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  1. Caught me at a tough time so I'll be back with another post. With that said, I look to the pride of Lewis-Clark State College for my AAT, the man who will help stabilize the bullpen, Blaine Hardy
  2. If you are looking for more pop or potential pop than they have, Bruce has been very consistent over his career. Salary cap issues will be there unless you stand pat or give up big value in return, I was thinking that the final 2015 results and need to clear salary would bring the Reds down significantly. Ratko, just don't think Martinez can cover the territory in LF or that they are very happy with the stable situation in RF?
  3. Came out of lurking to see if anyone wants to take a shot at this. I have been thinking about a possible attempt the Tigers could make to swing a trade for Jay Bruce, a lefty RF in the last year of his contract with the Reds. Bruce is streaky but carries a good stick. Reds would like to trade him and he probably should have gone at the trade deadline last year. Would the Tigers pay $12,500,000 for a year for his services ($1 million buyout on his option year)? Any guesses on what it would take to get him? And, most important of all, could they move Martinez to LF if they made the trade? Thank you.
  4. Just following the rules Chief, and maybe looking for a chance like this to take a cheap shot at high poster worry warts who don't think lurkers should get decent draft positions because they will just hold everything up. Draft works well Yoop and thank you for the work that you do.
  5. I will take Brooks, Justin Brooks Verlander ! Big V will be gettin back to work in 2015. He is a year past muscle core surgery and has now acclimated to the jet set lifestyle with the girlie model appendage. JV knows his WHIP and ERA need to be far better than 2014 but closer to when he straightened out at the end last season winning his last 3 and the Tigers winning 6 of his last 8 starts. He knows what to do in Spring Training and will come in focused and on track to be more than ready for the year. We should expect a run at the Comeback Player of the Year from him or there could be trouble in the D. Looking for at least 18 wins, less than a 3.5 ERA and a WHIP less than 1.25.
  6. Punked me! Oh well, back to the drawing board, good luck with Nick - he will have a breakout year.
  7. In please! Must have a few lurkers. Thank you for your years of service Yoop!
  8. I had jotted out a roster that ends up pretty close to Spikes' analysis: Pitchers: JV, Price, Porcello, Sanchez, Ray; Nathan, Soria, Al Al, Reed, Hardy, Lobstein, Rondon Infield: Miggy, Kinsler, Inglesias, Nick, Avila, V Mart Outfield: JD, Davis, Moya Bench: McCann, Kelly, Romine, Collins (or Dirks) Arizona league could be very important for Ray and Moya. Suarez needs a year in the minors and Romine is a switch hitter. Get a CF top of order is high priority and Moya may replace Kelly or Collins/Dirks on bench to give it more pop and to back up Miggy. Can also see an experienced lefty pitcher being signed. Goodbye to Scherz and Hunter because Tigers need to sign V Mart and to tie up Rick and Price. One problem here is 3B back up.
  9. I'll bite, Ausmus is here to stay and will be better next year. There will be enough turnover on the roster that the Tigers will need some continuity. Players seemed comfortable with him and he also seemed to work well with young guys and the media. Ausmus may be stubborn but he is not completely stupid. He will watch a lot of tape this winter and second guess himself on many different decisions. Bullpen-wise, he was given a time bomb and it usually exploded on him. Soria was a better pitcher than he showed but was never shown any confidence by being used in the 6th or 7th innings. There are some young pitchers making progress ie Hardy that will hopefully make it easier to get rid of spaceholders like Coke. Many players had down years or injuries (Inglesias, Sanchez, Kinsler, JV, Avila? and even Cabrera) that hitting and pitching will be more consistent next year. I agree that taking Sanchez out was inexcusable. Missed the end of the game Sunday for family reasons; maybe they tried, but why not bunt JD to third base with no outs? Flyball gives you a tie game. Heck, Romine could have tried the suicide squeeze. At least that way you go out with a bang rather than a thud. Of course, tie game and bullpen could have blown another one. At least the Tigers don't need a kicker! Bring on 2015!
  10. Looks like I made another friend. In an effort to move this along, this morning I sent a PM to the pick in front of me so he wouldn't lose his pick. Didn't work so I made my pick not too long after Yoop put me on the clock. Per the rules, you hadn't logged in for a week so Yoop was automatically up. Don't shoot the messenger sonny, there are plenty of picks to go around. Sorry about your pc, been there and it sucks.
  11. As I read it #35 has not logged in since 1/13, so I will take the liberty of saying that Yoop is now on the clock!
  12. Yes Yoop, I am in the house. I tried to PM #33 so he wouldn't lose his spot but it looks like it didn't work. All is fair . . . and now Yoop is chomping at the bits waiting for #36 to arrive. I could wait another 23 hours to coax a guarantee for next year's draft, but instead I will throw caution to the wind. At #34, for his 2014 AAT, Al de Blanc selects: Manager Brad Ausmus For those of you who think we have a rookie manager, think again. In 2009, Dodger Manager Joe Torre turned the team over to Ausmus to manage the last game of the season. The result? Asmus is 1-0 as a manager, the division champ Dodgers taking out the wild card Rockies 5-3. Mr. A even inserted himself in the game as a pinch runner. (Read all the details at: Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Recap - October 4, 2009 ) I will have to look at the rules, but it seems like this disregarded victory should count on Brad's official record. Hmmm, this could be a project for me on behalf of my AAT (and I will take any help I can get from you rule experts!) All hail the undefeated chief, my new AAT Brad Ausmus!
  13. 34, good for a lurker but it probably won't be enough to keep Kinsler. Alas poor Kinsler! I knew him Yoop. Even for the few months he was my AAT I can truly say that he never went into the stands for a foul ball and came back with chips!
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