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  1. Maybe working with CDC on January 8th would have been the thing to do?
  2. You were too busy chopping it up with others. I guess that means there's a role for you in the U.S. government if you want it.
  3. Mitch McConnell: Impeachment Push ‘Diverted’ Government’s Attention From Coronavirus I guess we need to vote for more multitaskers.
  4. Its almost like people vote against a candidate rather than for a candidate....
  5. Yes, it ain't like Trump won resoundingly in 2016 and has a good margin of fluff to deal with.
  6. Just don't be young looking at the wrong time in the store. I've heard of folks in this thread somehow resisting the urge to kick yutes in the yamsacks, but that resistance might not be there the next time.
  7. What are the war time approval ratings for the current war time president?
  8. I'm kind of surprised that stores aren't offering more of a window for at risk only partons.
  9. I understand what his goal is, its self preservation. I just happen to think there's no recovering from his early on laissez faire attitude to this pandemic. Its going to come back to haunt him come election day. Of course, he's going to have his legion of die hards that are too stupid to understand/admit that handled this situation **** poorly. But this is going to stick in the craw of a lot of folks that voted for him (or 3rd party) previously.
  10. True to an extent. I think the state of Ohio started shutting things down, but allowed the MAC to play its tournament in an empty gym in Cleveland until the NCAA conferences and eventually NCAA shut everything down. I think this also included the Dayton play-in games and first weekend of NCAA tourney games in Cleveland being played in empty gyms. I think we're looking at a combination of private and public entities hitting the brakes on things around the same general time. Except, of course, for President Asswipe.
  11. Jeez, of course. That's why some guys are drafted multiple times. Didn't that extra year of eligibility go to all current college spring sport athletes?
  12. I don't think Trump will come out of this unscathed. I also wonder what he will do once he's fired in November.
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