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  1. In general, I agree. But it doesn’t matter this season, if it costs them a game, so what.
  2. Base running error by Rogers. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be catchers.
  3. But no Greene nor Castellanos for any part of next season.
  4. Ouch, d’Arnaud with one off of the chops.
  5. I have the over/under on pitch count at 29 1/2.
  6. And you thought I was a grumpfart.
  7. I don’t know about worse. Same neighborhood seems likely.
  8. I’m just watching the game and I felt the need to curl up in the fetal position and cry. How is Hicks still in the game? Must be wearing a titanium cup in a Kevlar jockstrap.
  9. Oh, trust me, I ain’t drunk enough to think that roster is a contender. But with where the team is and what they have to work with, they might as well go that route and see which parts might be useful in a few years.
  10. They definitely needed this outing from him today. Situational pitching might not have been perfect this weekend, but overall the pitching staff has turned in a nice series.
  11. Only if he gets us some doughnuts as a peace offering.
  12. True. I just assume it’s extra batting practice for him. Seems fine to me.
  13. He’s been fun to watch. I was just at my Dad’s and he was frustrated and mentioned not knowing why he watches anymore. We watch because (1) we are hopelessly addicted and (2) to watch some of these kids hopefully develop into the next playoff nucleus.
  14. I agree about Castro having problem solving picking up the ball. It has been noticeable with different Tigers on several fly balls this series. I suspect after all of that he was closer to the plate than he thought he was and didn’t want to allow the runner at first to get to second on a throw to home.
  15. Thank you, I appreciate the scouting summary to add some context.
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