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  1. In the end, Houston was successful with the approach. But it wasn't a fail safe approach. They made mistakes along the way (JD Martinez, Mark Appel, Brady Aiken as examples of misplays). And as was mentioned, the Astros went through the process when it was largely a novel thought, so they did have an advantage there of cornering the market, so to speak.
  2. They said on the broadcast today that only the Royals have more triples than the Tigers. Hey, there's something, right?
  3. Does anyone else feel a sense of shame and guilt looking at this picture? Like, he knows we half assed the lines on the lawn mowing today and they just aren't straight enough because we felt we could rush through it because we also did the trimming today? Or we tipped down instead of up at the restaurant because down was an even $X0.00 and up was $X1.00 and we liked the even number but the extra buck was deserved? Or he knows we were just day dreaming at church rather than actually listening to the homily?
  4. His BABIP has been up there all season. As far as Greiner, he’s a backup, pure and simple. Everyone jumped on his bandwagon last season because he wasn’t McCann. Just let Rogers develop in Toledo this season and hope he becomes a starter soon. Greiner and Hicks is a tough tandem to watch.
  5. Yeah, I don’t understand the 2021 chatter either.
  6. Is it “whack dingers” or is it “dinger whacker”? I find either better than dong jacking.
  7. Hold on. Let’s not pretend anyone had a glimmer of thought that McCann could do what he is doing and/or that the Tigers soul does have retained him for this season. That’s just horse **** to think otherwise.
  8. They kind’of look like velour. These hats suck.
  9. Maybe it was the tone of it and not the actual message that Gardenhire is upset about? Gardenhire himself has mentioned some specific player mistakes in his post game commentaries. But he's also mentioned them in a generally tactful way, for lack of a better phrase.
  10. A. I don't think we really know that for sure. My guess is that there is enough grief about the situation coming out now that an agreed upon extension is highly unlikely. It sure does sound like the Castellanos is ready to move on and it sure does sound like the Tigers are ready to move on. However, I would agree with you (or whomever it was) that he'd be a fool to turn it down. B. Its possible. But if it were known for sure that he'd turn it down, why wouldn't the Tigers offer?
  11. Might have to toss Zimmermann into that to make salaries match up better for next season.
  12. I don't know what to make of it. It might be that both teams did well. But I tend to (probably irrationally) think that a team acquiring Ball should be on the losing end and I tend to think that this era of the Lakers is not going to match up with what history suggests it should whilst James ends out his career. I suppose they might have a good year next season, teams in the west should improve at least a little with Golden State being hit by significant injuries.
  13. Missed or ignored?
  14. Pretty much. If they don't offer a QO, they get nothing in return. If they offer a QO, and the relationship is as bad as it appears, they either get something if he signs or nothing if he doesn't sign before the compensation date.
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