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  1. Good enough to win, but not good enough to be a great candidate.
  2. Yes, in fairness to Biden and everybody else in the race, sure, it was going to be difficult to surpass Obama. To parallel baseball, he was the can't miss prospect that the Dems were ready to call up and replace the veteran.
  3. In my opinion, there still seems to be some degree of going of the script/rails. Definitely not to the degree of Trump, in no way, shape, or form do I think the two are in the same ballpark there. One of the things that popped up earlier on was his "if you don't vote for Biden, you ain't black" comment. And is he really good at unifying? He's previously struggled to get presidential campaigns off of the ground. Seemingly his greatest strength this time around is that he isn't Trump.
  4. Casimir

    MLB to Resume

    Nah. He uses the quality hair product.
  5. Casimir

    MLB to Resume

    The glasses are tough. I usually keep mine off for a little bit at first at work. There's a bit of a balancing act between the office temp and the mask and the glasses that don't play well together at first. I don't know. The glasses just seem to fog up less if I give it 30 minutes after arriving. I would bet anything @Gehringer_2 would know the science behind it.
  6. Yes. I suspect there is some chicken/egg as you suggest. Now, I do understand not wanting a reliever to go through a lineup more than once. A reliever usually becomes a reliever in part due to having too few pitches. But in terms of stamina, and season long usage, would it be more efficient to use a RP for two innings rather than two for an inning each? You roll up the pitches in the bullpen prior to entering the game and the post game recovery stuff into the equation,... it'd be interesting to know that. Yes. Because if you can't keep the lead in the 7th, saving the closer for the 9th ain't gonna do a whole lot of good.
  7. Biden really isn't that great of a candidate. I mean, is he actually the best that the Ds have to toss up against Orange Satan? Sure, he might look fantastic up against Trump. But take a walk in your neighborhood and you'll likely find at least a dozen people that are worth voting for over Trump.
  8. Casimir

    MLB to Resume

    You would, too, if you had all of them letters the back of your jersey.
  9. Nah, she was only gone for a 2 hours if that. Even she doesn't drive fast enough to make that round trip out there and back.
  10. Shot during an argument. This is right after the Toledo Police Department lays one of its own to rest earlier in the day. Oh, and the algal blooms are brewing up in the river downtown. Awfully ****ty time around here.
  11. Ivy League postpones its 2020 fall season until 2021.
  12. Along these lines, my wife is a teacher and was in on a district wide meeting today about how to handle back to school. She was ready to drink when she got back home. We also just received a notice from our kids' district (different district) about a survey to be sent out in a few days. As well as the dictionary definition of civility and how it needs to be applied to these discussions.
  13. Casimir

    MLB to Resume

    Looking over Kluszewski's numbers, there sure seems like a pretty good divide between his good seasons and his bad seasons with very little in the way of average seasons. The other thing that catches my eye is he was a hometown kid. Him, Barry Larkin, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey Jr..... I don't know, it seems like a lot of upper tier talent (and I am probably being gracious with Kluszewski) playing at home, but maybe not. A guy like Larkin really intrigues me because all of his career was in his hometown. And to win the World Series, too. Good stuff.
  14. Using the term "braying" with respect to Trump is quality vocabulary.
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