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  1. Interesting. Wondering what Miggy thinks.
  2. Well, that's why I expected it to be rough at times early on. But I also expected improvement over time and I don't think that has happened.
  3. Who cares? He needs to be worried about coming to camp in shape and hitting the ball.
  4. I wonder if Castro has no interest in the Tigers or if he's just out of price range.
  5. Well, he doesn't intentionally walk many guys.
  6. OK, so, where is the rule V party today?
  7. Good question. Basketball schedules are sometimes filled out the season before, are they not? I mean, you get the random home/home or something like what Michigan & Kentucky did with their three game series ahead a few seasons. But, yes, some football games have been scheduled for 2030 already? Doesn't make much sense. Throw in the fact that it isn't uncommon for these contracts to be broken ahead of time for whatever reason anyway. Here's one: Ohio State & Georgia for 2030 and 2031. I mean, in theory I like it. I like the fact that its Georgia and not Georgia Southern. You never know what state a team will be in after a decade, but odds are that Ohio State and Georgia will still be highly competitive programs as opposed to Georgia Southern. But Ohio State has nothing in place for 2028 and 2029. (Although Georgia does have Georgia Tech, Texas, and Clemson on the docket those two seasons --- we'll have to refer back to this in a decade and see if that schedule actually happens.)
  8. I could understand Shepard being rough at the end of '18 (with being put on the spot for the end of that season) and the beginning of '19, but it doesn't seem like he improved much over the season.
  9. Just kind of interpreting this from bbref, but he was pretty much purely a DH during his final 4 seasons, all with the White Sox. His OPS+ was 145, 130, 129, and 89 as basically and everyday player, tailing off to 477 PAs in his final season. So, yeah, he could still swing it while playing in husky pants. Ah, here's a fun one: 5 SBs in his last season.
  10. Seeing this reminds me we are about a month out from hearing "best shape of his life" reports.
  11. You can't sneak a piece of cheese(cake) past a rat.
  12. https://www.vintagedetroit.com/blog/2011/07/22/how-lou-whitakers-forgetfulness-landed-him-in-the-smithsonian/
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