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  1. One of the best games I've ever been to, right next to the MSU vs UCONN final four game in Ford Field. Phenomenal. First sellout of the game, 70+% buckeyes, and enormous stakes. Downtown Indy is the perfect environment for an event like this, pre and postgame festivities were awesome (other than a lack of cabs). I would go back in a heartbeat. Slippery Noodle was over max capacity with MSU fans. The smoke from the confetti canons irritated my eyes a bit after the game...coincidentally, started thinking of 2003-2006 JLS teams (my undergrad years), and couldn't believe how far this program has come. I don't think the possibility of this game and subsequent outcome was anywhere in my consciousness during that period of time, it was never even fathomable. Playing OSU was like NFL vs college. When Dantonio got to MSU, he told recruits to look at their feet and imagine seeing the Rose Bowl logo, because thats where they were going to end up. Sounded cute and cheesy at the time, but wow, here we are. Already looked ahead to 2014 on the drive home (is it here yet?). We swap ND for @Oregon, but otherwise get OSU, Nebraska, and Michigan in EL. Michigan and OSU fail to play either Nebraska or Wisconsin, so MSU vs OSU in EL appears to be the defacto division championship game, in my far too premature opinion (Michigan has to go to EL and Columbus, I just don't see it). I would love to get back, even though it will never have the same aura again- MSU's first Rose Bowl in forever, OSU for the NC game, etc. Truly awesome experience (and after going to the NU game, please don't ever move this game outdoors to Chicago. The dome was awesome, and walking distance to everything downtown). Heres to MSU vs Wisconsin, 12/6/14.
  2. I heard ticketmaster only has single tickets available (about 300 of them in total), so if you haven't gotten tickets, I think you might be in trouble. Stubhub is a fortune right now. This will be the first sell out of the big ten championship game, and demand is very high. I bought the team tix, and ordered the actual tickets today. Didn't know the seats were first come first serve within my team tix sections- I initially had the option to get seats at the 50 yard line, my computer got messed up, and now I'm at the 30 yard line. Still great seats, but oh what could have been.... It will be electric, I can't wait. Just please find a way to win. PS I was at the NU game too, by far the coldest game I have ever been too. But you gotta love NU- nothing but MSU fans in section 110. After the game, got high fives from Price, Cook, and Nick Hill. You can never get that experience at Spartan Stadium.
  3. I have yet to watch the final 30 or so seconds of this game. I saw Isaiah Lewis rush the punter, I saw the punter flop, I saw the punt in the air, then I saw the dreaded, yellow text pop up on my screen: "flag". I have yet to see Keshawn Martin catch the punt, his return, or the ensuing kneel down. I couldn't even talk on the car ride home, and Michigan getting the Sugar Bowl was just the icing on the cake. Frustrating way to end another great season (got robbed on the tiebreaker in 2010). That was so much fun, that I'm headed to Indy this time around. Can't get any worse than 2011, right? I'm actually headed to Ryan Field this weekend, and following it up with the big ten championship game (assuming Minnesota loses a game or we win a game, of course...). I should dig up the thread, but when our schedule came out in ~2010ish, I knew 2013 was going to be our best chance (except I thought it would be due to a great defensive team, led by a 5th year senior QB...ooops). Either way, no time like the present, with us losing so much leadership from this defense after the season. Its hard to think about this game and not get fired up, and its still over two weeks away. Can't wait.
  4. Well, that was fun. Glad Taylor "1-3" Lewan came back for his senior season. Thanks for giving Will Gholston a "get out of jail free" card. If Michigan thought they got bullied in 2011, can't wait to hear what they say next year. I've never seen a QB get as physically broken as Devin Gardner did yesterday. Stopping in your tracks, out of a dead sprint, a yard short of the first down marker because you see Max Bullough- only to get laid out anyway- was both sad and unbelievable. I've never seen that in the game of football. He could have slid for the first down, but the dude was literally scared $%@!less by the MSU defense. Unreal. We are seeing a complete and total role reversal of these two teams, comparing now with circa 2007. In those 6 or 7 short years, MSU has psychologically and physically dominated Michigan in every aspect. And as an MSU undergrad from the 2003-2006 football seasons, I never could have predicted this. Ever. I respect Hoke (except when he's pandering to the fan base with his "Ohio" and "Team 13x" garbage), but can't stand the rest of the team. Devin Gardner said his first offer was from MSU. Devin Funchess grew up an MSU fan. Drake Harris was predicting dynasty while he was too young to operate a motor vehicle. To all of them: yesterday was the most enjoyable football game I've seen in two plus years. Devin Gardner damn well needed a cane to walk off the field, but guess what? You guys were seemingly too good for MSU. So I hope you enjoyed yesterday too. And those two division titles out of three years we're about to win? Well, you could have had that too. But instead, Michigan heads for a 9th straight conference championship-less season, which spans the conference's worst football talent drought it has possibly ever seen. The Michigan football team has never had a worse stretch, and I've loved every moment of it. Time to book my tickets to Indy.
