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  1. Heard this on radio, not sure if its true. But the hard core gamblers are more apt to strictly stay with traditional action and stray far away from prop bets whereas the novices tend to play prop bets in addition to the normal betting line and over/under.
  2. My kid made her "Fluff" sign for Puppy Bowl yesterday. I better check her piggy bank to see if she's "lost" some money.
  3. Damn straight. This ain't amateur day.
  4. Weren't they rumored to be interested in him earlier this season? It did seem like an odd fit, but that's for them to worry about.
  5. That's a good way to put the grammar police into a coma.
  6. Sounds like you don't like adventure. Edit: Wow, I had no idea where this thread was headed after this post.
  7. The numbers are slightly off, but I heard this about Jeter's career home runs. 29% went to LF (I know I heard that this was under 30%). 36% went to CF. 35% went to RF. That seems incredible given the popular theory that most HRs are pulled (admittedly, I have no idea what the true percentage of pulled home runs is). Sure, the RF porch in Yankee stadium was short. But the ability to tailor a swing to (1) hit all over the field and (2) take advantage of that short porch is pretty darned good.
  8. That's the dream, isn't it? Year in and year out, fielding a competitive team.
  9. So might Dallas want a center for a season and a half?
  10. Yeah, that's not a good look. I've heard commentary about why try to steal, why block the shot,..... These kids are trying to get playing time, and if the opponent isn't backing down, then why would they back down? It'll be interesting to see how each school and the conference handles this. The rematch is on February 29.
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