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  1. Sounds like 2016 LFT is gonna be a cluster, so it's good that I've decided to pass on season tickets. I most likely will travel to road games instead if time and my job permits me to.
  2. I met alot of people throughtout the year but Roger & Robie treated everyone like family, because at the ballpark that's what we were, I met so many great people through Roger, he will be sorely missed. It brings a smile to my face to know, that him, his son Ryan, and their dog Twighlight are now reunited. Love you very much Hueytaxi R.I.P. my friend.
  3. I was informed this morning that Hueytaxi aka Roger Dewitt has passed away last night. Roger was a special person to me, him and Robie always treated me like family when they saw me at Joker Marchant Stadium for the LFT baseball season, the countless road trips we went on and just hanging out getting a bite to eat after the games. Roger you will be sorely missed by everyone he touched, I am glad you are at piece my friend, you will always be in my heart. The ballpark won't be the same without you. Rest in Peace my friend as you enter your Field of Dreams.
  4. GCL should still be on the back fields, atleast that's the word around Tigertown.
  5. I can't believe you asked that question Larry, lol, too funny my friend.
  6. LOL, love the pic, even has Cassie with beer in hand.
  7. Sorry I missed you my friend, wanted to go, but just have no ambition to ever return to that stadium as long as the current staff is in place.
  8. From what I was told by LFT staff, Tigers ST will take place a Joker Marchant Stadium, and after ST they will start construction and LFT will be playing at Henley Field.
  9. Unfortunately I had to miss the LFT game due to my truck breaking down on the way to the stadium, hoping to make it out there for Tuesday & Wednesdays game.
  10. That's one thing about this team this year, insted of finding ways to win, they find different ways to lose, but as everyone tells me it's a learning process.
  11. No such luck make it 11 losses, and yet swept again, can we just end the season now.
  12. I believe the bus is leaving at 4pm Larry.
  13. I'm think he got called up when they sent Bobby Borchering packing, thank god he was just an aweful ball player to watch.
  14. That's nice Longstreth makes the All Star team and retires, wonder who will replace him.
  15. So does that mean they may suspend season tickets next year, because I'm not going to pay $210.00 for me to miss 95% of the games.
  16. Looks like the LFT used up all their offense Saturday night.
  17. Had a great time watching the LFT offense come alive, also enjoyed being with good friends, Hueytaxi, & TeamMom.
  18. I stick with 5 Guys or Beef O'Brady's for burgers, really haven't expanded outside of those two.
  19. Looking forward to heading out to Dunedin to see some baseball, gonna enjoy the night with some good friends.
  20. Hopefully LFT can string a few home wins now, seem like they only like playing on the road early in the season.
  21. Had to miss the game, was in bed for 2 straight days because of this darn cold I got, hopefully it will clear up by Thursday's game.
  22. Hope LFT can pull out a win Sunday afternoon, I'll be heading out to Clearwater, to catch that game.
  23. LFT get shut out again, in the 4 game series against Palm Beach LFT scored a total of 1 run, shut out 3 out of the 4 games. Good things my expectations were not high this year and on a side note Moya started his rehab today and 0-4, 4 k's got the golden sombrero.
  24. I was there, the one thing I did take note of was some of the returning players were not happy to be back in Lakeland.
  25. Really struggling with whether I want to renew my season tickets this, just not in baseball mode much it's really becoming depressing.
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