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  1. In April she had a serious health issue. I'm not sure I would qualify it as an issue now.
  2. Heartbreaking. I'm seeing a lot of comments on social media asking why he was even out skateboarding. I think we all forget sometimes that these guys are humans with lives outside of baseball.
  3. I wish my representative would have a town hall.
  4. I mean come on guys. The photo was obviously staged, Trump would never do something so silly...
  5. I am disappointed and shocked to come to this thread and not see a bunch of hatred and/or comments saying that Megan Rapinoe is male.
  6. I don't think that they hate Detroit and want to leave. I think that they just suck. Pretty simple, really.
  7. I do see the tides turning with the generations though. I am seeing way more outrage from "millennial" aged women on this issue. It could just be who I choose to spend time with though.
  8. I agree with you on this. In my generation I have seen a large difference in the outrage between females and males. Lots of men trying to condone the bans are being eaten alive on social media right now. It's the older generations that I see the women being more okay with it.
  9. I have seen several women completely condone this entire abortion fiasco. I've also seen several women just today say that Gretchen Whitmer is a liar about being raped and is saying that she was for votes. The fact that these people potentially make decisions in the government is pretty terrifying.
  10. Defense wins championships? Diving catch by Goodrum ends it, Tigers win 3-1!
  11. Jordy Mercer can play some defense. I am impressed.
  12. Can Craig Monroe be an announcer every day? He's not adding much, but I'm at least not bored to tears with his commentary.
  13. Merrifield always shows nice hustle. It does help when the right fielder just jogs to the ball and shows absolutely no urgency what so ever.
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