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  1. Absolutely over multiple innings one run isn't safe. I was more referring to just the closer since the thread was nominally about Nathan. But the mention of Joba doesn't imply more than one inning.
  2. More of those runs come against starters than relievers and the average is skewed significantly because you can't score negative runs in an inning. I'd guess the median runs scored in a ML inning is 0 (I've never actually calculated it to be sure). You don't have a 50/50 chance at losing a lead with an average ML pitcher much less an average ML reliever. In general relief pitchers are more effective than starting pitchers on a per inning basis. So a 1 run lead with your best reliever should be relatively safe. Even with Nathan's poor performance to date has given up at least one run in only 35% of his appearances. So it's still a good bet that you will hold a 1 run lead even with a pretty bad reliever.
  3. I don't think either is a problem but I certainly don't think some players being overpaid is a much bigger problem than some players being underpaid. Guys don't get paid millions not to play, they get paid millions to rehab and attempt to come back from serious injuries that they generally receive while performing their duties on the field. The system is set up to ensure that good young players are cheap and have little control over how much they make and good older players are overpaid and have more control where they play and what they make. That's not a bug in the system, it's part of the design. If a guy isn't playing even though they are healthy, that's generally covered in the contract and the team can get out of it. If a guy gets worse at baseball into their 30's that's kind of how things work and the team offering the contract needs to consider it. Generally they are willing to overpay a great player at the end of their career in order to have them for the more productive portion of the contract. That's a choice they make.
  4. Yes he signed a contract extension worth significantly less than his actual value on the open market. And the Angels got MVP level performance from him for next to nothing prior to the deal. If Trout could have opted out of his contract for say 50% of the contract after his rookie year and become a FA do think he'd have done so? Heck, if he could have chosen to opt out before signing this deal would the Angels have gotten him for 6 years and 144 million? Should the Tigers have paid Max Scherzer some extra money this year since he was worth way more than his contract last year? Or should Scherzer have been allowed to become a FA for a few million dollars?
  5. Do you think both owners and players should have a buyout clause? Should the Angels have to pay Mike Trout roughly a billion extra dollars since he's so vastly outperformed his contract?
  6. qsilvr2531


    Well the fans were acting that way when we had the 2nd best record in the AL so at least they're being consistent.
  7. Why does Shelton's opinion count for more than the people saying he's wrong? How is convincing one person proof of public opinion, especially when multiple people have expressed exactly the opposite opinion in the same thread?
  8. At least two people have claimed it is clear he didn't do it.
  9. I think it's hilariously sad that the person who claimed they wouldn't believe he is a rapist even if convicted got less of a response than the person that called an accused rapist a rapist. It's sad you don't need a conviction before a civil trial because the burden of proof is less? How does that even make sense? The reason you don't need a criminal conviction to have a civil trial is exactly because the burden of proof is less and the burden of proof is less because the consequences of losing a civil case are less significant than being convicted in a criminal case. For the record, being convicted or rape is not necessary to make you a rapist. You are a rapist if you rape someone. That doesn't mean Evan Reed is a rapist. That doesn't mean he isn't. It means what happens in court doesn't actually do anything to change whether he is or isn't a rapist. Innocent people are convicted of crimes and guilty people avoid being convicted regularly.
  10. When they start tracking plane flights relative to other players free agency I expect he'll announce his decision like every other player. I doubt enough people care about Scherzer's decision for it to even be an option.
  11. Yes, everyone says it's deplorable. And he's going to get a suspension. Maybe it will be a full-year suspension. Probably it will be 4-6 games (comparable to a PED suspension). People will talk about how terrible it is but at the end of the day next to nothing will happen. Going into next year some ******* is going to write an article about how Rice persevered through difficult this year. My issue with what Ausmus said is that it was a classic non-apology apology. He didn't apologize to the people he offended, he apologize for them. He doesn't have to apologize and I'd rather he didn't if he didn't mean it (if he doesn't think that what he said, when he said it, was something he should apologize for). But apologizing by saying "it was an accident and I'm sorry you reacted the way you did" isn't an apology. If I accidentally break someones foot I'm not going to apologize by saying "Hey, it was an accident and I'm sorry you got mad at me about it."
  12. In the case of teachers I think it has more to do with guys wishing they were the ones sleeping with the pretty blonds that are white (which isn't at all exclusive from what you were saying). Ausmus knew he screwed up as soon as he said it. I wish he'd have actually apologized for what he did rather than apologizing for others reactions to what he said. He knows he wasn't supposed to say it but he doesn't actually see anything wrong with what he said. Young is certainly a dirtball. Didn't stop a bunch of people on this board from defending him when they wanted the Tigers to win some games. Ray Rice is going to get treated like he took some PEDs in the offseason. That's why I don't think Ausmus' joke is particularly funny. I don't think we need to pile on Ausmus though, he's not really the problem.
  13. Having sex with someone who is drunk isn't rape. Being drunk is not a defense against being aware that someone is capable of consenting, but that's not the same thing at all. Why do you think the double standard wrt female and male teachers exists? For the record I wasn't thinking of Cabrera with my post. Dmitri Young was the first Tiger that came to my mind.
  14. I'm sorry for offending you isn't an apology, it's an insult. But the good news is it's a funny joke because we as a society take actual spousal abuse very seriously. For instance, the Tigers would never employee someone who beat up their wife. They'd never live it down in this society. Really any professional athlete trying to come back after doing something like that is unthinkable.
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