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  1. Shouldn’t MLB figure out its issues in Florida and Oakland before making sweeping changes to the minor leagues?
  2. Why not make 3 AAA leagues of 10 per? I would think there have to be some travel expenses reduced that way. I don’t know what to make of the whole thing. My first thought was that most teams these days have probably gone through a recent stadium renovation or creation which was probably publicly funded. To take teams and revenue away from these parks that should still be paying off that debt would be absolutely criminal. But I don’t know for sure that that’s the case with all of those parks, so who knows. I have always found it interesting how there aren’t minimums and maximums to farm systems. Some major league organizations don’t have short As, some have more rookie teams, than others, etc. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe it’s in the middle, I’m not quite sure.
  3. Millennials, gen X, baby boomers, left handers, snowflakes, Amish, 3rd shifters, vegans, Bigfoot believers,.... I mean, if they aren’t carbon copies of me, they’re ******* up America.
  4. The constant in that equation is the variability of 18-22 year old athletes.
  5. Those names are pretty bad, but I do like it when teams tie back to a city's/region's history. I kind of like the Mill Mules above the others. I think I'll ask my 8 year old what she thinks. I'd guess Narwhals or Sea Unicorns.
  6. Add Kennard and the Pistons now have a starting 5.
  7. Its possible that they just deserve each other.
  8. Are you guys paying attention to Gardenhire's successor this postseason? He's been marvelous in the ALCS.
  9. Carson Edwards had a good night. He was available at the 30th pick that the Pistons had for a brief time.
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