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  1. I've noticed that in the NHL and NBA histories on their sports reference pages, but never did figure out why those match ups were made.
  2. Call me crazy, but I follow sports for the sports, not the financial statements.
  3. First chili of the cooler season today.
  4. Yeah, is there some sort of profit sharing plan with the fans that I missed out on? When Appalachian State upset Michigan in Ann Arbor many moons ago, it was still good for Michigan because it was a home date that made money for the athletic department, right?
  5. You're right, they're looking t it from the business aspect. I prefer to look at it from the competitive side.
  6. I don't think smaller markets have anything to do with it. It has more to do with playoff revenue. Even so, I don't see the need to copy what other leagues are doing just because that's what they are doing.
  7. About 200K are dead. But, hey, kept your head up Trump's *** about it.
  8. Ha! I thought about this as well. This place would go bonkers.
  9. I caught the very end of it, and was hoping GSU would win just to see what the jumbled top 25 would be. As much as I think top 25s are irrelevant this early in the season, given the nature of this season, it is somewhat amusing to see some of the teams ranked where they are.
  10. The Tigers have a lead over Cleveland. 2020 is just so damn weird.
  11. FSU head coach Mike Norvell tests positive for COVID.
  12. Sorry, I guess I forgot to use the obviously sarcasm font.
  13. Hopefully he gets to feeling better. Can’t really blame him for walking away before season’s end because of health concerns. On the contrary, that’s commendable.
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