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  1. Is anyone else terrified by the fact that Delmon Young is on the Orioles' playoff roster?
  2. Any-hoo, it looks like the Tigers are moving closer to signing Joba Chamberlain... Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 1m Sources: #Tigers to sign Joba Chamberlain.
  3. Just to be clear, I get that there is a high degree of luck involved in short playoff series. I don't believe the best team always wins. But to suggest that Oakland and Minnesota are 1-10 in playoff series over the last 13 years (with the only win being head-to-head) is explainable simply through bad luck just isn't credible. There is more going on there. To say that the playoffs are a crap shoot is a cop-out, one that largely took root in Moneyball as an excuse to explain why the A's hadn't had more postseason success.
  4. I could see the contact rate correlation being fleeting, but power pitching is a pretty well established formula for post-season success. And contact rate would seemingly provide one of the most effective means of counteracting power pitching...
  5. "Stupid" was a poor choice of words. His response was clearly illogical, but I nevertheless should have taken the higher road. That having been said, I wouldn't consider him a "friend," so I'm not sure how you and I are any different.
  6. 60% of the time it works every time.
  7. Looks like I was wrong. You really are that stupid. Thanks for the confirmation. Edit: And just in case it isn't clear, almost every team in the playoffs has good pitchers and good offenses. Some pitching staffs are more finesse oriented, some more power oriented. Oakland and Minnesota (when they were good) have had good pitching, but it wasn't dominant, power pitching. They are something like a combined 1-10 in playoff series since 2000. And the only victory was when they played each other. You can say that's just a fluke, but I don't buy it.
  8. Sigh all you want, but it's true. Since 2009, teams with the better contact rate in the regular season are now 26-9 in postseason series. What we learned from the 2013 season - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN Meanwhile, Oakland is now 1-7 in playoff series since 2000. Just because an individual playoff series may be difficult to predict does not mean that playoff success is just blind luck. Over a large enough sample of playoff series, trends emerge. Power, strikeout pitching generally rules the day in October. The teams that have it tend to advance, those that don't have it tend to go home. Conversely, high contact offenses tend to do better in October. The notion that the playoffs are a complete crap shoot is a myth. It's one of the things the SABR folks have been wrong about.
  9. Untrue. While playoff baseball is difficult to predict due to the short series, trends do emerge over time. There is a reason the A's never win in the playoffs, and why Dombrowski built teams usually do.
  10. I agree that as of today we are a worse team than we were at the end of 2013. But I disagree that we haven't improved in any way. Our defense is poised to be substantially better in 2014 than in 2013. I think you have to factor that into your run prevention analysis. Even if the pitching inevitably takes a step back in 2014, some (lots?) of that difference will be offset by the defensive improvement. Hell, Iglesias could himself be a 20 run improvement defensively next year.
  11. I don't understand why DD seemingly only considered trading Fister for a SP prospect. That significantly reduces the field of our potential return, and seems short-sighted. Sure we might prefer to get a pitching prospect back, but why zero in so specifically on that when someone might have been willing to offer a superior positional prospect.
  12. If DD doesn't like the criticism he's getting for the Fister trade, then the lesson to be learned is don't make suck-*** trades in the future...
  13. If true, this is a much more favorable contract than I was expecting. But I'm still pretty unenthused with Nathan.
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