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  1. I'm done with this team, serious guys. I can't stand this any more. I need to just stick to less stressful things.
  2. This is a for sure loss, this bullpen is going to blow this game and cost us the series.
  3. I need to write a letter to someone, my computer chair doesn't have a seat belt!
  4. We can all agree with you if there was 2 outs. With 0 or 1 out all it takes is a fly ball to the outfield of a softly hit ground ball to the right side of the infield to score a run.
  5. Nice shot Victor. No reason for Miggy to try and score there with 0 outs.
  6. You use him for 4 if he continues to look sharp. He is being expended and will not be available the rest of this series. If he pitches 4 solid innings then maybe you consider starting him in the ALCS.
  7. I think he is capable, this coming from a pitcher that has taken extended time off from injury and came back to throw multiple innings. This guy is a pro with access to the best equipment and trainers.
  8. Again, unless Sanchez does something wrong there is no reason to pull him. This is his game to finish, **** Joba and Nathan.
  9. True he has 9 years of pro experience but still younger than Kelly who would of made that play.
  10. Only way the kid is going to learn is if you pull him out of the game in the middle of the inning and put in a 30 something utility player named Don Kelly!
  11. Thats the way to do it brother. I left work at 11 and was going to stop at the bar but I decided if things weren't going well and I was going to get angry its best to do it at home. Had half a pint of the Captain left and its gone already.
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