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  1. Meh. Although with what seems to be the general consensus Shane Halter annoyed the daylights out of me as well..
  2. I am so glad that after months of inactivity on this board this thread is on the front page when I return. Classic stuff. I wonder if he's seen boobs yet? Has he hit 30???? And I think about FT quite a bit. I hope he's well.
  3. Yes.
  4. Always special to see someone get their first hit!
  5. Homer for Martinez too. Damn. Let's go Twins!
  6. Cabrera homers. Yawn.
  7. I would agree. But he also is expected to have much larger offensive production than McCann...
  8. Amazing. Thank you!
  9. The area is a little bit hilly, but these are experienced bikers that I have been biking around town, always single file or side by side. I am 95% sure that this area has bike lanes too. His truck is absolutely destroyed which implies to me that he never even bothered to slow down for these riders. Freaking terrifying.