to unload more 'top' prospects and taking on even more payroll. Hou saw that there chances were becoming more realistic (July into August) but it would be hard for them to take on payroll (another reason as to the later timing) as they were/are not the same market as previously two mentioned teams per say - but Hou reportedly was staying in touch with AA throughout. AA was only going to take a certain package of players and FPerez was one of the players Hou had a hard time parting with (so said)... Through the month of August JV's outings were getting stronger and this really helped convince Hou and by the time of the deadline Hou gave into AA's demands (and Det had to take on some of the salary as well) and then Hou reached out to JV (several people within the org) helped him get more comfortable, and got his consent (of course talked it over with Kate) - then the deal went down reportedly during the last minutes. JV did get healthier and was pitching quite well at the time. Hou was of course noted for being ahead of analytics - and no doubt probably helped him in 'some' areas, as one poster said earlier JV was/is a student of the game also. Now, if we can get some value in return from any of the trio we received (still early, but - )... We shall see...
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