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  1. I don't think this does anything. People are getting it from small group gatherings and those aren't going to stop, especially with the holidays. The vitrol and complaining is entertaining in a sad way though. If people truly cared about the businesses, they'd be masked up shopping at them instead of complaining on Facebook. My folks are just getting over it. It hit my mom way worse than it did my dad, although he has all of the risk factors. I they are doing okay now but it is very scary.
  2. Yup. But hey, I went home and complained to my boyfriend who I thought would vote Trump just to see he voted for Jorgensen so that made me happy.
  3. Scary that I even felt I needed to put the gun in the car before going. What a world.
  4. Went to drop off my ballot with my mom today. We pulled up to the drop off box where we were confronted by a man who told us we had better vote for Trump or he'd kill us right there. I flipped him off and told him he'd better shoot me before I got the gun out of my glove box. Probably should have ignored him, but jesus. Pretty liberal area too. He sprinted away. Freaking idiots.
  5. Thinking about you, friend. 5 years, crazy.
  6. I still enjoy reading here, I just don't have quite as much time as I did as a twelve year old middle school student in 2004. Good memories!
  7. I'm getting a little frustrated...my place of employment is opening up tomorrow, they took me off of work at the group home after the resident tested positive. I can't return until I get my test. I got tested Wednesday at 9am and was told 24-48 hours. Still nothing. I had to call into work tomorrow because I'm not allowed to work without those results. My mom works at the hospital that runs the test results...they are ran the same day. I'm trying hard to be patient but I want to work! Just needed to complain about my first world problems haha...I am so thankful that I am healthy and the resident at the home recovered even with all of their pre existing conditions/age.
  8. I usually work with kids on the ASD spectrum but we are closed until the 18th. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work in the home, a truly great experience!
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