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  1. Oh, yeah, Smokes was infatuated with how hard the ball was coming off of his bat in spring training. Didn't last long up north.
  2. If predraft is consider the next season.
  3. So,....., do you think anything was brought up about that when Kinsler and Sale were teammates last season?
  4. Its too bad there isn't any video of him sliding into 2nd base with the hot dogs in his jersey.
  5. Lost 4 games by a cumulative 95 points. 95 points! Milwaukee basically played an extra quarter on offense in every game. Shouldn't that be illegal?
  6. Those white towels are outstanding. At the end of this loss, I hope they throw all of the black tire tread jerseys into a pile at half court and burn them.
  7. Truby was awestruck at being in Tiger Stadium. He was too busy listening to Ernie Harwell describing the game.
  8. The U8 softball coach group chat started last night. The discussion was whether to go full lineup hits per inning or three outs is an inning. The latter is the rule, but it sounds like they went with the former, which is what I remember from that level 3 or 4 years ago. My immediate thoughts were: Generally the only outs would be strikeouts, so it depends upon the hitters rather than the defense. Batting all of them would allow for easier catcher gear on & off by putting the catcher in the middle of the batting order because, and I am sure Bigglesworth can attest to this, the first batter and or last batter of any inning is the catcher at about a 97.4% rate. What would Jim Leyland do?
  9. Jose Macias was traded from Detroit to Montreal on May 16, 2002 for Chris Truby to shore up the defense at the hot corner.
  10. There's a break in the rain around 5am, so they're just going to have to wait it out for a while. Fortunately, if there is a delay, we have the Pistons to watch tonight as our sports respite from reality.
  11. Jeebus, I was thinking the same type of thing.
  12. The market for Smith should be interesting. And what he decides to pursue will be interesting as well. For some reason, I think I see him going after a contender rather than a paycheck if it comes down to one or the other. He's made around $18M in his career and he's pushing 31. He's been with 10 organizations in 9 seasons. I think he has proven to be a decent backup PG. Detroit has given him his best opportunity as establishing himself as a rotation player, but I don't see him returning. I would imagine he finds a better situation elsewhere.
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