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  1. Huey, will be at the Villages for the month of April and was wondering what will be going on in Lakeland. When do the minor league teams (except the Lakeland based ones) leave. Is there enough action available to make the trip worth while.
  2. Catchers: Craig Albernaz, Luis Exposito, James McCann, John Murrian Infielders: Danny Worth, Devon Travis Outfielders: Tyler Collins, Ezequiel Carrera, Trevor Crowe Right-handed pitchers: Jhan Marinez, Luis Marte, Eduardo Sanchez, Drew VerHagen Left-handed pitchers: Duane Below, Blaine Hardy, Robbie Ray Only 5 still with Tiger organization Not a very good selection. The new list of invitees has potential: The Tigers announced Tuesday that they’d invited 17 non-roster players to spring training, which begins with the first workout for pitchers and catchers on Feb. 20. That number includes seven pitchers, most of whom will be in contention for any remaining open spots in the bullpen. The Tigers signed lefty Omar Duran (25) and righties Rafael Dolis (27), Tim Melville (25) and Alberto Cabrera (26) to minor-league deals this offseason, while Luke Putkonen and Joe Mantiply are former draft picks. Lottery ticket free agent Joel Hanrahan is back for one more try, after he was unable to return to the mound last season, continuing his recovery from Tommy John surgery. It also includes infielders Jordan Lennerton and Aaron Westlake, both of whom could make the squad as first basemen, should Miguel Cabrera’s ankle not allow him on the Opening Day roster. Jefry Marte (23) is a third baseman and 33-year-old Josh Wilson is a utility inielder who could replace the role once filled by fellow Mt. Lebanon, Penn., graduate Don Kelly, now with the Marlins. Outfielder Xavier Avery, a former second-round pick of the Orioles, joined the Tigers on a minor-league deal this offseason, while outfielder Jason Krizan, a lefty-hitting former eighth-round pick of the Tigers, hit .293 last year at Double-A Erie. There were also four catchers invited. Tigers signed catcher Miguel Gonzalez to a minor-league deal out of the White Sox system, and picked up catcher Manny Pina midseason last year. Austin Green, a Tigers 13th-round pick in 2013, has yet to play about high-A ball, while the Tigers have high hopes and expectations for Grayson Greiner, their third-round pick in last year’s draft.
  3. I would rather have the Marlins rumor become reality rather than the Boston one. I believe it was Cishek (RP), Alvarez (SP) and Ozuna (CF) for Price or Porcello. This would take care of all of our issues if we also signed Miller (RP).
  4. Most encouraging is, he hit it off a LHP.
  5. Starting Pitchers: Price, Porcello, Verlander, Sanchez and either Maeda or Santana Relief Pitchers: Rondon, A Miller, Alburquerque, Soria, Robertson, Nestor? and Nathan Starters: Avila/McCann, Cabrera, Kinsler, Iglesias, Sandoval and V Martinez JD Marinez, Moyo, Tamus Bench: Castellanos, Davis, Bonifaco and Collins
  6. The Avila's had observed JD since little league and followed him throughout his progress. What is most difficult to understand from the Astros point was that the Tigers proposed a trade for JD just before he was cut loose. This again reflects the importance of Avila as GM Asst that does not allow him to go elsewhere and the Tigers get the advantage of his talent to evaluate players.
  7. Release Valverde, Reed and Downs Bring up Ortega, Alburquerque and Rondon Keep Alvarez and send worse performer when Sanchez comes back Move Startup, Clinard, Hardy to Toledo (Garcia, the pitcher, fills Alvarez spot) Move Mercedes, Burgos, Ryan to Erie Move C Smith, Turley, Lopez to Lakeland Move 3 recent signings to West Mich
  8. What may make this happen is that Clevlan has no more options and the Tigers may feel that he has more value. Of course it could work the other way, trade Clevlan and keep Thames.
  9. Another possible add to the roster could be Fien and some of the rule 5 candidates like Leon, Rhymes, Figaro, R. Garcia and G. Herrera
  10. Mark, I appreciate your input. A couple more that were not on your list are Dolsi and Willis. I believe that they will be a part of the 40 man roster. Another factor is the options remaining on a player, you might want them but they do not have an option. It would be nice if they could give Neal and Cruceta another shot at making the roster.
  11. Edman with the info that you provided on rule 5 and option list, it presents a difficult time for Tiger decisions. I made a projected list of the 25 and 40 players for 2009 based on the current players (no trades projected). 24 players on 2008 roster remain: Gallaraga, Verlander, Dolsi, Rodney, Zumaya, Miner, Rapada, Porcello, Willis, Bonderman, Farmsworth, Seay, Inge, Cabrera, Polanco, Raburn, Guillen, Joyce, Granderson, Ordonez, Larrish, Hollimon, Thomas, Clevlan 14 players on 2008 roster leave (retired/trade/etc): Rogers, Robertson, Lopez, Jones, Fossum, Vasquez, Bonine, McBride, Thames, Renteria, Santiago, Sheffield, Wilson, Sardinha 16 players that you protect (Rule 5/promote/etc): Figaro, Marte, Moscoso, K. Cedano, Ryan, Skelton, W. Ramirez, Perry, Fein, SS TBD, R. Garcia, Justice, Lambert, Simons, De La Cruz, Rainwater Of the added players except for Perry and Fein, what one do you want to lose just to keep one of the 14 that are cut. I think the future is more important than keeping one of the 14 cut players. Thanks for your info.
  12. Mark, whatever happen to Sean Finefrock?
  13. Cruzer, compared your list with mine and the big difference is that you did not include players for DSL and VSL or you don't rate them too high. My list is: 1. Porcello 2. Perry (assumes he signs) 3. Larish 4. Hollimon 5. Hamilton 6. Iorg 7. Crosby 8. Satterwhite 9. Worth 10. Avila 11. Dolsi 12. Joyce 13. Ramirez W 14. Fien 15. Oliveros 16. Marte 17. Thomas 18. Sizemore 19. Skelton 20. Expinoza A 21. Krol 22. Scram 23. Martinez F 24. Nickerson 25. Figaro 26. Ciriaco 27. Garcia A 28. Henry 29. Kibler 30. Duran The next 20 are Below, Bonine, Rusch, Furbush, Guzman F, DeLeon D, Anderson, Palacios, Chao-Ting, Hess, Sanz L (catcher), Soto, Guez, Garcia R, Lambert, Vasquez, Cedano K, Nunez A, Breen, Jacobson and Douglas
  14. In looking at the roster, a few changes have been made: Additions -Acosta, Medina, Mercedez, Winter, Ortiz S. and Figueroa. Can not find: Mendez, Collado, Sierra, Azcona and Montesino. The addittions are aged 16 to 18.
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