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  1. It’s going to turn out that while the Big Ten and PAC12 delaying the season might have been a reasonable thing to do, neither did themselves any favors by waiting until they couldn’t allow themselves any wiggle room. I think the same could be said with the NCAA not expanding the playoffs. The TV revenue would have been helpful. They cannot claim that the “student athletes” would be compromised from the standpoint of education and/or too much game action.
  2. Well, I did have the thought today that, should OSU v MSU get cancelled, OSU v UoM becomes a style point game for OSU. If that does happen, hide the women and children, Ryan Day is going for 100.
  3. The cancellation was announced around 10:30 pm yesterday, just 13 1/2 hours before kickoff. So, it would seem the team had already known this for a time, but it seems like that is still cutting it a bit short for a noon kickoff. Granted, these are 18-22 year olds that don't require the overnight sleepy time to function like most of us, but considering OSU was traveling, it seems like quite a late decision. OSU is in the middle of one of the higher outbreak counties in Ohio and has been for a while. So, yeah, given the calendar and how things have been phasing in and out around different areas, its quite possible OSU might be short on players for another game. Heck, its quite possible with players (sorry, student athletes) ducking out for a quick visit home to see family/friends at some point on an off day from football that both teams fall short of healthy bodies for any particular game.
  4. A couple of houses down still has their Trump flag up. If I cross paths, maybe I should inform them that the CONfederacy lost?
  5. Ohio State at Illinois has been cancelled due to COIVD. Ohio State already had a previous game (at Maryland) cancelled already. I'm kind of hoping one of their other remaining games gets cancelled just to see how the Big Ten reacts to OSU not having the prerequisite of 6 games played to qualify for the league championship game. Sounds stupid, but I just like to see the NCAA and its leagues "dance around their religion" sometimes.
  6. Throw in the ability to mulitask a bit. Throw laundry in, or empty the dishwasher during a lull in the work action. Tough to do that from a 45 minute drive away.
  7. Its happening GIF. Pistons To Sign Veteran Guard Ellington
  8. Column B, the column on the right.
  9. One would think these unintelligent proclamations would be harmful in the future for those that utter this nonsense.
  10. Agree, it doesn't make much sense (aforementioned bias against stretching put aside).
  11. And Easter, and in the summer when things warm up, and when we do bleach shots and shove lights up our asses, and.... Heckuva hoax we got going here.
  12. If I were in charge, I’d be fine with them factoring into the bullpen for next season. I’m not sure I’d consider either a SP going forward. Not sure what their salaries are going forward, but I think there’s value in having arms in the bullpen that can go multiple innings, especially if the Tigers are going to have growing pains in the rotation in the next couple of years.
  13. He was selected from the Brooklyn Dodgers in the rule 5. Maybe the Dodgers just thought he wasn’t worth protecting as a player? His AAA numbers weren’t all that impressive.
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