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  1. i'm sort of waffling about whether he'll make a good batter or not.
  2. The rule says the play can't be challenged after play has started, and play starts when the pitcher is on the rubber and the batter is in the batter's box.
  3. According to Dan and Jim, the rules say that the review must be requested before the batter is in the batter's box and the pitcher is set. But apparently Jackson and the pitcher were both ready. Therefore, the Angels should not have been able to request a review of the tag.
  4. "Sex, Lies, and Baseball Trades: My Affair with Chanel Fielder" by Avisail Garcia
  5. "Why Miguel Cabrera Is the Best Player in Baseball" by Keith Law
  6. For those that still want the old Yahoo, Yahoo Canada Sports still has the old layout. They prioritize hockey obviously, but you can still locate all the major sports in the old layout.
  7. God is not helping Tebow win, b/c God does not exist.
  8. I listened to the radio broadcast and Dan mentioned several times that Armando had a perfect game going, or had "24 outs in a row," or was "this close from perfection." He certainly was not observing any jinx rules. Maybe listen more closely.
  9. Minus the interception and horrible special teams play, the Lions would be up by at least 11 points right now.
  10. Is Stan Kwan still the special teams coordinator?
  11. Kicking/punt coverage has been awful all day.
  12. It seems like every run attempt, Smith has been tackled in the backfield.
  13. Observation: Aaron Brown should not be returning anything.
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