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  1. He wouldn't have done worse... I know you like being a contrarian, but this is really a stretch. The trade is being universally panned. It wasn't sufficient return for a pitcher the likes of Fister. And if you can't get more, you keep him. If we can't get better return in January, then we could have traded him for more in July. You don't trade Top 20 starters just for the sake of clearing roster space and picking up a borderline Top 100 prospect.
  2. DD insisting we're not cutting payroll is meaningless. It could very well be true, but even if it isn't he isn't going to come out and admit we have to slash $20 million more off the books. It would damage our trading leverage.
  3. Chicago got more for two months of Matt Garza, and TB got MUCH more for two years of James Shields. This is simply not sufficient return for a starter the likes of Fister signed for two more years at a reasonable salary.
  4. To be fair to Lombardozzi, he did put up OPSes around 800 his last two full years in the minors. But still...
  5. Even then, do you really think the return would have been that much worse for Fister? And what's the harm in holding six starters again, especially given the state of the bullpen?
  6. The only real justification for this trade is that we value Ray to be the equivalent of a Top 20 prospect. If so, it *might* be justifiable, but I'd still argue we should have gotten more.
  7. Ray is a very good prospect. But he wasn't enough to net Fister. If Shields landed TB Myers +, we should have gotten much more for Fister. I don't understand the timing above all else. What was the hurry? Why not wait until the winter meetings? I find it really hard to believe this trade wouldn't still have been on the table at that point. Hell, I'd have ridden this thing out until January, when someone would have gotten desperate to add pitching and potentially given us a much better return.
  8. Even this doesn't justify the deal. Even if we know something the other 29 teams don't about Fister, we still should have gotten more for him. Someone would assume he's still a healthy, Top 20 starter, and paid accordingly.
  9. Dombrowski sold off the 1997 Marlins, but got a ton of quality pieces back. This just doesn't make any sense from any angle.
  10. Salary dump doesn't explain the poor return. Even if we didn't want to take on salary at the MLB level, Fister should have netted a better prospect return.
  11. Even if we are clearing salary space for another move, this is still an inexcusably poor return for Fister. I find it impossible to believe none of the other 28 teams in baseball were willing to offer a better package than this.
  12. That's true, but MLB is a completely different animal than it was even 25 years ago. It's now what, a $7 billion/year operation? The Commissioner is effectively CEO now. Happy Chandler, Giamatti, etc. would never be elected today.
  13. I can't see the owners selecting Dombrowski as commissioner. I know he's President and CEO of the club, but he just doesn't have the business experience with an operation the scale of MLB. As with the other recent promotions in the NFL and NBA, I strongly suspect the next commissioner will come from inside MLB. Most likely Rob Manfred.
  14. ESPN with an informative take on Miggy, Fielder, and the lineup protection myth: Cabrera won't suffer without Fielder - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
  15. I don't think so. Cabrera went on record last week saying that he wanted to retire as a Tiger, and that the money wasn't important. He just wants to win: Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera to ESPN Deportes: I want to finish my career here | MLive.com
  16. Which contract would you all rather be on the hook for...Peralta at 4/$65 or Kinsler at 4/$62?
  17. Just to be clear, I'm not saying the H/R split is of zero concern. I'm just disputing that we should be proceeding from a baseline assumption that his road split indicates his true talent level outside of Arlington. Truth be told, I'd guess his total production come in somewhere between his 2011-13 H/R splits next year.
  18. I think the report originated from Peter Gammons. If Peralta has a legit 4/$52 offer on the table, our remaining commitment to Kinsler looks like less of an overpay.
  19. Actually, it's completely questionable. I've never seen a study that indicates that a player's road splits reflect his true ability level, and for good reason. Many (most?) players hit better at home than on the road. There are all sorts of explanations why a player might hit better at home beyond just park effects: better rest sleeping in your own bed versus in a hotel, familiarity with the hitting backdrop, tailoring your offensive approach to your home park. Many of these same players go on to perform at substantially the same level with a new team, and continue to hit better at home. Take Matt Holliday, for example. He had extreme H/R splits in Coors, and still does in St. Louis. But he's continued to hit well, despite your theory indicating that his offensive production with the Cardinals should have only approximated his road totals during his career in Colorado.
  20. The continued assumption that Kinsler's previous away splits dictates his likely offensive production moving forward is highly questionable. Comerica appears very well suited to his hitting style. Nor does the fact that he hasn't historically hit well in Detroit doesn't mean he'll continue to struggle moving forward, as he'll no longer be facing our pitching. V-Mart historically struggled at Comerica as well, but has settled in just fine. I'd really like to see a study regarding how players with extreme home-road splits fare after moving to a new club. I highly doubt the results are anywhere near as dire as many seem to be predicting with Kinsler.
  21. This is why Beltran makes the most sense to me. Add him to the mix with Miggy, V-Mart, and Castellanos, and you can rotate the four through LF/3B/1B/DH as appropriate.
  22. Based on media reports, it sounds like if we're going to trade Scherzer then Washington is the most logical fit based on their stated desire to upgrade the rotation, Rizzo's history with Max dating back to their D'Back days, and the Nats' willingness to work with Boras in the past. I know the Nats are supposed to have some quality pitching depth in the minors, but to me the deal only makes sense if we get a piece that helps us immediately and in the future. That's why I think Rendon would have to be the center piece of the deal, along with one of Washington's surplus relievers. If they aren't willing to deal Rendon, then I'm not sure if a trade makes sense. And if a Washington trade doesn't materialize, I'm not sure where else Max would go.
  23. I guess it depends on how good you think he'll be in 2014. I think 2013 was a career year, one he is unlikely to approach again. If he slides back to his typical ~3.5 ERA, then I don't think he's as difficult to replace. I also think Verlander will bounce back next year and give us close to what Scherzer did in 2013. It all comes down to the return, though. If we could get Rendon and Clippard/Storen from the Nats, I think you have to make that deal. Slot Rendon at 3B (his natural position), and then we are free to either move Castellanos or else deploy him in LF. If we get much less than that type of value, then I agree I'd hold onto Scherzer for one last season.
  24. I still wouldn't be at all surprised to see Scherzer traded. If the reports he's asking for more money than Verlander or Felix are correct, then I'd move him this off-season for the highest yield. He's simply not worth that kind of money. If he's willing to take a significant discount to stay in Detroit, though, then an extension would make sense.
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