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  1. Charlie Sheen Suge Knight Jared Fogle Corey Feldman Mary-Kate Olsen Macaulay Culkin Six uppercut swings this year.
  2. Anyone want to fantasy NASCAR again? I didn't get to it last year and I was sad... Group ID#: 9685 Password: turn left Fantasy Auto Racing | Yahoo Sports
  3. While I've become internet friends with many on here through fantasy sports and facebook, only one had ever contacted me through MTS. His kind personal words and his posts will be something to remember for a lifetime. Sad days for us all...
  4. ¡My pick is Spencer Turnbull! Player: Spencer Turnbull Drafted by: Detroit Tigers Position: RHP DOB: 9/18/1992 (Age: 22) Height/Weight: 6'3", 195 pounds Bats/Throws: R/R School: Alabama Previously Drafted: Never Fastball: 60/65 Slider: 50/50 Changeup: 40/45 Control: 45/50 Command: 40/45 Reference Page
  5. A Weird Al halftime show almost makes too much sense - family safe parody with past and current hit music. There's a reason he's had an almost 40 year career, as LineCrosser said, he has excellent talent as a musician and writer (yes writer - even though it is other artists songs).
  6. Like the late Al Davis would say, "I'm in, Baby!"
  7. I'm in and I'll be active, win or lose. Need 2 more it looks like
  8. Two thumbs up... WAAAAY UP! The emotion in 3 & 4 was spectacular. Better than anything I've heard on the radio.
  9. Two of my favorite artists are coming out with albums a month apart - St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens with Sisyphus. Both have released tracks, needles to say, I've been listening to these a lot lately. (Some NSFW with the Sisyphus here)
  10. Over 24 hours left to join and make your picks. It only takes 5 minutes of your time once week! Won't you please join us?
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