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  1. Did they mention if Parades is still working on a chanegup and/or if he has even signed yet?
  2. Boston seems to be getting off very lucky right now, although its possible that whatever the Red Sox did pales in comparison to the Astros.
  3. I think we've got an opening if you're up for the challenge.
  4. I think I'd rather have the overaggressive approach rather than the can't cover ground liability. As you said, you can work with the one flaw. Its difficult to compensate for the other.
  5. I was against vacating the title because I didn't think it'd really accomplish much of anything. The games aren't going to be replayed, I don't think handing the title to Los Angeles makes sense (because in theory maybe Houston doesn't even get to the World Series and maybe the American League team still beats the Dodgers), all of those moments and memories are etched in history. But maybe being the first team of the big pro 4 leagues to be stripped of a title would be just desserts for Houston. Because to go through the shenanigans of reading scripted apologies now is a tough listen. We all know they're not apologizing for what they did. They're sad they got caught and they're upset its in the public eye.
  6. This day has potential to be an all time great with an attitude like that.
  7. Here we go, expand into the countries that have teams in the WBC. Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Netherlands, Greece, etc, etc.
  8. You people are fools. You take the 42 minor league teams that are going to be contracted. You put them on a deserted island and make them sing cover songs while wearing stupid costumes and banging on trash cans. The 2 or 6 or 11 whatever number you want of teams that end up with the most roses as voted on by MLB authorized apps (subject to local blackout laws of course, so if you're in Idaho, there are teams from probably 8 states that you cannot vote for) get bumped up to the major leagues. Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket!
  9. I remember the back and forth used to be somewhat normal in the two division non interleague days, but that also included two trips to every city in the league.
  10. 02/20/2020 7:00 EST from Detroit, Michigan... Milwaukee Bucks (46-8) vs Detroit Pistons (19-38)
  11. Look at this. Drummond gets traded and we have page twos before tip offs.
  12. It all depends on what you get back. If a team wants to overpay in a draft pick package for an inexpensive 4/5 that can shoot 3s, needs help on defense, and has a suspect motor, why not? Nobody on the roster should be off limits.
  13. Gardy wants to use the 26th spot for a pinch runner. Now I don't know who will be on base to pinch run for, but that's beside the point.
  14. I hate you now. I've listened to more of these mashups than anyone should. Pretty sure I stumbled upon something with Ozzy, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Run DMC, but I cannot find the link.
  15. All you suckas that made your predictions before knowing that Maybin signed, now what?
  16. Its not that I don't trust you, but I had to check the interwebs to see if this were true. The "did he sign" gag will never die.
  17. You're going to use analytics to create game threads? I don't know what to say.
  18. This is true, but he accusations seems pretty damning.
  19. Oh, I understand that. I just don't think that should be a variable in the equation. Unfortunately, that is the world in which we live.
  20. This one is better. This one wins the day. Which is nothing to take away from chas doing God's work and keeping us informed on a daily basis of when the Tigers triumphantly return to playing baseball.
  21. I agree with this. Is it foolish to consider a sign and trade with him? Is the best course of action for the franchise to use the salary cap space to take on bad contracts in exchange for future assets?
  22. I don't know. Wasn't Strasburg considered the second coming? He's been a very good pitcher, but I don't know if it has matched the expectations.
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