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  1. That's got to be a nice collection of jerseys in the Schatzeder house.
  2. There's nobody to build around, that's for sure. But there are also enough to positions to fill that there is room for a few to still be around, even if only somewhere between a platoon or bench type or a starter hitting lower in the lineup.
  3. I have not heard anything specific to his defense, whether its range, hands, arm, instincts, whatever. The physique is a little more apparent, and regardless of where he plays, you'd like to see him get it under control.
  4. Will he still be playing or coaching in 2036? In all honesty, I could see Reyes, Castro, Stewart, Demeritte, or Candelario as a part of it, but I wouldn't put money on any one of them in particular being on it.
  5. I'll admit. I watched this one to the end. I probably need to seek counseling.
  6. I'd love to see Urban Meyer become head coach at Michigan just to see the religion exposed on both sides of the rivalry.
  7. Why do you think he'd move to 2B?
  8. Now that is a pretty fun factoid.
  9. Same, but I did it in my head.
  10. Which, since he is only 20, 21, seems like an it ain't likely to happen.
  11. Paredes had an OPS of .864 vs a league average of .716 in 155 PAs in 2018 and .784 vs .677 in 552 PAs in 2019. Cheap math makes it .802 vs .686 in 707 PAs. Also, OBP is .376 on a AVG of .291, and 76 BB vs 83 SO, so it seems he is adept with the strike zone. I would think he is bound for Toledo to start off next season and we will just see how it goes from there. He probably needs to trim down and add power. He'll be 21 next season, so the former is probably critical and the latter is something that there is a decent amount of runway left to blossom.
  12. Moore and Ross were supposed to be a part of this season's rotation and the Tigers got all of 45 and 1/3 innings out of them.
  13. I probably used to assume that a long time ago, but I don’t buy it in all cases. Maybe Boyd is the mentoring type, maybe he isn’t. But he should be good at getting 30 decent to good starts to help with the workload.
  14. I think the money is easy to forget, but definitely a valid point.
  15. Spot on. They might not care about game results this season, but you better believe the players are playing for their next contract and the coaches are coaching for their futures as well. If anybody is tanking, it’s the front office.
  16. But will he be effective? He's been through a lot of weird stuff the past few seasons. Wow, he's up to 138 IPs already this season? I wouldn't have guessed that.
  17. I really don't know what to make of Norris or VerHagen at this point. I don't want to rely on them as starters, but they have shown some effectiveness in their current arrangement. Can you get by with 3 IP stints every 5th day out of 2 guys? That leaves 39 IP to allocate among 11 other pitchers for every 5 day cycle. Maybe you should be able to expect that, but I don't know if that's the case in this day and age.
  18. I don't watch much NFL anymore, but I always check the weekly maps. I found it once looking to find out if a Cleveland Browns game on FOX would be telecast in our area for my father-in-law. And I get intrigued by maps sometimes and, for whatever reason, these weekly NFL television maps have me sucked in to visit every week.
  19. Sure. And if we roll back to last offseason and lots of folks were predicting Daz Cameron's MLB debut this season while writing Victor Reyes off.......
  20. I don't know Jeff Todd's living arrangements, nor do I care. I thought the article was reasonable and worth posting. I don't know that anyone knows that the tanks is over. How is it over? Based on what? I would expect some improvement from some of the players, but who really knows who will improve and who won't? Remember when everyone was clamoring for Rogers and CastroW to be promoted earlier in the season? They ain't looked so good at the plate. It doesn't mean they should be written off, but there's a lot of unknown to sift through.
  21. I think it'd be good to have an experienced arm or two in the rotation when the pitching prospects make their ways up. Experience isn't everything, but it'd be nice to know 30 or 60 starts are taken care of with a reasonable chance of competing. To an extent, I think that lack of experience hurts the offense a bit, but I think the larger part to that is there are some guys that (1) aren't ready and/of (2) have regressed.
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