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  1. Caught one of the many re-runs. Jonesy is wearing his 06 AL Championship ring. Can't miss the D on that thing!
  2. The Detroit Tigers have plenty of cash. Just look at how much they're paying Dontrelle.
  3. Happy Opening Day 2009 from the Beeks to you and yours! GO TIGERS!
  4. Total Wins - 83 Home Wins - 45 Home Runs - Cabrera Saves - Lyons Stolen Bases - Granderson
  5. Yeah, that sucks alright. Been gone for awhile and now I find this out! I didn't see Brooks Brown picked up yet so with Sheffs departure I'll take him.
  6. America lost a great American in Paul Harvey.
  7. America lost a great American in Paul Harvey.
  8. Dontrelle, maybe you can pitch for Djibouti in the WBC...
  9. These are awesome - - many thanks for doing this again this year!!!
  10. Who honestly cares about the WBC (from a fan's perspective) besides anyone outside the USA?
  11. The envelope I was referring to was the one given to the girl - - not the one with "Citizens". So what was in the envelope given to the girl? I think it probably was the undercover's record (which was deleted in the system by the rat) and proof of who the rat was. But was the envelope given to Marky Mark (I assume so) which brought him in the end to kill the rat? Nevertheless some potential discussion here. I agree - - a prequel is the most likely scenario, but there could be some possibilities for a sequel with Marky Mark and a newly developed / expanded plot.
  12. For a minute there I thought the captions under the picture was the respective pitcher - - which meant Zumaya was actually Perry - - which meant I was shocked to see how much weight he had lost. That glove reeks of Detroit Lions blue and needs to go - - not that I hate the Lions - - but we need to shed every remembrance of 2008!
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