  5. Not sure how deep I even want us to go...call me crazy, but we were spent when we went up against louisville last year. An as Izzo said, the big ten either made us all stronger...o we just beat the crap out of each other. If its the latter, I'm not sure I want to potentially play 3 games in 3 days. We know Izzo teams dont need that as a barometer of ncaa tourney success. Appling could use a week off at this point.
  6. TV Ted was unbearable on Sunday. Those offense fouls...and oh yeah, good no call: http://media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/28/848/848028.jpg
  7. After the minnesota game now too, Crean sure appears to be clearly callin for his players to use...deception with the refs. I can't respect that at all. MSU with an awesome opportunity on Sunday, will be fun.
  8. Fire roushar. We dont know how to spike the football. JLS level of incompetence. I was there, no students were. They are far more pathetic than the product on the field.
  9. If Burbridge can come off the bench and set freshman records, and chinese taipei jones can come off the bench and lead our defense, it really makes me think this coaching staff doesnt like hurting peoples feelings. How the hell could they not see these two gus were better than the product on the field? Makes me question even more why deanthony arnett cant even get one snap, or why the hell nick hill is still returning punts. I can understand not wanting to fire someone midseason (roushar), but not benching players for superior talent? Im at a loss here. I dont have blind faith anymore after what i saw out of burbridge and jones today. I mean the season is now half over, and these guys are just now seeing the field? Good lord. If we dont beat michigan, and pretty much everyone else on the schedule, i think its michigans division to win. They will lose to osu, but i cant see them losing to both msu and nebraska. And of course they dont play wisconsin or psu...
  10. Big rivalry week, and we're still talking osu...
  11. That was my poor attempt at sarcasm
  12. I have a feeling Jackson will be suspended for the rest of the season, and this will fall by the wayside... Burbridge goes from zero snaps to the starter over Fowler. Thats nice, still dont know why Arnett cant crack the three deep over some of these jokers though.
  13. 1. When everyone not named "Dion Sims" can't catch the damn ball, you would think that maybe you would put someone in the game who has actually played WR before, and at a reasonably decent level (ie, WHERE THE HELL WAS DEANTHONY ARNETT?) 2. Valenti pretty much said the same thing, but I give this team two weeks. If we still look this god awful against an OSU team thats probably not nearly as good as ND, then we're done. I know the entire big ten still looks like garbage, but unless our D pitches a shutout (with a safety thrown in), I'm not sure how we're gonna win any games on the road (Madison and Ann Arbor in particular). 3. Which one of the three stooges (mumphrey, fowler, or lippett) dropped the TD pass in the first quarter? Besides that, the missed 44 yard FG (with a hold on the play to boot), and the punt from the ND 35 yard line (resulting in a touchback, net 15 yard punt), all mind boggling plays in the early goings, I know we were screwed. We had zero points, and three opportunities for much more. 14-3 at halftime could have been a tie game, or better yet, a lead, with us receiving after halftime. But then we had one play in ND territory the entire second half, and it was from their 48 yard line. We also only attempted 2 rushes in the second half. Collosal breakdown across the board. Didn't take advantage of the few chances we had. 4. Roushar is horrible. 5. Our OL is worse. 6. Our WRs are even worse yet. 7. I don't remember what a completed pass looks like. 8. It was varsity vs JV in the trenches. Boy is it frustrating that ND can suck for a decade plus and still pluck that kind of talent.
  14. From Kelly/Shorts Stadium, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan vs The Defending Legends Division Champions Location: Kelly/Shorts Stadium, Mount Pleasant, Michigan Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2012 Time: 3:30pm EST Television Broadcast Provided by: ESPNU Radio Broadcast Provided by: www.spartansportsnetwork.com
  15. The clear best team in the big ten deserves a GDT. I'm on it.
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