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  1. I turn 26 tomorrow... So I went to buy health insurance and am paying WAY less than I expected to for a decent plan. Whoo for not being (as) poor!
  2. New job, new life! I haven't been this happy since I was in my teens.
  3. wolverinefan

    6/10 @1:10 p.m. Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

    I immediately order a beer every time VerHagen comes in the game. Sigh..
  4. I'm usually all for stuff like this, but I hope it doesn't pan out. I hate that it's already being talked about.
  5. wolverinefan

    UM B-Ball 17-18

  6. wolverinefan

    UM B-Ball 17-18

    I like that all the "experts" are picking A&M.
  7. wolverinefan

    The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    Kate has to eat well, I know.
  8. wolverinefan

    The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    I don't see him resigning with Houston anyway. He's going for $$$$$
  9. wolverinefan

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Glad to see JV get a ring!
  10. wolverinefan

    Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Los Angeles over Houston
  11. wolverinefan

    Romine wants to play all 9 positions... why not all 10?

    Meh. Although with what seems to be the general consensus Shane Halter annoyed the daylights out of me as well..
  12. wolverinefan

    My New Tigers Hat!

    I am so glad that after months of inactivity on this board this thread is on the front page when I return. Classic stuff. I wonder if he's seen boobs yet? Has he hit 30???? And I think about FT quite a bit. I hope he's well.