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  1. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Glad to see JV get a ring!
  2. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Los Angeles over Houston
  3. Romine wants to play all 9 positions... why not all 10?

    Meh. Although with what seems to be the general consensus Shane Halter annoyed the daylights out of me as well..
  4. My New Tigers Hat!

    I am so glad that after months of inactivity on this board this thread is on the front page when I return. Classic stuff. I wonder if he's seen boobs yet? Has he hit 30???? And I think about FT quite a bit. I hope he's well.
  5. A very odd request from an old member

  6. Always special to see someone get their first hit!
  7. Homer for Martinez too. Damn. Let's go Twins!
  8. Cabrera homers. Yawn.
  9. I would agree. But he also is expected to have much larger offensive production than McCann...