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  1. The snark and sarcasm of this place. Much needed for a couple of minutes escape during normal times and rotten times.
  2. Casimir

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I thought I heard that Mercer requested Halter’s number. My guess is that it will get the same treatment as when Sheffield and Kinsler requested #3.
  3. Casimir

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Quite the downfall in that situation. Just a few years ago Tulowitzki was the grand acquisition to (hopefully) put Toronto over the top. And now they are cutting him with two seasons left on his contract and we aren't even out of the winter meetings.
  4. Casimir

    Jordy Mercer?

    Look, noob, we celebrate big ticket acquisitions with their own special thread around here. Don't pretend that this is your first rodeo.
  5. Casimir

    Harold Baines is in the Hall of Fame?

    Because Tony LaRussa said so. He played and managed the game, damn't. WWTLRD?
  6. Casimir

    Game 26: Pistons @ Hornets

    Wow. That's an interesting choice of words.
  7. Casimir

    Game 26: Pistons @ Hornets

    Kemba was volume shooting. That's what the kids say these days. The Hornets made 29 free throws. The Pistons shot 21 free throw attempts. That doesn't seem real. I guess I never picked up on that disparity while watching the game. Shows you what I know.
  8. Casimir

    Random Thread

    Most of us have this in common.
  9. Casimir

    Harold Baines is in the Hall of Fame?

    Its literally smack dab in the middle of small town America. I found allure in that.
  10. Casimir

    Harold Baines is in the Hall of Fame?

    I agree. I was surprised how uninterested I was in that room versus the rest of the hall. Maybe it was that that room overpromised and underdelivered and the rest of the place I just didn't realize how much other intriguing stuff there would be, I don't know.
  11. Casimir

    Random Thread

    Maybe the wrong thread, but its a partial topic here. @Shelton, which angars you more, fast food wars or hall of fame wankering?
  12. Casimir

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    Henning was behind the Kansas City Athletics' Pennant Porch.
  13. Casimir

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    OK, here you go: https://www.ballparksofbaseball.com/ballparks/forbes-field/
  14. Casimir

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    I stumbled upon some site on my ipad and was looking at older stadiums Sunday night. Forbes, Crosley, Exhibition, etc. Anyway, I saw that part of the LCF brick wall is still up on campus. The distance is painted on it, and there's a flagpole standing in front of the wall, much like Tiger Stadium. I remember reading that Pitt bought it out for campus expansion. One of the neat things about the site is that it had an overhead view of the ballpark with outlining of current streets over the field (if applicable) and a current overhead picture.
  15. Casimir

    Game 25: Pistons @ 76ers

    That might work. Or something along the lines of "Jackson logging some quality minutes here even though he's on the bench". Think positive. Be positive.