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  1. Has anyone kept tabs on just how many fly balls we haven't gotten to this year because we have a slow outfield? How about what number of bogus assists we've had because of bad baserunning by the opposition? I've pretty much been soured on most topics discussed on the board in recent weeks. People keep quoting stats and claim to know the inside track on what they mean or don't mean. Others go in-depth about how the game works, explaining each play like they were the ones who made it. I'm sick and tired of stuff like that. Not a single damned person on this board knows enough to tell another person what is right and what is wrong with regards to baseball. And if they did know enough about the game, they would be a much more active part of baseball itself, as opposed to just some poster on a sports fan message board. If you were a scout at some point, say someone's got good speed. If you helped Billy Beane build Oakland, quote the meaning of some stats. If not, keep quiet. I'm obviously making over-simplifications here, but it's getting ridiculous. Hence, I wanted a post, based solely on casual observation and something that isn't up for much debate. If you think we've been making more Torii Hunter-esque catches, say yes. If not, say no. Lots of people here put too much faith in their opinions. Stop stating things like they are fact. There, now that I'm off my soap box, I'm probably done posting here. It's been fun, at least it was at the start. So if you feel like bashing me, go ahead since I probably won't be around to read it. If it makes you feel like a bigger man because of it, congrats. "The bums lost, Mr. Lebowski!" Hmm, maybe not...
  2. I suppose I didn't pay quite as much attention to the Tigers outfield last season as I did this year (I'll attribute this to Higgy being toast, Nook getting more playing time, and Maggs' arrival), but does anyone think we've made some improvements out there defensively? From my vantage point, we've been robbing a good number of home runs and making a few nice diving grabs (and if any one of you douche bags tries to explain to me what goes in to making such a catch, i.e. good jump/bad jump, speed, and so on, save it), at the very least moreso than in years past. We still don't get on ESPN's top plays, but I feel we've made some strides in the highlight reel aspect. Anyone care to agree or disagree? I could get into overall outfield defense with assists and such, but I'm feeling shallow right now. I only care about the web gems and not a statistical category that I'm pretty sure Robert Fick led the team in one season...
  3. In recent years, at least from what I've read, we seem to take a lot of flak for having a poor minor league system, devoid of top-notch prospects. I think a lot of it, obviously, has to do with Dombrowski and his staff, but I've been fairly impressed with how our affliates have turned out this year. I've always been partial to the Whitecaps (due to proximity, even though they are a low Class A club) and felt they've never gotten recognized for their achievements, much like our other squads. So, I was curious what everyone else thought. Granted, this will be probably be slanted in favor of our organization (what with the Adopt-A-Tigers and so on), but I wondered if there were any glaring bad things about our system. I'm not too invested in all of our minor leagues (I do check up on them from time to time), so I honestly don't know if we have some superstars or what our glaring holes might be. Again, overall this year, I've been pleased. Toledo and West Michigan are headed to the playoffs, while Lakeland had a buttload of All-Stars. I think we are very underrated by the media regarding our top prospects, such as Verlander, Zumaya, Shelton (other he's not really a prospect any more), and Granderson. All you hear about is Tavares, Duke, and Francouer (who are all having great years, don't get me wrong). Anyhow, any contributions to this mumbo-jumbo I just spewed?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. And for anyone who cared where I was, I spent the summer working on Mackinac Island. Consistent internet there is hard to find, at least where I worked at.
  5. If all you Craig Monroe critics think he's so average, his stats aren't good enough, and would love to see him either on the bench or off the team, then who would you replace him with? What's the point in saying "oh, we need a good lefty bat instead" when you don't even know who that lefty bat would be? Would I like an upgrade? Sure, but I'm not going to complain about our only guy vying for 100 RBI this season. If he's had a lot of ABs with RISP, big deal, he's cashing in on most of them with that .300 average in that situation. It's not like we have him signed to some Magglio-esque contract.
  6. Well, I doubt many of you are happy to see my return, but here's a topic I'm hoping a few people can contribute to. Firstly, I spent the summer on Mackinac Island, working and watching the Tigers whenever I could. I got my brother into watching them with me, and we came up with a few names for this year's crew. Placido "Pacman" Polanco - seeing him running around the bases made us think that, and for some reason one game we noticed him taking big bites of air in between pitches when he stepped out of the box Chris "Naked Mole Rat" Shelton - yea, pretty bad Craig "Craiger" Monroe Okay, so that's not that many, or all that original. Any others?
  7. Wait wait wait...so what you're saying is, Monroe's RBIs aren't as good as say, Magglio's, because Monroe's involve people getting on base in front of him. How does Maggs in the 4 spot manufacture runs without Polanco leading off? Or Shelton before him? Monroe does what so many of our other hitters have failed at this year and bringing guys in, be it with a double, a sac fly, whatever. How are his totals deceptive? Have you calculated how many late inning RBIs he's had in a meaningless game? And what defines meaningless? Maybe Craiger got a couple RBIs to get us within striking distance. Again, runs are runs, any and all are good. Unless Higgy is involved. Underrated, without a doubt. If he's so average and you don't want him on the team, name that better player who the Tigs could afford or trade for. For us, I think he's a perfect fit. I don't think he's in the upper echelon of outfielders, but he's made marked improvements in his game. And why the hell is everyone so hung up on homer numbers?! Would you like more than 12, yea, for damn near any position on the diamond. But the guy is producing. If you are hitting for average and driving in the most runs on the team, what's the problem?
  8. Munson. Granted, he was a prospect that actually made it to the majors, but for the amount of money we wasted on him (pretty darn sure he was one of our top 5 highest draft signees ever), he's got to be at the top or very close to it.
  9. No matter who's pitching, if we get a couple wins in Chicago, the Sawx are very, VERY beatable right now. I got no problems with kicking the defending champs while they are down...especially since they are a clone of the YankMe's. "Hey, we suck, let's buy as many guys as we can." Some added coolness is that my old school is taking a trip down there for a game for the 8th graders. When I was in 8th grade, we went to the Museum of Natural History and Science or whatever. Lucky kids... Any one else go to a ballgame as a school-sponsored event?
  10. I already use the Yahoo! News wire for images there, the ESPN Tigers Clubhouse site, and the Detroit News Photo section... Any other suggestions for recent Tiger pictures?
  11. It's entertaining to see how many people question when a guy does good for our team. Just enjoy it! People were even poking holes in his defensive prowess and saying how it has become of "mythical" status with no proof of being even good. Ridiculous. Glad some folks are giving him credit finally.
  12. Anyone got a clue: 1) what they stand for and/or 2) where can I get me hands on one?
  13. Well, it hasn't bagged me any ladies lately. Yes, in honor of Inge's good play and hitting streak *fingers crossed*, I decided to grow whateverinthehell that facial hair stripe is.
  14. I first saw this thread and starting fuming. One, cuz I'm a huge Nook fan. Two, because I don't know how anyone can fault how he has been playing lately. But, everyone ahead of me has already come up with great replies, so there's no need to reiterate their good thoughts. Keep Nooker starting as long as he's playing well. When/If he goes in the tank, start someone else. But a pair of sub .200 outfielders who are subpar defensively in comparison aren't going to out-start anyone on this club.
  15. Ha, well, at least we're in agreement on Bayless.
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