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  1. Still some punishment coming for Cora too.
  2. Zadina excites me. He really busts *** out there. Gives me a bit of hope. keep it up Wings! I still hate the Hawks.
  3. The Pistons will sneak in as an 8 sometime this decade. That’s all I have faith in.
  4. But at least college basketball is going...okay... This coming from the UM fan that got shelled by MSU today
  5. I am disappointed that Rudolph didn't get a game. Not shocked though, the NFL is terrible at discipline.
  6. What are linebackers? Haven't seen any in a Lions game recently.
  7. In April she had a serious health issue. I'm not sure I would qualify it as an issue now.
  8. Heartbreaking. I'm seeing a lot of comments on social media asking why he was even out skateboarding. I think we all forget sometimes that these guys are humans with lives outside of baseball.
  9. I wish my representative would have a town hall.
  10. I mean come on guys. The photo was obviously staged, Trump would never do something so silly...
  11. I am disappointed and shocked to come to this thread and not see a bunch of hatred and/or comments saying that Megan Rapinoe is male.
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