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  1. Guess I'll admit it. I've lurked here since 2004-ish and learned a ton about the Tigers and baseball in general. I think I've contributed an average of, maybe, 3 posts per year? Also stumbled into a fantastic OOTP online league through this here forum (TTWB).
  2. "Foxes Mate For Life" is a sweet song, as is "Hedonistic Me". They remind me of Modest Mouse, too. Though, I also get a little bit of a Wolf Parade-ish feel.
  3. Just a quick reply to vouch for this league. I've been in it for a year or two and it has easily been the most fun I've had with anything sports related (off the field). Blows fantasy baseball way out of the water.
  4. It seems really odd how I have really vivid and specific memories tied to both songs and albums - and a lot of them are of memories that don't seem that...memorable? I've been working on a super nerdy 'favorite music ever' list for the last 5 years or so (here) and I started adding a 'Reminds Me Of...' tag to some of them. It's been one of the most fun parts of the list.
  5. Excellent recent tracks from old school artists: The Coup - "Shoyo***" and "Tiffany Hall" De La Soul - "The Grind Date" Recent tracks from recent artists with an old school sound: Cool Kids - "Black Mags" (duo from Detroit/Chicago who have a tendency to rap about the early 90's Detroit Pistons) Hell Razah (ft Kweli and MF Doom) - "Project Jazz" Oldish School ODB - "Got Your Money" and "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" Talib Kweli - "Get By" Actual Old School Run DMC - "Run's House" A Tribe Called Quest - "Check the Rhyme" and "Scenario" Not old school at all - just awesome: Spank Rock - "What It Look Like"
  6. 1. "Yield" - Pearl Jam 2. "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" - Pavement 3. "Dig Your Own Hole" - The Chemical Brothers For the next 350, check this site out. (It's a project I've been working on for the last 6 years or so in my spare time.)
  7. Graduated in 2005 and lived in Merrill Hall four out of five years. I'd say Merrill is (was?) definitely the top dorm on campus but if you are anywhere besides the old towers or Barnes Hall, you're in pretty good shape. Plus, you probably have the best dining hall on campus at that quad (I think it's even better than the new towers dining hall) and you're super close to the best computer lab. I loved Merrill because it was all guys and everyone was really easy to get along with. I lived co-ed part of my last year and it just seemed like everyone was a bit more uptight and self-conscious when they were that close to members of the opposite sex all the time. If it still has that reputation, I'd definitely recommend trying to get in there next year. The best piece of advice I received re: dorm living was to leave your door open as much as possible and drop by rooms with open doors whenever you get a chance. Some of the coolest people I know I met that way. Have fun!
  8. http://tv.ign.com/articles/816/816282p3.html Here's that preview.
  9. It's my favorite show on TV, barely edging out Heroes. I just saw a preview of this upcoming season and I can't wait for September 30. It doesn't seem like a lot of people know about this show, which is probably because it's on Showtime. Of course, that might also be what allows it to even exist, since I doubt any of the networks would run a show that constantly tempts the viewer to identify with a serial killer. It sounds creepy and unpleasant even in positive reviews (and probably even in my comments now) but it's actually a fun show to watch. There is some really well-placed humor and the characters are easy to get attached to. By the way, were the extras on the DVDs decent?
  10. I pitched and played short/2nd through HS. In all of my high school career, I never had anything more than a double power-wise. I was always proud that each year I had the highest OBP, as I tended to get hit a lot and take a ton of walks. I wasn't very fast but I stole a quite a few because I was always on base, which helped me stay lead-off most of the time. My friends always called me 'Lockhart' after Keith Lockhart because everyone else tried to be studs and I was most excited by the less flashy parts of the game (fielding, baserunning). I was told that I set a couple school records for pitching: K/BB ratio and fewest HBP/IP (I've always kind of doubted that last one because it seems a little obscure for HS). I rarely struck anyone out but you could probably count on one hand how many guys I walked each season. That was another point of pride because I remember how much it sucked to be playing behind a guy that couldn't throw strikes. As for specific memories, the one that comes to mind is when we played against Loy Norrix (a Kzoo school) and their stud, TJ Ducket. He obviously was known for football but he was a beast at the plate, as well. As a pitcher, it looked like every square inch of the batters box was taken up by intimidating muscle. That's why I was proud to never let him get a hit off me in the three or four at bats he had. Never struck him out but never let him get on, either. In the second game, though, he hit a couple rocket line-drives out off a much better pitcher than me, so luck may have had a lot to do with it. Either way, he got on second base at some point during the second game and I remember chatting with him during a pitching change and being really impressed by what a cool guy he was. Jeter played at Kzoo Central, which we played each year and, though I was too young to play against him, I always heard stories about his power and arm. Apparently he is the only player to hit one over our bus garage in left field, which would need to be at least 400 ft. He was also a pitcher and was known most for breaking a kid's face with a fastball.
  11. I can do $10. I vote for PayPal but I'll do whatever.
  12. (I grew up in Otsego - ten minutes from Kzoo but haven't lived there for two years) I'll second the Bell's motion - might be the best place for beer in the state. Kraftbreau is a decent place for concerts. They've been getting bigger shows (Wilco, Camera Obscura) in the last couple years. Water St. Cafe is right across the street and makes fantastic smoothies. You'll have to look it up ('Shanks' I think), but there's also a bar/restaurant that overlooks a hockey rink, so you can watch a very amateur game and eat/drink. Black Swan is a very nice place near WMU, as is Great Lakes Shipping Company (off Drake, I believe). There's a fun dueling-pianos bar called Monaco Bay downtown. The Wayside is also a cool restaurant/bar/danceclub. It's pretty big, so it fits all three and they don't really bleed together too badly. And unlike CMU's Wayside, it's not sketchy or lecherous. Don't waste your time with the West Main Mall, go for Crossroads on Westnedge instead. Or the downtown mall, which I've heard is growing. I live in a city of comparable size now (Greenville, SC) and I really miss what Kalamazoo had to offer. There's not anything to dislike very much and you might really like it.
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