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  1. And in general, you're absolutely right. But pertaining to the post at hand, you aren't.
  2. Is ANYONE shocked by this? Anyone? What a terrifying time to be female. Yikes.
  3. I have a uterus and they can be some bossy mfers. Everyone thinks they know what I should do with it even the fellow uterus havers. Please don't explain to me how this relates to the subject matter. Now ON the subject matter, I work at a school for autistic children. We aren't connected to a school district but anytime the district in which we are in closes, so do we. I haven't worked since last Thursday, and only worked 2 days last week. Eight snow days in two weeks. Not only am I stir crazy, I'm broke. Send help.
  4. So how is the gas going to be processed, without a major processing plant? Probably wrong terminology but I'm pretty ignorant on the natural gas thing. Business are shutting down over this. It's not just some ploy. Don't be a selfish POS.
  5. Yeah, she cares about her citizens. Even the poor ones! Damn shame.
  6. I'm not tolerant of selfish people, you are correct. The plant that had the fire is directly responsible for almost 65% of natural gas in SW Michigan. If you don't realize that this potentially could be a deadly problem, you're dense. It wasn't this cold in 2013 and 2014. It was cold, but not like this.
  7. And I care about Twitter why? We'll survive. It's irrelevant to me, I don't use natural gas. But to blatantly ignore that because Whitmer talked about is idiotic. At least you fit in with your kind.
  8. Ignorant. Here's the short version of why. It has nothing to do with Whitmer, idiot. "Okay, so quick explanation, for everyone: The fire at the Ray Natural Gas Compressor station, the station that compresses the natural gas main lines for the entire southeast region, caused an outage for the gas system. This normally wouldn't be an issue, they have the underground storage tanks that should last for some time while they make the repairs. However, with the frigid temperatures, and increased natural gas demand, the natural gas stores will run out very quickly. Those of you who are posting about not doing it or disbelief need to understand one thing: If you do NOT do this, you will not only be causing other people to be without heat, YOU will be without heat as well, until the compression station can be fixed in 24-48 hours. This is not a joke. This is not a ploy by Consumers to save them money. This is serious. The fire, which no one could have predicted, nor planned for, was catastrophic for the system. The redundancy, which is the underground stores, will be depleted if we don't do this. Their commercial customers are helping; GM plants are sending whole shifts home to allow for the heat to be shut off to the entire plant. Nexteer in Saginaw shut off heat to most areas of the plant. But they need residential customers to help too. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees. You won't freeze. This admin, who has a pregnant wife and a four year old, did it. We won't freeze, we will survive. We are Michiganders, we can survive the cold with no problem. But we all need to help, or you will be dooming senior citizens to having no heat."
  9. Consumers just issued an alert that due to the fire this morning and the high usage of natural gas/electric right now, that the grid is incredibly unstable and we could lose all heating. It has nothing to do with Whitmer. You want that to happen just to prove a point? How damned stupid are you?
  10. Which is a fair point. I am quite a bit younger than you (I assume) and all of the other kids that I knew and myself, we were all what you described in your second paragraph. We had a few cold days, especially once I got to high school. I also don't see kids today being any different in that sense, I work with kids ages 2-8 and 95% of them are exactly what you described. I also grew up in a low income area where many kids did not have adequate winter clothing whether by reason of parents incompetence, job loss, etc. We'd have little kids in hoodies out at the bus stop because it was the warmest thing they owned. By the boatloads. No one got hurt, but there usually were parents of other kids that would help out by letting them stay in the house until the bus arrived, sit in the car, etc. Harder to do that now a days with the news and media though. Regardless adults getting all butthurt because "oh we didn't do that in the day!" is downright silly. Time to move on.
  11. Trump is ignorant in terms of global warming and that's where I'll criticize him in this thread.
  12. Not talking to you specifically, because I've seen a lot of this talk, but I don't understand why caring MORE for the safety of students is a problem. Who cares what happened 50 years ago?
  13. My boyfriend did this to me today. He's in Texas. I hung up on him.
  14. Michigan actually passed a law last year I believe that made it where districts could apply to get three extra "allowed" snow days added into their budget for the year. They aren't automatically approved, they have to show a need for them (no way to make up the time, etc). I'm sure they are all applying for it now. I will say that I am over people ridiculing these schools for closing. I'd much rather go to school in July than go to a funeral in January. It sucks for me personally, working at a school (kinda), I am broke as a joke right now! 7 snow days in the last two weeks. I haven't worked since last Thursday.
  15. I wasn't aware that the planet could give a damn about anything. Interesting. Ignorant fool.
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