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  1. Wood played really well late in the season for Nawlins. Averaged 17ppg, 8 rpg and 1.3 bpg in about 24 minutes when AD wasn't playing.
  2. Duncan and Robinson, definitely, although Davis and Cousins have more outside range. Sampson and Olajuwon were basically the original pair referred to as the "Twin Towers."
  3. Does SVG go back after his guy Motiejunas? He's one of the odd men out in this trade. He'd come cheaper than Terrance Williams, and we know SVG likes him enough to trade for him, since he already did it once before he failed the physical.
  4. Yes, a deal with Phoenix during the first round. Detroit got: Joe Vitale ($1.1M salary, injured, likely LTIR), 20th overall pick, a second round 2016 pick. Phoenix got: Pavel Datsyuk ($7.5M salary, allows them to get to cap floor), 16th overall pick.
  5. Janmark was at the 2013 development camp in Traverse City. Holland was also there. I notice this threat really dropped off after Holland managed to flip Datsyuk's $7.5M in dead money for a $1.1M contract and an extra second-round pick. That was a fairly epic move, to essentially give up only 4 spots in the first round.
  6. 1) Didn't overpay in free agency (see, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Josh Smith). 2) Landed a perfect, undervalued backup for Drummond (Baynes shoots 86% free throws, which allows SVG to sub out Drummonds late in games). 3) Acquired a starting-level PF in Morris for virtually nothing. 4) Acquired a veteran SF/PF in Granger for virtually nothing. 5) Acquired a veteran backup PG in Blake for virtually nothing. 6) Acquired a SG with an incredibly high ceiling (Bullock) for virtually nothing. 7) Drafted the top-rated player in the Summer League (Johnson), who looks like a potential steal. 8) Re-signed Tolliver and Anthony for frontcourt depth. 9) Retained salary-cap flexibility for the future. 10) Traded for a starting PF (Ilyasova) who fits his system much better than Monroe (and again, giving up hardly anything in the deal). Yeah, I'd call that a heck of an off-season.
  7. Yeah, Lobstein. The off-season is always a time to be optimistic, right?
  8. LINEUP 1. Kinsler 2. Davis/Gose 3. Cabrera 4. VMart 5. Cespedes 6. JDMart 7. Castellanos 8. Avila/McCann 9. Iglesias Lineup changes: Added more speed with Gose, giving them a bench player for defense/pinch running every game (Davis/Gose). Iglesias being back is a giant boost to the defense. They wouldn't have dealt Suarez if they didn't think he was ready. Cespedes boosts OF defense, as does Gose. Cespedes adds another power bat to compliment the middle of the lineup. His power is way ahead of what Hunter provided. Castellanos should be even better offensively and defensively in his second MLB year. I worry about the bench. Having Suarez as a utility infielder would have been a very nice tool, but we'll have to cope with Perez and possibly Romine. Collins and Moya as OF depth are solid. ROTATION 1. Price 2. Sanchez 3. Verlander 4. Greene 5. Simon/Smyly Yes, losing Scherzer will be a big hit. But we'll have a full season of Price to hopefully offset at least part of that. And a JV rebound would take care of the rest. Greene and Simon are better than most teams' #4 and #5 guys. In the playoffs, Simon becomes another bullpen arm who we know can produce in that role. That isn't something that can necessarily be said of all starters converting into relievers. Overall, pretty similar to last year, if JV can bounce back a bit. BULLPEN Wilson Krol Hanrahan AlAl Rondon Soria Nathan If things come together, this has the makings of a pretty good bullpen. You've got three guys with MLB closing experience (Nathan, Sorio, Hanrahan) and Simon as insurance if you don't think there's much of a downgrade from him to Lobstein at #5. Soria should bounce back. Rondon and Hanrahan producing would be a huge boost. Wilson is a wild card. And that's without bringing Joba back, which is a possibility. Overall, looks pretty good. Health of course will play a huge role.
  9. I keep hearing all these rumors of Cespedes being a clubhouse cancer and uncoachable. Then I looked at the rosters of the A's and Red Sox and noticed that they have very few Latino position players (Big Papi was the only Red Sox position player last year, and the A's were almost devoid of any Latinos among their position players). Since he's a Cuban defector, I don't know how well Cespedes speaks English, so maybe the language barrier was a problem? If that's so, then he'll have a decent amount of Latino players on the Tigers to communicate with.
  10. The Tigers have reportedly signed D-2 National Player of the Year Giancarlo Brugnoni, a first baseman from Grand Valley State. Started all 52 games on the year, hitting .384 with 49 runs, 61 hits, 12 doubles, 17 home runs, 70 RBI, 49 walks, a .792 slugging percentage and a .528 on-base percentage...Ended season as Division II's career active leader in home runs, RBI and games played...GLIAC all-time career home run leader.
  11. If he can perform at his road splits last year instead of the Yankee Stadium bandbox numbers, he can be effective.
  12. Exactly. And every other GM is going to know this as well.
  13. Aside from last year, Fister has never been over .500 in his MLB career. He's 29 and an off-speed pitcher. He's likely not getting better. Once he loses a couple mph, he's late-career Jamie Moyer. And as tall and lanky as he is and with his pitching repertoire, I suspect DD thinks he's an injury waiting to happen at his age. And that could be a factor with other GMs as well. As far as Ray, compare his 2012 and 2013 seasons. Something clicked and he made a huge jump. A 97 mph lefty isn't something you come across every day. It's of note that Krol and Lombardozzi both have better home splits, and the Nats' park is very similar to Comerica. I don't think this is an awesome trade, but everyone who wants to jump off a cliff is acting like they've not followed this organization during DD's tenure. A GM with a history of making deals that everyone calls crap at the time and five years down the road they mostly smell like roses (aside from Renteria, of course) should get the benefit of the doubt. Calm down, already.
  14. Suddenly, Kenny Rogers has hope of another MLB paycheck.
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