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  1. He hates New York. He hates Canada. He hates California. He hates Tropicana Juice. He hates Miller Beer. Maybe he hates Labatt Beer, too, not sure.
  2. Agree on the former. As for the latter, keeping Martinez around just isn't very helpful.
  3. Rule 5 Draft

    Yup. Its almost too perfect of a scenario for a rule 5 pick.
  4. Game 27: Nuggets @ Pistons

    Fortunately Jackson & Drummond have recouped some value over last season.
  5. Rule 5 Draft

    Yup, there's no reason they cannot carry multiple rule 5s if they have access to more than one that they have in their sights.
  6. Rule 5 Draft

    Why can't they use the DH spot on a day-to-day basis? Cabrera gets a day or two there a week to help maintain his health. Castellanos gets a day or two there a week. You can bounce other guys into there on an as needed basis. Or, as we've seen at times before, they might at times need that spot for the 13th P since that staff is going to be suspect at best. I guess I don't see the need to keep a guy that is done, is clearly at the end of his career, and contributes absolutely nothing on the field in any capacity. Can't hit. Can't run. Can't field. Sounds like a keeper of a position player to me.
  7. Rule 5 Draft

    It sounds like Burdi would need to start the season on the DL anyway. So, while the injury recovery might be a risk, slotting him onto the 25 early in the season is not a tough juggling act. Timing might coincide well if they can move a pitcher in the middle of the season, or, someone else is on the DL or is moved from the bigs to AAA. Perusing over the names on the current 40, its hard to imagine there won't be a steady shuttle going north & south on I-75 anyway.
  8. Rule 5 Draft

    Yup. Give him his final season salary, thank him for his contributions, wish him well in his future endeavors. There's no just place on this team for a 39 year old DH only with declining skills.
  9. Game 27: Nuggets @ Pistons

    19, 20. Whatever.
  10. There probably is a limit or regression of return along the lines of having too many prospects on the farm. But I don't think the Tigers are at that point yet, not by a long shot. Not every prospect of meaningful potential is going to make it. I don't think they can comfortably look in the system and say (for example), well, there's one at every position that's going to make it, so we're good for the future, just let them get experience in the minors, and in 2, 3, 4 years, everything will be gravy. There's going to be some mix of prospects and veterans that will comprise the next winning Tiger team. I don't know what that ratio will be, nor is there a tried and true formula to determine that anyway. I do think its safe to say its time to focus on getting as many prospects as possible into the system and go from there. Identify, acquire, develop.
  11. Couldn't they also be taking the approach of cashing in one asset for multiple assets with the expectation that the sum of those parts will be greater than Fulmer through the duration of his controlled time in Detroit, regardless of the rebuilding time frame?
  12. There can be Bs, but there needs to be at least 2 As + other prospects.
  13. We can still watch Martinez next season.
  14. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    Yeah, I get what you are saying. I wonder if the increased exposure helps/hurts HOF candidacies going forward? The previous generations had that mystery and magic about them because you had to see them live in person or maybe only a handful of times on TV. The numbers were there, sure. But then word of mouth on field exploits that added to to the player's reputation.... How does that work for/against players these days? Or does it not affect it at all?
  15. Rangers Have Inquired On Michael Fulmer, Marcell Ozuna