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  1. JBK...one of my favorite 'well duh' stats of all time. Dallas was 43-5 in games Tony Dorsett rushed for 100y.
  2. Late to the party, but I also heard Polian, who was the Merton Hanks of his time, say that passed down from Rozelle, to Tagliabue to him was the LAST thing you ever do is suspension. Suspension in itself is a byproduct of officiating intent which in this particular case can not be done clearly with conviction. I do believe the slo motion replay and zooming in only builds a stronger case for conviction as it lengthens the time Suh is on Rodgers and removes all the other elements that could have influenced the outcome, which I believe are relevant when trying to officiate intention. How can you remove all that and be objective? ANY review sent to a league office will never benefit the 'offender' when the slow motion strategy is applied. It will always look worse than it was. You have to look at it for what it was as it happened, not what you can make it out to be. I also believe that human nature is to let commentary in the moment (Buck and Aikman) influence perceptions, I also think that Buck and Aikman were influenced by Rodgers, who made it look bad also. Did Suh do it intentionally? I have no idea. If so he got lucky because he hit his mark on a first try without looking. Maybe he got lucky. Maybe he meant to do it, but I personally do not see enough to convict, in real time and with the input of the referee on the field. Finally in the decision made by Hanks, Suh's past was not referenced, so I understand that in appeal his past can not be referenced. This will or at least, should be a singular event. By the way...Gehringer_2...you been messin' with the bees?
  3. Peyton Manning in 2009. When you reference 14-2 he might as well have been the QB, HC, OC, hell why not GM. But when you reference the lost SB, he is the victim of a crappy coach.
  4. Disclaimer...I do not pretend to get sabermetrics and all the WAR stuff. Im an old timer who understads avg/hr/rbi/sb... Given that Protection of Cabrera seems to be a discussion. Last 3y stats for Miggy show: 2011: 108 BB, 22 IBB 2012: 66, 17 2013: 90, 19 So Fielder did have an immediate impact on protection in '12. But...it waned greatly in '13. Seems teams figured out that Prince was not the threat in '13 he was in '12. Even with VMart batting behind him. Telling also is that Prince was only IBB 5x last year. Rather pitch to him than Martinez?
  5. The bothced fake certainly is relevant, but it did not lose the game. After that both of these happen... with score 27-30: Ross drop. Stafford rolled right and hit him in the chest with a 1st down throw. Ogletree drop: Stafford launches a long pass, ball goes through Ogletree. Either of those 2 keeps a drives alive and we still tie with a FG or lead with a TD. Also...Don Carey has no business on the field unless its special teams.
  6. Agreed!... EDITED: Sorry guys. Didnt see the whole video. Should have known someone would be on it already.
  7. How about this guy: Washington Redskins CB Kevin Barnes says he's been traded to the Detroit Lions - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
  8. When Mike Ilitch told his baseball people that he was willing to make the huge commitment to Fielder, he explained it simply. "I think the city needs it," Ilitch said. "I think we need it. I think our players need it." Can not think of another who has invested (money and his heart) anywhere near what he has in Detroit. Enjoy the ride.
  9. If we were facing the Giants this Saturday I don't think we the same level of concern. The Saints are a huge step up and it is worriesome that they may torch the D. Gonna be real tired Saturday of hearing how GREAT Brees and TE Graham are. As for DLine tackles. One thought I heard was our DLine is designed to take on the blockers and open up lanes for the LB to attack on run plays. If that is true it explains this. Also, when we line up the DE so wide and their main play seems to be a speed rush wide, we are suseptable to those gashing runs. For me, I am underwhelmed by our pass rush lately. Seems very average. That it seems is the key to our pass D and that does concern me. EDIT: And we dont blitz that much to create pressure. But what do I know. Just a diehard fan hoping for the unlikely this Saturday. Go Lions!
  10. Suh was very respectful. He is obviously tired of hearing about the stomp and wreck. Would not be surprised if he got a big earful from Schwartz and other players along the lines of "its not all about you big guy, remember all your actions impact everyone in the locker room." Suh just playing is very close to the vest and focusing on that. I would say EVERYONE wants this to just fade away and this may be the best way to accomplish that...continuous no comments. Valenti should have dropped it and moved on to quesitons about Oakland.
  11. Gibson having a great year. That can not be denied. Decent yahoo article on him: A Tiger In Winter: Diamondbacks Manager Kirk Gibson Speaks Softly After Carrying A Big Stick | ThePostGame
  12. Quick news search found this... Nick Fairley (foot) remains in a walking boot. At this point, it's hard to see Fairley being available for the season opener. Stress fractures need to be healed completely in order to avoid further aggravation down the line. Fairley will also need time to get in game shape as he hasn't practiced in nearly a month. Source: Dave Birkett on Twitter Aug 31 - 9:11 AM
  13. Looks like they got a few...Hook, line and sinker.
  14. "Out of context"..."Used the wrong words" Don't see how both can be true. So easy to use that as a defense. Still, I have said much worse to my friends and we all knew it was just joking. If he owned up, and talked to Stafford and they are OK, anyone else needs to let it go.
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