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  1. Thinking about you, friend. 5 years, crazy.
  2. I still enjoy reading here, I just don't have quite as much time as I did as a twelve year old middle school student in 2004. Good memories!
  3. I'm getting a little frustrated...my place of employment is opening up tomorrow, they took me off of work at the group home after the resident tested positive. I can't return until I get my test. I got tested Wednesday at 9am and was told 24-48 hours. Still nothing. I had to call into work tomorrow because I'm not allowed to work without those results. My mom works at the hospital that runs the test results...they are ran the same day. I'm trying hard to be patient but I want to work! Just needed to complain about my first world problems haha...I am so thankful that I am healthy and the resident at the home recovered even with all of their pre existing conditions/age.
  4. I usually work with kids on the ASD spectrum but we are closed until the 18th. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work in the home, a truly great experience!
  5. While my primary job is closed I have been helping in a group home within my company and we just had a resident in my home test positive. She's 74, her only symptom is a nagging, very minor cough. She had a 100.3 degree fever on May 1st for 12 hours which has never returned. None of the other six residents or any of the employees have symptoms. She is mentally handicapped and doesn't understand why she's being quarantined from the rest of the house, which sucks. I'm very thankful that she's doing well, but what an interesting and weird virus.
  6. By the time of the coronavirus thread, it was a hostile crowd. But stan exhibited many of those same behaviors in several threads going back a couple years, many a crowd not nearly as hostile..
  7. Not sure. He's an old pro at this point at least, having done it a few times. So at leas he kind of knows the staff...better than nothing.
  8. My dad has had some heart issues over the years, quadruple bypass and stents. He's only 57 now. Anyway he had a very abnormal stress test today, having a heart cath and potentially more surgery tomorrow, and I can't go cause of this ****. They're only letting my mom go because she works there anyway. And as much as I hate it, it's how it should be.
  9. Thank god. I like to think I'm agreeable, but I've never disliked a poster more due to some things over the years. Thanks Scott.
  10. Pretty sure this is the cheapest gas since I was 10 or 11 years old.
  11. Not in my decently metropolitan area it isn't. I've seen the hate from small town folk online but heard lots of positive from city goers.
  12. H1N1 had a vaccine, and several older adults already had some immunity because it was similar to some past virus strains. COVID isn't. There's no vaccine, and it's completely novel. It can, and will kill many more without steps being taken. Weak trolling effort.
  13. Another poster's father passed away from this. Another's is in the ICU, and I'm sure there's more we aren't aware of. Maybe this isn't the time for saying "oh, still under 1%". These people have lives...families! Have a ******* heart. This kind of **** is why you have problems around here. This isn't the first thread that you have made completely asinine and tasteless comments about situations that are heartbreaking for other posters here. Stop being a freaking dimwit, be nice for once.
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