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  1. I like how the graph coincides with the passing of the AWB, then starts to level off, and even slightly uptick after it was allowed to expire.
  2. If this were international terrorism, the group would have taken credit by now.
  3. It's tax day, it's in Boston, the marathon is the most visible event going on. My guess is a fringe domestic group.
  4. I thought Cher died, at least you'd think so following twitter. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23nowthatchersdead Is it too soon to reference a Wizard of Oz song?
  5. I hate to play thread necromancer here, but no. I could probably gather 10 people at a time from the 18-30 generation and maybe find one Ron Paul supporter in 7 tries. I knew a lot of younger voters who liked Ron Paul because he favored decriminalizing marijuana. Once you tell them the rest, about how he basically wants to destroy modern government, they realized they had little in common with Ron Paul. There are a few people in this generation that took things a bit too far (see Amash, Justin. Really though, he didn't capture the youth vote, but more the angry white people vote.) but they'll be weeded out in time. Unless Rand Paul does a 180 on the stances his dad took (and I assume he himself takes) on the EPA, DHS, DOEd, etc. It's unlikely he will win the youth vote, or siphon enough away to matter. Rand Paul might get 1-2% more of the white youth vote with that message, but that's all Ron Paul ever got. It's not enough to win the entire vote. Talking about "jobs" didn't help Mitt Romney, even though that seemed to be the only thing he ever talked about. The largest uphill battle that Rand Paul and others in the GOP will have to face is that R in front of their name. It's TOXIC. It's the symbol most people under the age of 40 see as the symbol of everything that went wrong with this country. Reagan was not a good president, Bush was worse, and the Rs gave rise to ***hats like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rove. The GOP has to completely rid itself of Reaganomics, and the neo-conservative movement that followed it. If the GOP makes a miraculous turn towards Rockefeller-Republicanism, it stands a chance. As long as it deifies Ronald Reagan, a man many under 40 see as a failure, not as one of the greatest presidents ever they will continue to lose. Richard Nixon one time proposed a guaranteed minimum income to replace social security and welfare. Can you imagine even a Democrat advocating for this today? Want the youth vote? This is how far the GOP has to go. Granted the basic income guarantee has it's roots in Friedman-esque libertarianism, but I doubt even Rand Paul believes in this kind of libertarianism. When you talk Foreign policy, Iraq, etc you know what the youth vote thinks first? George Bush, George Bush, George Bush. with that big fat red R in front of his name. Most people, even the youth really don't care about drones. What they're more afraid of is what a corporation will do with their info, and not the government. There is more fear and angst of the unknown corporation then there is of the government in today's youth. A lot of these arguments that are used against the government rarely work because the youth don't see the government as having the power, but the corporation as having the power. The GOP has some major major hurdles to overcome if they are going to be taken seriously by anyone under 40. They have to come out stronger against corporations They have to come out stronger in favor of the working class, working poor, and poor in general. The youth want a government that takes care of its people and protects them from forces that they themselves cannot be protected from by themselves. Government is not viewed as a force of evil to be squashed. but more as the last line of defense against an ever growing out of control corporate state that seems to be taking over all facets of our lives. When the Pauls talk about getting rid of the IRA, or the EPA the fear of youth isn't that they are wasteful, but that what corporation will get a handout to handle the affairs of the department this time? "The EPA brought to you by Georgia Pacific" is what the youth fear the most, and unless Rand Paul can radically change the perception of the GOP on that issue, he won't stand a chance. As it is, he's seen as nothing more than just another corporate plant, and that is Rand Paul's, and indeed all the GOP's problem. It's not the government, it's "Club for Growth", "Crossroads GPS" etc. that are killing the GOP.
  6. Here is a statement I hope people realize: The political south is dead, done, and screaming. We won't see a national candidate from the south win an election for a long time, The candidates from the south have no chance on the national stage, they are too far from the center, and too far from reality, Rand Paul and the legion of Tea Partiers included.
  7. Stabenow with this third election win, is probably entrenched for a while. She has won 58-38 and 57-41 in her last two elections, she's very popular among farmers in the state, and is serving in a blue-ing state.
  8. It's because some people look at the whole package (which is s***), and not look at a single issue.
  9. Conservative minorities rarely if ever bring votes to the GOP. If that were the case Alan Keyes would have gotten more votes.
  10. Gary Peters is the most likely candidate. MI would lose a voice on the Armed Services committe, but gain one on Treasury, so win-win If Amash runs on the R-side... Bwahahahahahahahahahahahha *wheeze* hahahahahahahhaha please let him run, I need the comedy. He's quite possibly the worst thing to happen to the third district in a long-long time, a terrible replacement for the great representatives that have come from the GR area. Let him Pete Hoekstra his career, it'll be fun!
  11. Throughout US history there always been one strong party (The Democratic Party), and one strong party that just happened to be available to challenge the Democratic party. (The Whigs, Republican Party, Federalist Party, etc.) Going to a one party platform in the US is neither new (The era from Jefferson to Martin Van Buren can be described in this way), nor necessarily a bad thing.
  12. Matt's Doc has been more *** kicking than previous Docs. Tennant's Doc was reallllly mushy, good Doctor, but definitely more mushy.
  13. The episode switches between 2012 and 1938.
  14. Really needed to warn people about that spoiler there.
  15. Source: One-on-One With Jim Devellano, Detroit Red Wings Senior VP Gah, this comment isn't going to make players want to come to Detroit in the future. If I am the Wings, I seriously consider releasing Jim at this point.
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