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  1. Well, some folks would think this is a bad look.
  2. Detroit Pistons (9-25) @ Toronto Raptors of Tampa Bay (17-17)
  3. It would certainly be nice if he could play the field a bit, but you have to wonder if at this point it’s just best to save his legs by keeping him at DH. I’d guess they try it out a bit in the spring and evaluate the situation. Can’t blame them, it’s a new on field staff, let them see what they have and maybe they have ideas as far as what they could try.
  4. It all depends upon the entirety of the deal as well as other deals. If some of the pieces that you mentioned get moved in deals (this one or other deals), the logjam could be alleviated. Clearly Weaver isn’t adverse to making deals. And if they happen to choose Mobley in the draft? That doesn’t create a perimeter logjam. Agree with you that the team has changed. It’s likely to keep changing.
  5. 4-1. Hinch is the odds on favorite so far for manager of the year.
  6. This opposing managers can end an inning after 20 pitches stuff is mollycoddle.
  7. That's for another forum, sir. We only discuss important things in this forum.
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